House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 580: Please eat candied fruit (1/4)



Jiangcheng Media University is the best university in the university town of Tingshan, and even in the entire Jiangcheng. Its annual military training for freshmen is also arranged in the Jiangnan Military Region.


Yang Huan has been in military training for several days. Unlike the charming girls in the class who cry for their parents and make up for training, Yang Huan adapts very well, and is also the best in kicking and pulling. Yes, they are often praised by their class instructors.


However, this also caused her to be rejected a bit. Except for a few good friends with similar personalities, many girls in the class had a vague hostility towards her. It feels like they’re on guard against taking their boyfriends away…


Forget it, Yang Huan can choose to ignore it. But in the dormitory, for some reason, her roommates knew that her brother was Yang Yi, who wrote a lot of hit songs, and Yang Huan felt more embarrassed by his enthusiasm for her than the indifference of others.


So after training at noon, after eating, and during the lunch break, Yang Huan excused himself to fetch water, so he came out for a walk with a kettle in his hand.


Yang Huan was walking on the road to this barracks, thinking of his embarrassing incident a year ago… It should be said that nearly a year ago, I came to this barracks with Guo Ziyi to watch other people filming, and ended up getting lost. Yang Cuo went to the site called what, the Viper Special Team!


Also got into a fight with that stinky guy… I have to say, that guy is pretty good, and he is the only one who can beat him apart from his two brothers and father! Yang Huan in the village, in the previous middle school, is also invincible all over the world!


Of course now Yang Huan won’t get lost anymore. She already knows the areas around her training well. As long as she doesn’t go far, Yang Huan will definitely not do the stupid things she did before – running around, it’s really an offense Military discipline!


Yang Huan was talking about Guo Dabao when she suddenly heard an “Ah” from behind her. She looked back subconsciously and saw a big bald man on the opposite side of the road holding two big boxes and walking in the opposite direction… familiar ‘s big bald head.


It can’t be said to be completely bald, Guo Dabao still left a little stubble on it, but he is used to fighting without hair, and there are not so many rigid rules in Viper.


This big bald head is too rare, the more I look at it, the more familiar it is, Yang Huan recognized Guo Dabao after a few glances!


So, with a wicked smile, she carefully tiptoed over, and suddenly shouted, “Baldhead is strong… ah no, Guo Dabao!”


The bald head is strong, which is a series of stories told by Yang Yi to Xixi. Obviously, the characters are from a previous life, but Yang Yi has not read the story, so he made up his own mouth. Yang Huan also heard about this character from his eldest brother, and subconsciously put it on Guo Dabao to satisfy his dark psychology of “can’t beat but can’t make fun of it”.


Guo Dabao was really taken aback by her. He turned his head with a bull’s eye, but saw a young girl, like a willow on the spring embankment, smiling like a flower. The sweet laughter echoed in Guo Dabao’s ears, I’m afraid the spring breeze is not as good as ten miles…


“Hey, what’s the matter, Guo Dabao, you don’t recognize me anymore?” Yang Huan was embarrassed when he saw Guo Dabao’s dumbfounded look. Could it be that he really couldn’t remember who he was, and then he Are you greeting each other as if they were acquaintances? This is embarrassing.


“Yes, why don’t you recognize me? You are Yang Yi’s younger sister.” Guo Dabao wanted to scratch his head, but found that he was holding two large boxes and couldn’t make it out.


“It’s as simple as Yang Yi’s younger sister? What do you say my name is?” Yang Huan looked at Guo Dabao suspiciously. She strongly doubted whether the bald head really had beaten her up, and just went to catch up with her eldest brother. !


“This…this…your name is Yang…Yang…” Guo Dabao was stunned, stammering and didn’t know how to smooth things out.


“Sure enough, you just don’t remember my name! Humph, you know my elder brother is called Yang Yi!” Yang Huan pursed his lips.


However, looking at the embarrassed appearance of the other party, Yang Huan didn’t mean to ridicule him: “Okay, let me tell you, my name is Yang Huan, happy Huan!”


Guo Dabao hurriedly put down the box and stretched out his hand as if wanting to shake hands with Yang Huan, but I don’t know if it was because he remembered that Yang Huan was a girl. Rubbed up.


Guo Dabao is not good at communicating with girls. After all, there are no female creatures in this pit viper. At most, I have seen a few in the military hospital, but they are all old doctors who have passed the menopause…


He faced Yang Huan, not knowing what to say. Fortunately, there are “props” beside him, Guo Dabao had an idea, opened the cardboard box on the side, took out a large can from it, handed it to Yang Huan, and said, “I’ll treat you to the can, it’s from our hometown. The specialty products are all made by ourselves, and the raw materials are absolutely healthy and hygienic. By the way, which one do you like to eat? This is made of preserved peach and peach meat, and I also have pears, apples, and green plums…”


“Alright, alright, stop talking, and I’m going to drool!” Yang Huan glanced at the big can in Guo Dabao’s hand, licked his lips, and said helplessly, “Guo Dabao, thank you for your kindness. .But I’m in military training now, so I can’t put this thing in the dormitory, if I’m caught by the instructor, it’ll be miserable!”


“Yes…” Guo Dabao scratched his bald head, not knowing what to say.


But he finally understood why Yang Huan appeared at the barracks in a military uniform! Before, he thought that Yang Huan had joined the army.


The two looked at each other in silence for a while, and Guo Dabao said hesitantly, “Then do you want to try it now?”


He simply opened the bottle in his hand and handed it to Yang Huan.


Yang Huan is also really greedy. Originally, these candied fruits seem to be very popular with girls, and she also eats meat every day in the canteen in this military camp, so she just wants to eat something to relieve her tiredness.


“Delicious! Very sweet!” Yang Huan ate a piece and couldn’t help but give Guo Dabao a thumbs up.


“Really? My mother made it, and my comrades said it was delicious.” Guo Dabao laughed.


Yang Huan seems to be the first time to see Guo Dabao laughing like a bad guy. This guy is quite cheerful and sunny when he laughs.


She couldn’t help eating another piece, then asked Guo Dabao to cover it and said, “Thank you, Guo Dabao! You treat me to eat such delicious food! You will go to my brother’s in the future, do you know where it is? Jiang Chuan that coffee shop at the back door, I’ll treat you to dinner!”


There is a way of communication.


“Okay!” Guo Dabao thought for a while and said, “When will you finish your military training? It shouldn’t be so strict when you leave. I’ll leave you a can, since you like it so much.”


“Really? We will have a big show tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It is said that a car will come to pick us up in the evening. Will you bring it to me when you are free?” Yang Huan was not polite to Guo Dabao. She smiled in surprise. , asked.


“Well, we just came back from the competition. Except for basic training this week, we don’t need to go out for training.” Guo Dabao nodded Are you competing? what match? Did you take the first place? Yang Huan couldn’t help being curious and asked.


“This…” Guo Dabao was embarrassed again, he scratched his head, and said embarrassedly, “It’s the competition in the army, I didn’t win the first place, the first place is your brother’s former army, they are more powerful .”


“It’s alright, you are also very good, work hard and try to take the first place next time!” Yang Huan patted Guo Dabao’s shoulder carelessly and said with a smile.


Guo Dabao looked at Yang Huan, who was dressed in military uniforms, and her bright smile, not only a little dazed, as if bathed in the spring breeze, he nodded firmly.


“Okay, I won’t tell you, I’m going to fetch water, and then go back to the dormitory to rest, or I’ll be caught by the instructor… You know.” Yang Huan smiled, and she pointed to the two men at Guo Dabao’s feet. A big box, “You go back too, can you take these two boxes back?”


She giggled: “Actually, I’m just concerned, I’m helpless too!”


“It’s okay, I can do it!” Guo Dabao smiled, showing his white teeth.


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