House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 573: Sing to my heart’s content (2/4)



“You said that this road is a little dark, but you don’t want to accompany me. The so-called concern is only cold, and you can only carry the sadness alone…” Murphy’s singing is intoxicating, and the voice contained in it Emotions show a lingering and mournful strength, which makes people like them, but at the same time they can’t help but give birth to a trace of sympathy – although they all know that this is just a song.


There are several young fans, especially the little sister who just wanted to listen to “In My Singing”. Although she has heard Murphy’s famous song before, it is only the old voice in the record. Listening to Murphy’s live, she suddenly realized that this song is also very good!


In terms of emotional expression, it is no worse than “Across the Ocean to See You”!


After all, this song also supported Murphy’s “Love with Mo Road” album at that time, which sold platinum, and made Murphy famous, how could it be bad?


After six years of accumulation, Murphy’s singing skills have not improved a little bit, so when she sings live, she is naturally better than the old voice on the record!


After the song was sung, the fans couldn’t get enough of it, and Murphy just opened his voice, and it wasn’t fun!


“Let’s continue to draw fans who want songs.” Xiao Ai smiled and walked up with the lottery box.


The newly selected fans ordered “Listening to the Sea”, but it is not difficult to understand. This song can definitely be called Murphy’s masterpiece. The other songs are also very good, but not as good as “Listening to the Sea”. Bring Murphy’s singing skills into full play!


Needless to say, Yang Yi began to accompany Murphy.


This song should be accompanied by piano, but Yang Yi performed a guitar version of “Ting Hai” for everyone today.


As for Murphy, she may be singing “Listening to the Sea” in a different style. Compared with the sadness that was blown away by the sea breeze, she sang a little deeper this time. (Note 1)


“The sea that accompanies you every night, how is the mood…” The tone should rise, she still rises, but instead of singing to the end in one breath, it pauses and continues rhythmically, feeling the vicissitudes of life However live.


Sitting in front of Murphy, the distance was almost unprecedented, and the fans were impressed by Murphy’s voiceless singing.


The big boy who just ordered this song closed his eyes to listen. For some reason, when he closed his eyes, another scene appeared in his mind.


It seems that such a singing should be Murphy wearing a small suit, singing in the old theater in the old Shiliyangchang!


In a trance, I actually crossed the time and space…


Of course, it’s just that the big boy has more associative powers, and other people don’t think so much.


They thought it sounded good and interesting, so they shook their heads and shook their bodies gently, with happy smiles on their faces.


After a long time, Murphy also finished singing the third song. Although she was only excited, she paused for the sake of her body. The staff who were prepared at the back quickly brought up drinks and fruits and let each fan eat in their own place.


Not much, just chatting later, everyone can happily eat and chat.


Yang Yi also put down the guitar, first poured Murphy a glass of orange juice she likes to drink, and then made a large pot of coffee in the coffee machine next to her.


“Who wants to drink coffee?” Yang Yi asked with a gentle smile, raising the coffee pot.


“I want it!”


“Me too!”


“Give me one too!”


The response was still very enthusiastic. It seemed that Murphy and Yang Yi interacted with them more easily when they visited the studio and sang just now, which made them let go of their restraint.


Yang Yi naturally satisfied them. Holding the coffee pot, he went down and poured them coffee.


“Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” The underage star-chasing girl who raised her hand high, saw that there was still a lot of drinks in her cup, and hurriedly took a big gulp.


“Don’t be brave, it’s not that you don’t have a cup.” Yang Yi quickly stopped her and asked the staff to bring a new disposable paper cup and pour her coffee, “Drink slowly!”


Everyone talked happily and walked around for a while. Xiao Ai came up to maintain order. She said, “Next, it’s the part of telling your story. Friends who have less fans have a lot to say to Murphy, or their own stories, or your wishes or questions. Then, you must seize this opportunity! When friends are talking, I hope Everyone can keep relatively quiet, create a good environment for him to talk, listen to his heart, or listen to what kind of questions he wants to ask Murphy…”


Although there are only 30 fans, there are not as many as half a class in some schools, but maybe they let down their guard and everyone’s participation is very high.


For example, the “uncle” who looks very vicissitudes of life, he was the first to raise his hand and became the first storyteller.


“Actually…actually I’m not big, really, I’m just old, but I’m only twenty-seven years old. I felt embarrassed when Murphy called me big brother just now.” “Uncle” is called Mao Jia, he The voice of the mouth is still clear.


“Sorry, I misunderstood.” Murphy apologized to each other with a smile amid the laughter of everyone.


“It’s okay, I’m used to it.” Mao Jia looked more restrained in everyone’s laughter, he scratched his head, and then said, “Actually, I’m not the same as many of my peers, maybe because everyone I think that because of my old age, my mentality is getting old. Everyone likes to listen to popular songs like “Ting Hai” and “Love Me Don’t Go”, but I prefer to listen to “The Fifteenth Moon” “, and other military songs!”


“Really, I also like to listen to other songs, but since your military song album came out, I don’t want to listen to other songs! Just listen to these four songs in an infinite loop.” Mao Jia is also worried Murphy and others didn’t believe it. He turned around quickly and told everyone.


“I believe in you, and I also like “The Moon of Fifteen”. In fact, for me, the genre of the song is not very important. Before Yang Yi wrote these songs, I didn’t know that I could sing the army. Song, but it is really good! And it feels very good to sing, as if stepping into a new field that I have never explored before, I am very happy.” Murphy also told him about his feelings.


“I’ve actually always wanted to hear you or Mr. Yang Yi sing a military song, but I didn’t get a point just now.” Mao Jia scratched his head regretfully.


“It doesn’t matter, in a while, when we finish talking, I will sing a few more songs for you. Among them, there is one “The Moon of the Fifteenth”, so let me sing a section, how about you sing a section?” Mo Fei said with a smile.


“I can’t sing well, I’ll be out of tune when I sing.” Mao Jia said embarrassedly, “It’s Murphy, you can sing!”


The star-chasing girl was very lively just now. She suggested: “Murphy can sing a piece, and Mr. Mu Ziang can sing a piece! I really like watching the two of you work together!”


Murphy was stunned for a moment, but the fans in the audience all agreed with the proposal and laughed and applauded.


“Can you?” Murphy looked at Yang Yi.


Sitting on the side, Yang Yi, who tried to reduce his presence as much as possible, made a cool gesture of OK.


After a while, it was finally the turn of the office girl Jia Siyuan, she couldn’t hold it in for a long time, and she couldn’t wait to stand up immediately when she clicked: “Murphy, I have a story of my own that I want to share with you. .”


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