House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 572: Fan meeting (1/4)



To paraphrase a lyric, life is like a waiting platform. Some people go and some people come.


Yang Yi sent Lin Mu’an away and took back his own younger sister.


Yang Huan, who had finished filming the little maid, had just returned from the capital with Ding Xiang, and she was also rushing to report. Tomorrow is the last day of the freshmen report, and then they have to assemble without stopping. All the freshmen cups are arranged to participate in military training. No matter which one, she can’t be absent casually.


In the past, star students like Qin Wen didn’t dare to find excuses to escape from military training. Yang Huan was not even a star, and of course he couldn’t say that he wanted to film and asked for leave.


Ding Xiang, Guo Ziyi and other old students start school two weeks later, like Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan, these old fritters are prepared to wait until the last day of the class before coming to school, just because Lin Muan helped them Justice, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan heard that Lin Muan was going south to Gangcheng, so they hurried back to see him off.


After learning about Lin Mu’an, Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi’s reaction was very simple. They both felt relieved. Guo Ziyi had a great change in Lin Mu’an, and Yang Huan even shouted, “Brother An is a great man. Heroes, uphold justice, and eliminate evil for the people.”


Yang Yi didn’t object, he could only laugh and cry and tell Ding Xiang, who knew a little about the world, to take care of these two unreliable guys.




Yang Huan went to report, but Yang Yi did not accompany her, because today is Sunday, which is the time for the fan meeting that Murphy has been looking forward to for a long time.


So in the morning, I entrusted Xixi to Wu Jingjing, and let the little girl stay at Lan’s house to play with her friends. Then he and Murphy came to the studio to accompany her to meet the thirty fans who had been drawn.


“Murphy! Yang Yi!” When the fans saw them appear, they jumped up from their chairs with excitement, and some even called out Yang Yi’s stage name “Mu Ziang”.


These thirty fans include men and women, young girls who are still underage, women in professional attire, big boys with green faces, and some who don’t know if they are really old or old. uncle. But everyone is the same, they are big fans of Murphy.


Murphy greeted them, and they were all incoherent with excitement when they asked their names one by one.


“Our fan meeting today is mainly divided into two parts and four small parts…” Xiao Ai is today’s host, maintaining order while promoting the event.


The first block and the first link is to visit the Feiyisuosi studio.


“This is our recording studio, which is usually used by Yang Yi and I. The “Glory” you’ve heard, as well as “Speak Your Heart”, “The Moon of Fifteen”, etc., are all here recorded.”


Murphy likes this part very much, because she has always been satisfied with the decoration and layout of the studio. More importantly, in this studio, she has experienced the freedom that Tianmei could not give before.


So although her tone was gentle and calm, the happiness and satisfaction in her voice could not be concealed.


To be honest, there is nothing special about the studio. If I have to say something special, it is that there are three recording studios in this small building. The equipment inside is all first-class in the industry. The studio is actually equipped with three luxurious recording studios, which is definitely a luxury!


Who made Yang Yi rich, he left a recording studio for him and Murphy’s exclusive use, and then another one for Jin Yingming’s daily use. inside.


However, the star studio is very new to every fan. It is their first time to visit the star’s studio. There is no comparison. How can they feel special?


In the small building, fans were full of satisfied admiration, and these modern decorations made them feel that Murphy left the agency and opened his own studio was a success!


Such a comfortable working environment will surely inspire more inspiration and bring them more good works!


Next, Murphy took the fans back to the arranged event hall for a real fan meeting.


Yang Yi sat aside with a guitar in his arms. He just said hello and didn’t say too much, because this was Murphy’s fan meeting, and it couldn’t be overwhelming.


But the fans were very excited, and before the start, they whispered to the partner they just met: “Yang Yi wants to sing too? Just in time to see the couple sing duet.”


Murphy sat on a high stool, and before sitting down, she apologized to fans: “Excuse me, can I sit down? Maybe I can’t stand and sing with everyone like a concert.”


“It’s okay!”


“Yes, Murphy, you’re still pregnant!”


“Sit down, we don’t mind!”


The fans were chatting, and suddenly, the distance between them and Murphy seemed to be much closer, and the atmosphere in the event hall was extraordinarily warm.


“This time with everyone, I will definitely sing for everyone, but because of my limited energy, I can only sing a few songs, so what song do you want me to sing?” After Murphy sat down, holding a microphone, As usual, he asked.


“In My Song!” said the underage little sister.


“Listen to the Sea!”


“Across the Ocean to See You!”


“The First Dream!”


Excited, they all gave the names of their favorite songs.


“Everyone wants to listen to different songs? Well, let’s do a simple lottery. I will pick one person at a time, and then he will order the song, and I will sing it. A total of three people will be drawn. Okay? Ok?” Murphy had to follow the previously discussed process and asked Xiao Ai to take out the lottery bucket.


The fans don’t have any opinion, Murphy is doing it with great respect and they are satisfied.


“Jia Siyuan.” Murphy took out a note and read out the fan’s name.


It was the well-dressed office girl who stood up, but instead of being reserved, she stood up waving cheerfully like a little girl.


“You are Jia Siyuan?” Murphy was a little surprised.


“Hee hee, is my name a bit like a man’s name? No way, who asked my parents to give me such a name?” Jia Siyuan’s words made everyone laugh, but she was not restrained, but rather laughter Say generously, “Murphy, I’m really a big fan of yours, and I loved listening to your songs when I was in high school!”


“Thank you!” Murphy gratefully responded So the song I wanted to order, it’s been a long time, it’s your famous work “Love in the Same Strangers”! Jia Siyuan said this, and said excitedly, “Really, I have been to Murphy’s concert in Yangcheng this year, but you haven’t sang this song. Although this song has passed for a long time, I feel It’s very good, I hope to hear you sing it again. “


Murphy was a little surprised. She didn’t expect someone to sing her old song. This moved Murphy to tears. She wiped the corner of her eyes, nodded, and said, “No problem, I actually have this song. I also practice from time to time, because Yang Yi likes my song very much.”


Speaking, Murphy turned to look at Yang Yi.


Yang Yi smiled slightly, he didn’t speak, just looked at Murphy, and then swept the guitar strings with his fingers, ding ding dong dong, the melody sounded.


It’s the prelude to “Love in the Same Stranger”, Jia Siyuan heard it all at once, she couldn’t help her inner excitement, “Oh”, she called out.


How loving these two are! Yang Yi can also memorize the score of Murphy’s popular song six years ago!


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