House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 585: Two down? (two/four)



When Yang Yi saw Xixi crying like tears, his heart tightened, he took a big step, ran to his daughter’s side, squatted down on one side, and asked, “Xixi, what’s the matter? You were beaten? Daddy is here, tell Daddy, where did you get beaten?”


At the same time of worrying, Yang Yi was actually quite angry. Her own daughter was usually reluctant to beat her. Which brat would be so fat and dare to beat Xixi?


However, Yang Yi patronized Xixi, not paying attention to Teacher Mu who was smiling bitterly beside him.


Xixi raised her big eyes that were crying hazy, and recognized her father’s big face. It seemed like a volcano erupted again in her heart at the moment, and the rich grievances rushed up like lava.


“Baba!” Xixi screamed and threw herself into her father’s arms. She shrank her hands in front of her father’s chest, just like a frightened deer, crying even harder in her father’s arms.


“Tell Dad, where did you hit? Did you get hurt?” Yang Yi asked while checking her daughter’s body.


The face is fine, except for the red eyes from crying, the rest is pink and tender skin, which can be broken by blowing bullets, and there is no trace of trauma.


Yang Yi took Xixi’s little hand to see that there were no bruises on her arm, and Yang Yi pressed it gently on her body, but she didn’t see any pain.


Could it be an internal injury?


Xixi was sobbing and shaking her little head. She was actually in her father’s arms and recovered a little bit of energy, but she cried so hard that her throat was stuck and she couldn’t speak.


Finally, Teacher Mu couldn’t hold it any longer, she said to Yang Yi with tears in her eyes, “Dad Yang Xi, it’s not that other children hit Xixi, but she pushed a boy down and accidentally hit another. A boy punched. But it’s not Xixi’s fault…”


The scene at that time was indeed like this. The children on both sides “confronted” and were suppressed by the tall Lu Weisha. The little boys felt that their dignity was challenged.


So in order to show his manly spirit, the stronger Wang Xijun rushed up and pushed Lu Weisha.


Who knows, Lu Weisha has grown taller…


The little Swedish girl was pushed down by Wang Xijun, sitting on the ground, crying.


“Don’t cry, get up!” Wang Xijun was actually dumbfounded at the time. He thought that Lu Weisha was diving, and he was afraid that the crying female classmate would be seen by the teacher, so he panicked to pull Lu Weisha up.


Xixi saw that her good friend was being bullied, her brain was hot, she shriveled her mouth and burst into tears while rushing up, pushing away Wang Xijun, who was still “hands on”.


Xixi inherited her father’s genes. Although she is usually not visible, she is really strong. When she was angry, she overthrew Wang Xijun from the side and rolled a few circles on the ground. .


But she doesn’t want to do it with anyone else!


After the little girl did these actions, she burst into tears and muttered: “You can’t fight, fighting is not a good child.”


The most skinny boy before, that is to say, the one who spoke ill of Xixi, he was very close to Wang Xijun. At this time, he ran up angrily, grabbed a small hand of Xixi, and shouted: “Yang Xi, you Hit people!”


But at this time, Xixi’s condition was not good. She felt that her left wrist was being grabbed and hurt, and she broke free in a panic. She couldn’t break free, so she subconsciously swung her right hand out and hit the little boy’s chest.


No one can tell how much strength it took. Anyway, the little boy fell down like Wang Xijun, but he still had strength on the ground and cried in fear.


Xixi was frightened by her “violence” twice, and the little boy’s words “Yang Xi, you hit someone” just now pierced the little girl’s heart like a thorn.


“Woooo! I didn’t mean to.” Xixi squatted on the ground on one side, hugging her knees, crying even louder.


Mr. Shen, who was rushing over to hear the movement, took a step slower. The cries of the four children on the ground were enough to make a symphony.


Of course, now that Yang Yi is listening to Teacher Mu’s explanation, he can only roughly restore the situation just now, because these are other children, such as Comrade Chen Shiyun, the people’s discipline inspector, and Comrade Lan Xin, the hero of Yi Bao Yuntian. told the teacher.


However, Wang Xijun and other boys who stopped crying later also confirmed this.


It’s not a big deal. The children who were beaten by Xixi have been checked by the kindergarten doctor and have no problems. They were still alive and kicking for a while. The teacher was worried about leaving a shadow on the child’s mind, so he called Yang Yi over.


“It’s all my teacher’s fault for not taking good care of the children. Teacher Shen went to the bathroom and didn’t expect this to happen. This is our problem. Then I told them to the children and asked them to give Lu Weisha, Nan Zhaoyu apologized, and Xixi apologized, but Xixi is still emotionally unstable…” Teacher Mu apologized to Yang Yi.


After Yang Yi understood the ins and outs, he was a little dumbfounded. He couldn’t completely believe the teacher’s words, but it was not a big problem. He would just ask Xixi in detail when he turned back. The main reason was that Xixi was not injured, which made him relieved, but after the little girl hit someone, he was the most Aggrieved, this made Yang Yi a little unexpected.


“How about the children who were beaten by Xixi? Are their parents here?” Yang Yi patted Xixi on the back of the head gently and asked Teacher Mu.


Now he still wants to appease Xixi’s emotions, and he will leave it at home for preaching.


“After informing them about this, they also came over, in Teacher Shen’s office, and they said they wanted to apologize to you.” Teacher Mu said.


“Apologize to me?” Yang Yi raised his brows slightly.


Actually, Yang Yi was still a little annoyed at those little brats. If Xixi hadn’t beaten them up to offset some of his anger, Yang Yi would have really had to ask their parents how they educated their children. Mouth so stinky!


Soon, Yang Yi’s anger dissipated. Because Wang Xijun’s father and the father of another little boy still sincerely apologized to Yang Yi, and took the initiative to promise that after returning home, they would educate their children so that they would not say such mean things to their classmates in the future.


The two fathers are both in suits and leather shoes, obviously white-collar workers, well-mannered, and relatively well-bred. Of course, it was also because their children were fine, and the teachers told them the reason for the story, that they felt guilty for neglecting to discipline their children because they were busy with work.


“It’s all a little conflict between the children, it’s okay.” Yang Yi couldn’t get angry when they said this, smiled slightly, and nodded to them.


But it’s not over The two parents went back to the class, called Wang Xijun and another boy, and asked them to apologize to Xixi. Yang Yi also simply said sorry for Xixi to the two uneasy little boys – after all, no matter what, her own girl used force to bring down the other party, and the parents of other people were not angry, and they sincerely apologized. act like.


After they left, Lan Xin, Lu Weisha, Nan Zhaoyu and other friends also came to visit Xixi. Finally, after a while, Xixi’s mood finally stabilized a lot.


However, she still had some difficulties in her heart, so although she didn’t cry, she still refused to leave her father’s arms like a kangaroo who was afraid of losing her support.


Yang Yi asked Teacher Mu for a half-day leave.


“Dad is with you today.” He turned back, picked up the little girl, rubbed her little head, smiled lovingly while walking out, and said, “It’s almost time for lunch. , let’s go have a big meal, and then you and Dad have a good chat, okay?”


“Um…” The little girl found a warm and comfortable place in her father’s arms to put her head down, and then pressed her face to her father’s thick chest, listening to his father’s strength that could calm her down heartbeat, and nodded slightly.


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