House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 450: Seems a bit toned down? (two/four)



To fight or not to fight, that is the question.


Mo Henian frowned as he looked at the rolling pin in his hand. He didn’t want to think that he was soft-hearted, but now he found a reason. He felt that the rolling pin he bought was bad!


It’s all my fault that the one I bought is too thick. If I swiped it down with a stick, the person who was beaten didn’t know what would happen.


He should be able to do it if he replaced it with other twigs, whips, etc. that could be snapped off!


For a while, they were deadlocked there, Yang Yi turned his back to Mo Henian, and Mo Henian didn’t move or say anything, and the atmosphere fell into embarrassment and tension.


Yang Yi was confused and didn’t know what his father-in-law meant.


Should he be punished to kneel?


If this can really calm down the old man, Yang Yi is still willing to kneel down – he has already obeyed his father’s request, and his father-in-law can be regarded as a father in another sense, how can he favor one over another.


I don’t know how long it took, Mo Henian frowned, hands behind his back, rolling pin still in his hand, he slowly walked to the front of Yang Yi, but his eyes flowed on Yang Yi.


If it wasn’t for Mo Henian being Murphy’s father, Yang Yi would have beaten him for such a look… How could a man stare at another man Chi Guo’s muscles like that?


Finally, when Yang Yi felt a little uncomfortable, Mo Henian spoke up, he said suspiciously: “In the newspaper, they say you are a novel writer, and then say you are a songwriter?”


Start asking, willing to communicate! Is there a turnaround?


Yang Yi quickly responded: “Yes.”


However, Mo Henian sneered again, exactly like Yang Yi’s unhappy tone before, and said, “A writer like you? With scars all over your body, I think you are part of a gang!”


Also used the Treasure Island accent. Lao Mo’s Treasure Island accent is stronger than that of Murphy. After all, Murphy was neutralized by the language system of Hong Kong City and the mainland.


Yang Yi understood, he was a little dumbfounded. Some of the scars left on my body when I was in the army actually brought misunderstanding to the old man…


Objectively speaking, the scars on Yang Yi’s body are not too many, nor are they shocking.


Basically small scars. In the past, when fighting in the jungle, sometimes it was inevitable to encounter close combat. Yang Yi’s skills were good, even if he was injured in the fight, it would not be particularly serious. Thorn and cut on broken branches.


It’s not without bullet marks, but it’s on the arm, and the penetrating wound of the bullet on the muscle is not big. After it heals, it’s usually hard to see it when it’s covered by clothes.


And Yang Yi was shot just once. After all, he is also a human being, not a **** on TV. If he was really shot multiple times, even if he survived every time, his body would be riddled with holes and impossible. It can also continue to serve in the special forces of high-intensity combat such as the Wolf Warrior.


Those scars are because when the soldiers are reckless, they don’t care about them at all. It’s enough to stop the bleeding and bandage it casually. As for the ointment that can remove the scars, they don’t exist.


A manly man, what if he doesn’t have a scar on his body?


But these scars, in Mo Henian’s view, are very similar to those gangsters he saw on the streets of Baobei when he was a child, not to mention that Yang Yi is big and three thick, and it also fits the setting of a thug.


Yang Yi can only explain to the old man patiently: “Uncle, I used to be a soldier.”


A soldier? Mo Henian suddenly realized, and he didn’t know why he was relieved. At this moment, looking at the scars on Yang Yi’s body was much pleasing to the eye.


But he still said unconvincingly: “Hmph, as a soldier, I used to be on Treasure Island, and I also served in the military, what’s so strange? There is no war these days, you little soldiers, you don’t know guns. If you can’t hold it, who will you fool with a scar?”


Mo Henian said that when he was young, Treasure Island had not returned.


However, the old man said that, Yang Yi was a little unhappy. Moreover, he was also trying to find an excuse to get up, kneeling on the ground was uncomfortable!


So, I saw Yang Yi jumped up from the ground suddenly, which startled Mo Henian, but he respectfully joined his legs, gave a military salute, and shouted loudly: “China XXXX country, the former Southwest Military Region Directly under the Wolf Warrior Special Forces Yang Yi, say hello to the commander!”


Mo Henian was a little uncomfortable with Yang Yi’s solemn salute. He was stunned for a while, and then he asked with an old face, “What are you doing? Who is your superior?”


“Are you my commander? You used to be a soldier. We have a common experience, and you’re my elder. Although you don’t have the same level of title, it’s right to be called a commander!” Yang Yi In his heart, he joined his legs again and shouted with his head held high, “Hello sir!”


It’s really not surprising that many people are polite. Mo Henian was made by Yang Yi’s yelling, and he didn’t know where to go to scold Yang Yi.


After a while, he waved his hand and said annoyed: “Okay, okay. Don’t salute with the pestle, we don’t like this!”


“Yes!” Yang Yi joined his legs again and answered loudly.


His voice was so loud that the whole study room was buzzing, and Mo Henian couldn’t stand it.


However, Mo Henian may not have discovered it himself. I heard that Yang Yi used to be a soldier, and, as he introduced himself, he used to be a soldier of the special forces, and what he heard from Murphy before was that Yang Yi saved her, she was the only one, and Mo Henian had made a big difference to Yang Yi.


It’s just that Mo Henian hasn’t been able to accept Yang Yi yet. The qi that has accumulated for more than five years is not so easy to dissipate.


At this time, the movement in the study still caused Murphy to worry. Yang Yi shouted again and again, did the two fight? Murphy couldn’t sit still, got up and pushed open the door of the study, trying to stop the fight.


However, the atmosphere in the study was unusually harmonious. Mo Henian sat on the side with no expression on his face, and Yang Yi didn’t say anything. It felt like the movie was frozen.


But Murphy was a little dumbfounded. She looked very strange when she saw Yang Yi shirtless.


Yang Yi turned his head and saw Murphy, he suddenly thought of something, and said quickly: “Murphy, hurry up and boil a pot of water, I want to make tea for Uncle. Uncle, I have a bag here. The best frozen top oolong was given by a friend, I heard from Murphy that your favorite drink…”


However, Mo Henian waved his hand and said impatiently: “I don’t drink, I don’t like to drink!”


“Feifei, does he always call you like this?” Mo Henian stared at his daughter.


Murphy was stunned for a moment. She felt the change in her father’s attitude. Although it was still rigid, it was not as before. It seemed that there was more room to turn around?


Yang Yi He smiled and said, “It’s me who didn’t think much about it, I’m going to boil the water, uncle, wait a moment!”


“Wait, put your clothes on!” Murphy quickly stopped him, she brought Yang Yi’s top, and helped Yang Yi pull up the hem.


In Mo Henian’s eyes, Mo Henian was unhappy in every possible way, and he couldn’t help but snorted again.


Yang Yi went out to boil water. During the process of boiling water, Mo Xiaojuan ran over and asked him gossip if he had been beaten. After knowing that he had not been beaten, this girl actually showed a regretful expression…


However, it was also very late, so Mo Xiaojuan hurriedly bid farewell to Murphy after dinner and hurried back.


At this time, Xixi also came to the kitchen.


“Sorry, Dad can’t accompany you today because your grandfather is here.” Yang Yi thought Xixi wanted her dad to play with her, so he picked her up and said softly.


“Baba, let me tell you a secret!” The little girl pouted in her father’s arms, pouting.


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