House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 581: Because of fetters, it is beautiful (2/4)


October 10 is a rare weekend. Mu Yucheng did not stay at home, but appeared in a big shopping mall near his home. Of course, Mu Yucheng didn’t like shopping. He was in the bookstore. Like some people, he was holding a new book that Yang Yi released today and was lining up to check out.

Yang Yi’s identity is different now, not only a best-selling author, but also a songwriter and a singer, so the owner of the bookstore is still very happy to arrange a heavy weight for Yang Yi’s new book for his own benefit publicity!

The roll-up at the door and the posters pasted on the floor-to-ceiling windows are all about the new book in Mu Yucheng’s hands.

“”Anxiety Grocery Store”: not only sells groceries, but also provides trouble consultation. Whether you are struggling, hesitating, or desperate and suffering, welcome!”

“Following “Walking in the White Night”, Yang Yi has another new work that is not children’s literature. It is not online literature, nor is it a mystery novel, but it integrates the essence of these categories. The story is wonderful and gripping. Subvert people’s imagination!”

“This grocery store can help you find what is lost in modern people’s hearts…”

Mu Yucheng looked at the meaningful advertisement words, and couldn’t help but want to open it and read it carefully. However, you still need to pay first!

Actually, Mu Yucheng has also participated in the pre-sale online. As before, at noon, Sahara Express will deliver the new book to him. But Mu Yucheng couldn’t wait this morning, so he simply went to the largest bookstore near him and bought a copy.

Although the bookstore’s price is a bit more expensive, Mu Yucheng thinks it doesn’t matter. He buys an extra copy, which is also a small reward for Yang Yi, the lovely author who thanked him and invited him to dinner.

During the queuing process, Mu Yucheng heard a few customers in front who were also fans of Yang Yi’s books chatting.

“I heard that “Prison Break” is going to be made into a TV series?”

“You know, this morning, didn’t you watch the news? Sahara Publishing House held a press conference. One was the news that our book was on sale. I’m out, and I’ve already started to set up a project and prepare to select people to shoot!”

“Hey, are you two telling the truth? Who will shoot? “Prison Break” has an American background, and with such a wonderful story, I don’t want some small film and television companies in China to ruin the classic!”

“Don’t worry, I sold it to Woolf TV. I heard that it is not just a sale, but also a share of the ratings. The director is Palton Yi, have you heard of it? A well-known TV director in the United States, ” Criminal Minds was filmed by him.”

“Criminal Minds is a very exciting rice drama I’ve seen! If its director came to film “Prison Break”, I would be more relieved…”

Hearing this, Mu Yucheng patted the other party’s shoulder in a funny way, and said, “Dude, listening to you guys talking about the copyright of “Prison Break”, I don’t think you need to worry at all, Yang Yida pays great attention to his works For those who changed the copyright, such as “Soldier Assault” and “Bright Sword”, didn’t he choose a good director for these two works? If Chen Fengchen can’t make it well, it is estimated that few directors in China can make it well!”

“That’s right!” Several of Yang Yi’s fans all laughed.

“Also, I told you that before the copyright of “Prison Break” was sold, there was still a story. I wonder if you know it?” Mu Yucheng deliberately sold it off.

“Young man, don’t be like this, if you know what to say, say it quickly!” the few fans shouted impatiently.

“Okay, listen to me, it is said that before the arrival of Woolf TV, the global film industry took a fancy to “Prison Break”, but the conditions they gave were not good, and they hoped that Yang Yida would adapt the work to a domestic event. The story. Yang Yi greatly disagreed, so he kicked the global film industry. Of course, now that it was sold to Woolf TV, Yang Yi greatly offended the global film industry.” Mu Yucheng shrugged, said.

This is what he said in a post under Yang Yi’s personal website. The people from Sahara Publishing House did not clarify or admit it, which means that this matter is very likely to be true!

“Really? Global Films! This is a giant. If they offend them, what should I do?” Fans of the book were worried.

“It’s okay, the backstage of Woolf TV is not worse than that of the global film industry, and the Time Group is covering it. Yang Yi is not afraid of them!” Mu Yucheng comforted.

However, are you really not afraid? Mu Yucheng himself didn’t know that it might be fine abroad, but the hood of the Time Group did not extend to China.

Don’t want so much intrigue, after Mu Yucheng paid for the book, he sat in the open-air coffee shop in the middle of the mall, found a comfortable and quiet place, and couldn’t wait to open the book.

In the first few pages, Mu Yucheng was a little puzzled.

It seems that three thieves, one named Liu Xiang, one named Wu Dun, and one named Guan Xing, did something bad to escape, and then hid in a dilapidated grocery store.

Then the description in the middle, such as the rusty washing machine in the grocery store, the dusty slippers, and the sudden appearance of the envelope, made Mu Yucheng confused and slightly creepy at the same time.

Could this be a horror story?

Not great if it’s a horror story! Mu Yucheng doesn’t like horror stories, he is afraid of ghosts…

Yangcheng in October is still midsummer. But the air conditioner is on in the mall! Mu Yucheng’s short T-shirt still oozes some sweat, which shows how much he resists ghost stories.

However, out of great trust in Yang Yi, Mu Yucheng still endured watching.

But after looking at it, Mu Yucheng can’t extricate himself!

This book is not thick and small. Compared with “Walk in the White Night”, the number of words has shrunk by at least half!

The story has only five chapters. Of course, each chapter also has several subsections, but before I knew it, Mu Yucheng had already turned half of it…

The story is beyond Mu Yucheng’s expectations – although he has given Yang Yi great expectations, he did not expect that this book has a bigger brain than “Walking in the White Night”. There’s nothing better than that!

First of all, as Yang Yi said, it uses the most common element in online novels – “time and space travel”, but the more sophisticated writing in this book makes Mu Yucheng unable to see any Shadow of the web novel.

Secondly, a question-and-answer game originally played by Grandpa Jiang, the owner of the grocery store, and children, has evolved into a “job” that Grandpa Jiang insists on pointing out the direction of their hearts for some people who have lost their hearts. In this story, three thieves who make people doubt their quality have a chance to answer questions for some people with looming entanglements in this grocery store that has been caught in a time and space bug.

This series of stories that arouse people’s deep thoughts, each one of them may be a choice made by everyone inadvertently, just like a stone thrown into the lake, there are circles of ripples, and this circle of ripples slowly and leisurely Expanded, eventually forming a surprising entanglement, where the past, present, and future gradually converged.


Mu Yucheng’s coffee was cold, he couldn’t take a sip, he couldn’t bear to put it down.

During the period, the courier of Sahara Express called him, and Mu Yucheng was reluctant to go back, so he had to call the neighbors to help sign on his behalf. He still wanted to continue watching.

But before I knew it, Mu Yucheng suddenly burst into tears!

Yes, a big man, sitting in an open-air coffee shop in the middle of the mall, holding a book and weeping.

The emotions came so suddenly that Mu Yucheng forgot to wipe away his tears in case others saw the joke.

Those are not important, the important thing is that this second chapter, all the previous stories, are about a man named Song Ke, who does not have very good musical talent, but he still works hard for his musical dream… …

Mu Yucheng saw in the letter from the thief trio to Song Ke, saying, “Your persistent pursuit of music is not in vain… Someone will be redeemed because of your song… You created it. The music will also be passed down…”

He thought Song Ke was about to succeed!

However, who knows, Song Ke sacrificed himself to save the children in the fire during a performance in an orphanage!

“Red light and darkness surround him at the same time.

Someone seems to be calling him, but he is unable to answer…

Ah, yes! Now is the last moment, as long as I still believe in it now, okay?

If it’s true, Dad, I’ve left a footprint, right? Although I fought a losing battle…”

Song Ke’s inner monologue before his death made Mu Yucheng cry.

He finally understood why in the previous letter of the thief trio, “Please always believe in this, believe in it until the last moment of your life…”

It turns out that the trio of thieves already knew that Song Ke was going to die, and the little girl he rescued would also take his music to the music scene and let his music be passed down!

In the afternoon, Mu Yucheng finally finished reading “Resolving Worry Grocery Store”. The moment he closed the book, he couldn’t help showing a smile and a lot of reluctance.

The story of the whole book seems to be bland, but the small stories in each chapter are ups and downs and gripping.

But the most wonderful thing is not the intertwined connection between people in this letter delivery?

Mu Yucheng suddenly remembered a sentence he had read before: “The surface of the water wrinkled by the wind, the faint fragrance of wild flowers in the distance, the water plants dancing gently under the clear There are also the slight nods and smiles of strangers who pass by the wrong boat. They are all necessary elements to make up this happy picture, and they are also the fetters that cannot be easily abandoned, just like each of our lives.”

The source of this beautiful text can no longer be found, but so is the emotion this book brought him.

Mu Yucheng took a sip of the cold coffee, which seemed a little bitter, and Yang Yi’s new song rang in his ears. It wasn’t that he was hallucinating, but that the mall was indeed playing the song that Feiyi’s studio released a few days ago, and then it was liked by many people.

“Because I just met you, leaving footprints is beautiful, the wind blows and tears are like rain, because I don’t want to be separated…” Yang Yi’s falsetto like a female voice tugs at Mu Yucheng’s heartstrings.

This song is great, just like his new book, great!

“What_a_beautiful_day! (What a wonderful day!)” Although Mu Yucheng was hungry and had not eaten lunch, Mu Yucheng in a good mood still dragged a foreign language, holding a book, and kicking small dance steps, not caring about the curiosity of others With funny eyes, he stepped out.

Science males can also be very showy!


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