House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 574: Yang Yi’s ambition



Jia Siyuan is actually just dressed up and mature. She is not too old, has a cheerful personality, and speaks freely, which has left a very good impression on everyone.


“Go ahead!” Murphy looked at Jia Siyuan curiously, wondering what her story was.


“The story I want to tell you is the most important fate in my life, the most beautiful encounter.” Jia Siyuan did not twist, but clasped his hands on his chest reverently, with some emotion said.


“Wow!” Several fans couldn’t help but exclaimed.


The same goes for Mao Jia, who is grinning and gossiping.


“Murphy, did you know? It all started when you released the album “First Dream” at the beginning of the year!” Jia Siyuan didn’t pay attention to everyone’s sarcastic laughter and continued. .


“Also related to my album?” Murphy exclaimed in surprise.


“Of course, because I’ve been a big fan of you since high school, before you retired. As soon as your new album came out, I couldn’t wait to get out of the company, and I worked overtime on New Year’s Day. I skipped work and went to the video studio to compete with others to buy your album, for fear that I would have to go and play, and I would not be able to buy the first batch…” Jia Siyuan seemed to fall into memory.


The story is not complicated, it’s like a fairy tale. Two people who like Murphy’s music met in a video studio. When they saw each other, they both felt that the other party’s temperament, dress, and appearance were not bad, but it was not a big deal. Calls, so I didn’t think about exchanging contacts, or thinking about further development.


“…It’s very interesting to say, he politely asked me to take it first, which is actually quite a gentleman’s performance, but he also talked to me a little more at the time, although I didn’t show it, I was muttering in my heart. , is this person trying to strike up a conversation on purpose! This routine is too old!” Jia Siyuan didn’t feel ashamed at all, and said it generously.


Others listened with gusto.


“I asked him later and found out that it wasn’t. He just felt a little embarrassed after touching my hand. He just said something to ease the embarrassment.” Jia Siyuan put his hand on his forehead and smiled helplessly. .


Everyone laughed. You can imagine how embarrassed Jia Siyuan, who knew the truth at that time, seemed to be reincarnated in heaven…


“What happened later? Did you know each other because of the long chat?” Murphy asked happily after eating melons.


“No, after I bought your album, I haven’t left…” Jia Siyuan is definitely not a qualified storyteller. Tell the story of Murphy’s good songs, and then circle back to the man who bribed the store manager to play Murphy’s album.


“When I saw that scene, I suddenly felt that this guy was very interesting, and his style of doing things deeply attracted me. And really, after he let the store manager play your song, many customers who didn’t know it I can’t help but go to the front desk to ask whose song this is, it’s so nice.” Jia Siyuan said cheerfully.


After running the question for a while, Jia Siyuan finally said that she boldly stopped the man who was leaving and asked for his phone number.


“Oh!” It’s rare for a woman to chase a man. Everyone, including Yang Yi and Murphy, couldn’t help cheering for Jia Siyuan’s decisiveness and for this fate.


“So now, are you still together?” Murphy asked cautiously, she was a little worried that she would make an oolong.


Jia Siyuan was full of spring breeze, happily stretched out his left hand, showed his wedding ring, and said, “He has been upgraded now, and is also positively influenced by Murphy’s marriage and pregnancy with Yang Yi, we feel that, Since we get along so well and our personalities make each other very comfortable, why not bravely hope for permanence?”


It’s a bit fast, but it’s almost ten months later. The blossoming and fruiting of love also makes people feel warm after listening to it, and can’t help but be infected by Jia Siyuan’s happiness.


“Actually, I didn’t think I had a chance to be one of the 30 lucky fans, so at the beginning, my husband and I also tried to retweet. I also told him that no matter who we got in the lottery , be sure to tell Murphy the story of us being together, this fate was given by Murphy!” Jia Siyuan said while looking at Murphy.


“He also told me, it doesn’t matter, even if I was drawn, I will let you go! Unfortunately, I was drawn, and he had no chance to show me his chivalry.” Jia Siyuan was still carefree. Laughing, as if in her and his life, everything is interesting, optimistic, and worth looking forward to.


Murphy was moved by Jia Siyuan’s story, and her eyes were a little wet, but she couldn’t help laughing when she heard the back.


When Jia Siyuan finished speaking, she stood up, walked down, hugged Jia Siyuan gently, and said with a smile, “Thank you, but I still want to say that fate is yours, and my song is just the right one. I’m happy for you, and I’m happy for myself to witness your love.”


Jia Siyuan’s story is obviously the most beautiful story in this fan meeting, as if a fairy tale infects everyone.


However, not everyone has such a coincidental encounter.


Like a star chasing girl, when it was her turn, she didn’t have much to tell, just had something she wanted to tell Murphy.


She told Murphy how she liked Murphy’s songs, and the friends around her also liked it very much. There was even an antique boy who didn’t like listening to songs at ordinary times.


“Thank you for your support, but you are still students, you are usually nervous about studying, and you spend your parents’ money to chase stars, so I still hope that you can chase stars rationally, and under the power of star idols, you must study hard and become what you want An outstanding talent…” Murphy didn’t know if it was because of her pregnancy, but she was very motherly and communicated with this girl with great concern.


She wasn’t like this before. In the past, Murphy liked to look at the world with a cold eye. What you did, I didn’t like it, so don’t look at it, don’t say it.


Yang Yi was drinking coffee while listening to Murphy’s concern, but she didn’t feel like she was a different person. Because Murphy usually talks too little, Yang Yi likes Murphy’s quietness and simplicity, but he doesn’t like Murphy’s indifference. She can care about others, but it is also a down-to-earth performance.


The star-chasing girl nodded excitedly and said, “Thank you, Sister Murphy. In fact, my academic performance is good, and I often rank in the top ten in my class. Our teacher said that it is not a problem for me to get a better undergraduate degree.” /


Before Murphy was happy for her, the star-chasing girl clenched her fists, looked at Murphy expectantly, and said, “I will definitely study hard and try to get good grades in the future college entrance examination, but Sister Murphy You have to work hard too! Do you know that our fans are all anxious for you?”


“Huh?” Murphy looked at her in confusion, not knowing what she meant.


The star chasing girl snapped her fingers and babbled that Murphy was said by some media to be the queen of the song with the weakest starlight and the most unstable personality.


“Sister Murphy, you have two platinum albums! They all dare to say that to you, and then say, Sister Murphy, you take the entertainment industry too seriously. If you want to retire, you will retire, and once you become pregnant, you will be completely alone. Disappearing from the media, this popularity cannot even reach the first-line singers, there is no such slack after the song!”


The star chasing girl said angrily, but this anger was also mixed with uneasiness: “My classmates and I are very angry, and I have added a lot of fan groups to me, and everyone is very worried about Murphy’s sister. Will you disappear for a few more years and make everyone wait in vain…”


“Don’t worry, it’s not the same as last time, I’ll be back soon. And even if we don’t appear in front of the media very often, giving interviews or doing commercials, rushing announcements, we’ll still sing for everyone!” Murphy Comforting the little sister, he said, “It’s like in October, we will release a new song…”


“Really?” Not only the star-chasing girl, but everyone else asked with a look of surprise.


“Really, but it can’t actually be said to be a new song. Songs such as “You’re Marrying Me Today”, which were very popular in the past, and “Want to Sing Me to You” by Yang Yi, are actually all It has been recorded and will be released to everyone in the form of singles one after another.” Murphy said.


“I will buy it, really, I will buy every song!” The star chasing girl looked at Murphy and Yang Yi excitedly waving her pink fist.


It’s not just her, everyone here is a die-hard fan, and even though they’d all buy Murphy’s songs, they couldn’t help but follow her.


“I have one last little wish I want to tell you to Murphy.” After everyone laughed and made trouble, the star-chasing girl was reluctant to sit down. She raised a finger and looked at Murphy pitifully.


“It doesn’t matter, today’s time is more casual, you can say it.” Murphy smiled at the other party.


This fan meeting will end after Murphy and Yang Yi sing a few songs, but Murphy is still in relatively good condition. She swept away the melancholy that she used to stay at home, and her face was full of brilliance. It seems that he also enjoys the feeling of interacting with fans in this way.


“Although I know that you are inconvenient now, Sister Murphy, I still hope that after you give birth to your baby, after your comeback, do your best and let the media who look down on you see how powerful you are!” Star Chasing Girl After speaking, she became excited again, “Sister Murphy, you are the best female singer in all China, and even the world in my opinion!”


“Okay, when I come back, I will also work hard to become the best female singer, and I won’t let you down!” Murphy was infected by the other party’s emotions, and he also clenched his fists and said to the other party seriously, “You have to work hard, study hard, and get into a good university!”


This statement is a bit out of my mind. If it is spread out, it will definitely be caught by media friends.


So when the fan meeting was over, Mo Xiaojuan and Xiao Ai hurriedly communicated with these thirty fans, asking them not to leak Murphy’s unintentional mistake of “becoming the best female singer”.


However, with thirty mouths, no one can guarantee that no one will say it. After Mo Xiaojuan came back, she complained to Murphy: “Sister, how can you say such a thing? If someone else takes this What if you say numbers, say that you are not self-sufficient, and say that you are arrogant after you get a little grade?”


Murphy frowned and said, “I only said this to encourage this child and let her study hard.”


“But the media won’t listen to your explanation! They’ll just take it out of context…” Mo Xiaojuan scratched her hair and said sadly.


Yang Yi was listening all the time. He finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He came over and hugged Murphy’s shoulders and smiled, “Okay, Murphy, you didn’t mean it, don’t take it to heart. Otherwise, if the media exposes it Now, let it be exposed! Who said that our Murphy is not the best female singer? I tell you, not only in China, but in the world is the best!”


“Are you comforting me?” Murphy couldn’t help laughing.


Yang Yi shrugged, looked at her and smiled.


Mo Xiaojuan rolled her eyes and covered her forehead helplessly.


She thought Yang Yi was making Murphy laugh, but she didn’t know that Yang Yi was serious!


In the words of the girl and Mo Xiaojuan, he suddenly thought, why can’t Murphy be the best female singer? In other words, why can’t Murphy be a world-class diva superstar like Beyonce? She can speak English too. Growing up in the United States, Murphy’s English level is similar to that of the Americans!


And, most importantly, Murphy’s singing skills are no worse than Beyoncé! The so-called Godhead is unstable, but she is too low-key and too uncontested!


But it doesn’t matter, she has massive resources and all kinds of whimsy from her previous life, which can support her godhead!


Let Murphy become a Chinese queen first, and then a world-class superstar!


Yang Yi seems to have suddenly found a very interesting development Of course, it will be very difficult to play this game!


After all, on the one hand, I want to work at the same time, and I don’t need to be as busy as I used to be in the brokerage company, I don’t need to rush for announcements, I just need to record songs, play some of my favorite variety shows, and sing to fans on stage , to ensure that he can have enough time with his family; on the other hand, he wants to become a superstar while achieving this work-life balance, which may seem like a dream to others.


But Yang Yi thinks this is not impossible!


As he patted Murphy on the shoulder to comfort her, a lot of interesting thoughts flashed through his mind. Moreover, these thoughts do not require him to put too much energy, he just needs to come up with ideas.


Hasn’t Mo Xiaojuan been complaining all the time that Yang Yi and Murphy don’t have a schedule together, she has nothing to do, and she’s so idle?


Let her arrange it all!


When Murphy returns, these preparations can be said to have paved the way for her to become a real queen of stars!


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