House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 582: Eat like a little squirrel (three/four)



“Ding Xiang, why are you playing my song in the coffee shop? Change it quickly, I don’t blame you for playing Xiao Guo’s “Fairy Tale”!”


“Resolving worries” has just been released, and the impact is not obvious enough. Instead, “Just Met You”, a song that netizens identified as a song written by Yang Yi specially for Murphy, was praised by fans a few days after it was released. On the top ten of the new song sales chart!


This result is very good, in which Ding Xiang also contributed a little sales.


No, “Just Met You” playing in the coffee shop is a single that Ding Xiang bought from the Internet.


It was Yang Yi who felt a little embarrassed. He felt a little uncomfortable listening to the singing of his fake female voice echoing in the store.


He didn’t really want to record this song in the first place. At home, it’s one thing for him to confess to Murphy with this song, and it’s another thing for him to sing this song for others to listen to outside. thing.


A big man with a height of 1.87 meters, the muscles on his arms are as thick as Yang Huan’s thighs, such a strong man sings this song in a fake female voice, the picture should not be too “beautiful”! Yang Yi was still a little embarrassed.


But because of Murphy’s instigation, he finally recorded it, and the song spread all over the country.


The doctor in the previous life held a concert with a feather in it. At the concert, my brother still had long hair and a coquettish dress. Just like women’s clothes, they could disregard the world’s vision. Why is Yang Yi worried about other people’s pointing? What’s more, this song was indeed sung to Murphy!


Of course, at this time, in his coffee shop, Yang Yi was still a little uncomfortable listening to his own songs.


“It doesn’t matter, right? Brother Yang, your song is very good! Everyone likes it very much. Some guests ordered this song yesterday!” Ding Xiang smiled with Yang Yi.


This girl, since the problem of going to school for her younger brothers and sisters in the stockade, which she cares about most, has been solved, and she doesn’t have to bear a heavy financial burden, her whole person seems to be much more relaxed, and her face has more smiles. Not as prudent as before.


The money I gave for more than half a year was wasted, but Ding Xiang didn’t seem to care anymore. Just like the epiphany in Buddhism, she began to learn to embrace her own life.


“I think it sounds pretty good too, don’t change it, okay?” Murphy giggled with Yang Huan on the side.


Yang Huan came back from military training and got a little tanned, but she didn’t care much, and now she twisted the canned candy that Guo Dabao gave her before she came back and shared it with Xixi and Murphy.


Xixi likes this kind of sweet food very much. She is holding a small piece, pinching it between her hands, nibbling on it like a little squirrel, revealing two white and lovely upper front teeth.


“Is it delicious?” Yang Huan asked her.


Xixi didn’t care to answer, she chewed with her small mouth, the sweet feeling from the tip of her tongue moistened her heart and spleen. But although she didn’t answer, her big happy eyes were already filled with answers.


Murphy also ate a piece, the sweet and sour preserved peach, soft and glutinous, delicious and refreshing, so in line with her current taste, she couldn’t help answering for her daughter: “It’s delicious!”


“Where did you buy this can?” Murphy asked curiously.


Although she politely took it away, she still wanted to eat it, so she planned to ask Yang Yi to buy her some back.


“I didn’t buy it, I didn’t go to military training! I just happened to meet the bald head who had a fight with me last year… Guo Dabao, he gave me a can.” Yang Huan said with a smile, and stuffed the can Come over, “sister-in-law, since you like it, take it back and eat it!”


“How does this work? You haven’t eaten it yet if someone gave it to you.” Murphy waved his hand quickly.


“Little aunt, I still want to eat.” Xixi said after eating her small piece, sucking her fingers reluctantly and looking at Yang Huan.


“Eat if you want!” Yang Huan opened the lid and let Xixi reach in and take it.


“Hee hee, thank you little aunt!” Xixi’s eyes lit up, she smiled happily, leaned over, and put her little hand into the opening of the jar.


This kind of jar, most adults can only stick into it with their fingers, but for Xixi’s little weed, it just fits inside.


Xixi looked at the glass side of the jar, picked out a large piece of preserved peach and took it out. Then happily continue to eat like a little squirrel.


After Yang Huan took good care of Xixi, she then said with a smile to Murphy: “Sister-in-law, it’s okay, I came back last night and I ate with Sister Ding Xiang, you can take it back and eat it! Now you are in our house. Most important!”


Murphy was embarrassed to ask for it. When she was pushing around with Yang Huan, helpless Yang Yi walked back and saw this scene and asked them inexplicably why.


“Hey, I thought it was a big deal, right? Guo Dabao gave it to you, right?” Yang Yi laughed.


“Yes, his parents made it. They sent two boxes at the time, but they were all divided up, so they left a can for me.” Yang Huan heard what Yang Yi meant, and said quickly, worried that Yang Yi would make Guo Dabao embarrassed .


“It’s alright, his parents did it, I can ask Guo Dabao to call his parents and ask them to help him do more, send it over, we’ll calculate how much it costs.” Yang Yi didn’t care, he waved his hand and said.


In the past life, this kind of private workshop has become popular in the form of micro-business. Even asking a friend to help you buy something on your behalf is a common practice.


“I don’t think Guo Dabao will take your money, but it seems that their family is not very wealthy.” Yang Huan said.


“That’s right, Guo Dabao is a more realistic person.” Yang Yi touched his chin and pondered.


“If it’s too much trouble, forget it!” Murphy said, pulling Yang Yi’s hand. She was worried that it would be difficult for Yang Yi to deal with it, after all, it would use human favors.


“I just told me this jar for my sister-in-law! Anyway, I can’t eat so many sweet things.” Yang Huan said with a smile.


If it was anything else, Yang Yi wouldn’t care so much, but this is what Murphy and Xixi like to eat, and Yang Yi takes it to heart.


Just moving his head, Yang Yi had an idea.


“It doesn’t matter if it’s money or not. I’ll repay Guo Dabao in other ways, Huanhuan, don’t worry.” Yang Yi smiled and picked up the jar of candied fruit and said, “I’ll take this jar back to Murphy first, wait a minute. Guo Dabao will send it here, and I will return it to you with interest!”


Yang Yi’s idea was to reciprocate. Since Guo Dabao might not want money, Yang Yi decided to help him, for example, let Sahara Online Mall sign a contract for the supply and sale of these candied fruit with his parents, and sell their products on the online mall. Give them a good sale!


Of course, there are some other problems in this process, such as normalizing small rural workshops, and quality control, etc., and let the people from Sahara Online Mall help Guo Dabao’s parents solve these problems. The question, it is also able to repay their gift of candied fruit.


“It’s even profitable! Why do I think I’ve become a businessman?” Yang Huan said with a smile.


“You said that, I just remembered that you are still a student! Why, you are so free today, you don’t study or help Ding Xiang with, just wandering around?” Yang Yi raised his brows. Said, “Your brother, I’m so old, and I’m still studying hard, why don’t you learn it from me?”


Yang Yi also shook the copy of Samuel Adler’s “Organization Tutorial” in his hand, posing as his eldest brother, the strict father.


“I just came back from military training yesterday. I’m exhausted. Don’t you give me a day off?” Yang Huan pretended to be wronged and looked at Murphy, “Sister-in-law, my elder brother bullied me.”


Murphy looked at the two brothers and sisters bickering with amusement, but Murphy still helped to persuade Yang Yi: “Okay, today is special, let Huanhuan play!”


“You’re used to her.” Yang Yi smiled helplessly, he picked up the coffee pot on the table, turned around and went to the bar to ask Ding Xiang to pour some new ones.


“Hee hee, it’s better to be my sister-in-law!” Yang happily walked around and sat on the edge of the seat with half his buttocks, pulling Murphy’s hand greasy and crooked.


At this moment, Xixi has finished eating the preserved peaches in her hands, but she doesn’t seem to have enough. She stares at the canned food in front of her mother.


“I still want to eat…”


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