House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 584: Your daughter got into a fight (1/4)


When they were in middle school, the children’s gender awareness had not yet awakened, but as they started to grow up a little, and were instilled by some men and women in their daily life, the little boys and little girls seemed to start Boundaries are drawn.

It can’t be said that they are completely separated. Like Nan Zhaoyu, some boys still play with their old friends, and like Wang Xiyun, sometimes they also follow her brother Wang Xijun’s ass.

However, some young boys have more sensitive minds, so Wang Xijun gradually resented that his sister followed, fearing that his friends would laugh at him.

But what they said today went a little too far!

Xixi still doesn’t have a complete understanding of the term daughter-in-law, but she still feels uncomfortable. How can these boys be so bad? Laughing at Nan Zhaoyu again and talking about himself?

The grimacing hippie smiling face made Xixi feel wronged and angry at the same time.

The education that Lu Weisha received since she was a child did not make her resign. She bravely helped her friends to stand out, which also gave Xixi their courage.

Xixi and Chen Shiyun pressed up with anger, Xixi was actually a little lacking in confidence, the little girl had never experienced any fierce struggle since she was a child, and she panicked when she wanted to quarrel with someone.

“You have to apologize to Nan Zhaoyu, no, no, I’ll tell Teacher Mu!” Xixi said to the little boys with a trembling voice, and she even used Lan Xin’s big trick to “tell the teacher” .

Yang Luoqi and Lan Xin also followed, but Yang Luoqi was even more flustered, her eyes were red, and she wiped the corners of her eyes sadly.

“The girls just cry! We won’t apologize to you!” The little boy who mocked Xixi just now was very bold, he made a face, snorted, and shouted.

Not only is the quarrel so simple, but the boys develop relatively late. The three children Lu Weisha, Xixi, and Chen Shiyun are actually taller than them, especially Lu Weisha, who is oppressed by them. It makes these little boys feel that their manliness is a little lacking, and naturally they are eager to resist.

“You_need to apologize!” Lu Weisha insisted.

“I won’t play with you! Let’s go play with the sand!” A little boy felt impatient and greeted them, a few of them were leaving.

The former little devil Chen Shiyun hasn’t been a big brother for many years, but today she wants to stand up for her good friend. I saw Chen Shiyun pulling the little boy and his clothes: “Don’t go!”

War is imminent.

Yang Yi has been studying with the old professors of the Classical Conservatory of Music for a period of time. From the appreciation and identification of various musical instruments in the early days, to the analysis of the section structure of some classic repertoires, he seems to have entered a brand new world , like a sponge, desperately absorbing new knowledge.

He takes a wide range of classes. Sometimes he follows his sophomore teacher, sometimes he goes to a postgraduate course, and sometimes he asks the professor to tell him something he wants to know individually.

So during the day he sent Xixi to kindergarten and Murphy to the studio to record and play songs by himself, and then he went to Jiang Chuan to take classes and drink two cups of coffee in the coffee shop in his spare time, and he lived a very fulfilling life. .

After two classes this day, Yang Yi strolled around the campus, ready to take a walk, feel the freedom of college students, and then drive back to pick up Murphy for lunch.

But on campus, Yang Yi met an “old acquaintance”.

Tang Kaitai!

Yang Yi saw Tang Kaitai, but Tang Kaitai didn’t see him. And at this time, Tang Kaitai was cut off by a few resentful students. Yang Yi saw it, raised his brows, turned to the side, and stood behind a big tree on the side of the road, pretending to look up at the canopy, but his ears were listening. of their quarrel.

“Fuck away! I have no time for you!”

“Hey, my dad is Tang Rong, and he’s really loud! But your dad has already been suspended from his job, and I’m afraid he will go to jail. You can’t be arrogant for a few days, right?”

Tang Kaitai blushed for a while, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Who said my dad was going to jail? Now it’s just an investigation, my dad, my dad will be fine, when he comes back, you guys will remember it for me !”

“So what if I remember? I’m studying architecture, can your dad still let me find a job? Mad, and framed Qianli Chuanshu, you’re not pleasing to the eye!” Lu Xiaoshu was from an academy. He fought for Qianli Chuanshu and spat fiercely in front of Tang Kaitai.

“Who said I framed them? You will be held legally responsible for your words! Qianli Chuanshu signed a contract, who told them to be so stupid? If you don’t listen to the company, you deserve to be buried in the snow!” Tang Kaitai exclaimed angrily, he too Anger turned into anger, do not want to make the other person feel comfortable.

Sure enough, the boy was provoked and shouted with his sleeves open: “What did you say to me? Say it again, I won’t beat you to death!”

Tang Kaitai was actually a little cowardly, but he still shouted with dignity: “Come on, hit me! Let’s see if my lawyer will let you go to jail! Poor ghost!”

Fortunately, a few friends held the boy down to prevent the boy from beating up Tang Kaitai on impulse.

“Don’t pay attention to him, this kind of person is the grasshopper after the autumn, and it won’t be a few days!” his friend advised, “Sooner or later, someone will find him on the head, and he will kill everyone… …”

“Who said I killed people? I didn’t kill people!” Tang Kaitai said angrily, he was really wronged.

The revelation of “Zhuozi” Lu Yue not only made Tang Kaitai’s image of a “pit father” deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also according to word of mouth, Tang Kaitai’s car hit people, which evolved into a car hit and killed.

Many netizens were angry at Tang Kaitai’s “careless life” and escaped legal responsibility, so even if Tang Rong was suspended for investigation, they were not satisfied, and called for Tang Kaitai to be punished. Some extreme netizens also hope that Tang Kaitai will die for his life!

“If you do too many bad things, you will be punished! Hmph, it’s not that you don’t report it, it’s just that the time has not come!” Several students who stopped Tang Kaitai did not quarrel with Tang Kaitai anymore. After all, they were just students, not thugs. He ordered soup Kaitai just to question whether his conscience was bitten by a dog.

“Don’t be arrogant, I’ll be back sooner or later!” Seeing that they were leaving, Tang Kaitai couldn’t help but say a cruel word.

But in fact, Tang Kaitai doesn’t know what to do in the future.

My father has been quarantined and examined, and the house is in a mess. Tang Kaitai also came back to school to get something. His son-in-law has long since lost his former halo. Walking on the campus, he was despised, mocked, and almost beaten like a rat crossing the street.

But the pride in his heart makes him unwilling to bow his head…

When Tang Kaitai took his things in a rage and drove away, Yang Yi walked out from behind the big tree where he was hiding.

“Too much injustice will lead to suicide.” Yang Yi shook his head gently, he felt that he didn’t need to add to the flames, Tang Kaitai was abandoned by the world, and he has already received the greatest punishment for this son!

At this moment, the cell phone in Yang Yi’s pocket suddenly rang.

“Mr. Mu?” Yang Yi glanced at the call was a little puzzled, but didn’t dare to pick it up negligently, “Hey, Mr. Mu, call me at this time today, it’s from Xixi. Is something wrong?”

“Dad Yang Xi, it’s like this, Yang Xi got into a fight with other children in the kindergarten, are you free to come over and take a look? It’s not very serious…” Teacher Mu has not finished his words yet.

Yang Yi, who was so excited, interrupted her: “I’ll be right here!”

Yang Yi turned around and ran quickly to the back door to pick up the car at the coffee shop.

Did Xixi fight with other children? Is she hurt? What Yang Yi is thinking about now is not why Xixi fights with other children, but is worried about her daughter’s safety.

On the way, while driving, Yang Yi called Murphy and told her Xixi’s situation, so that she should not worry, and asked Mo Xiaojuan to take care of Murphy and take her to lunch at noon.

Murphy was also worried, and told Yang Yi to call her when she had new news.

Yang Yi rushed to the kindergarten and saw the little girl who cried into tears.


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