House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 451: The flaw of 2 pillows (three/four)



Have a secret? Does this little guy have a little secret?


Yang Yi suddenly became curious and asked, “Okay, tell Dad, what’s the secret?”


“Mama cried just now!” Xixi also asked her father to turn her head, she leaned close to her father’s ear, covered her mouth with her small hand, and whispered.


“Mom is crying!” Yang Yi understood, Xixi was talking about what happened just now.


“Yeah, but Mama said she didn’t cry, she just got sand in her eyes.” Xixi leaned over again and whispered, “Mama didn’t tell the truth, I know.”


“You know all this?” Yang Yi asked in surprise.


The little girl nodded earnestly and said, “Mama she, Mama she didn’t enter the sand, I blew her eyes, but I didn’t see any sand.”


Yang Yi said with a smile: “You may have overlooked that. The sand may be very small.”


Xixi was stunned for a moment, but after thinking for a while, she shook her head again, and said, “That’s not it! Xixi’s eyes get into the sand, it will be very painful, and she can’t open her eyes, but Mama doesn’t. !”


She had the experience of getting her eyes into the sand, but what Yang Yi didn’t expect was that the little girl was only four and a half years old, and she could be so observant that the two things could be connected.


Of course, Yang Yi was still very proud. He smiled and rubbed the little girl’s head and said, “We Xixi are so smart! We are even more powerful than Dad.”


Xixi took her father’s hand worriedly, and said, “Baba, is my grandfather fierce and mama? Did Mama cry? Grandpa is not good, grandpa, grandpa, I don’t like grandpa anymore!”


Yang Yi was silent for a while, and he said in Xixi’s ear: “You can’t say that to grandpa, although grandpa has a bad temper sometimes, but his starting point is good! Think about it, father sometimes I will be angry, but it is also for your own good, because Dad loves you and hopes you can be obedient and not naughty, right?”


Xixi nodded reluctantly, and then said, “But, but I don’t like Baba being angry.”


“Well, Dad won’t be angry casually, but Dad wants you to understand Xixi. Although Grandpa murdered Mom, he also loves Mom and wants to be good for her. Because Mom is to Grandpa, just like Xi Xi Xi is the same as Dad, he is a precious baby! However, the way of public use may not be appropriate. As juniors, we must learn to understand and be tolerant, right?” Yang Yi said.


Xixi nodded her head, seemingly understanding.



After comforting Xixi, Yang Yi took the boiled water to the study, where there was a set of tea sets.


Murphy is right, Mo Henian is a person who likes to drink tea, especially the frozen top oolong. When Yang Yi brews it with water that has been boiled for a while, it will come from Lanzhou Kai The top-quality frozen top oolong, the orange-yellow tea soup had a scent like sweet-scented osmanthus, and he couldn’t sit still.


“Uncle, I bought this top-quality frozen top oolong with someone. I don’t know if it’s real or fake. You are a connoisseur, can you try it? If it’s fake, I won’t buy it from him next time!” Yang Yi pitted Lanzhou Kai and gave Mo Henian a step up.


“Yes, Dad, can you try a drink?” Murphy discussed with Yang Yi before, and the two had a clear division of labor. She held a purple sand teacup in both hands and sent it to her father.


Mo Henian hesitated for a while. He still wanted to keep his face straight and not give Yang Yi a good look. But this frozen top oolong, which he hadn’t had in years, and the fragrance of the best frozen top oolong, still made him tempted, reached out to take it, and took a sip.


“Tea is good!” Mo Henian sighed, carefully savoring the sweetness of the tea soup, and then snorted, “But this guy can’t, he doesn’t know how to make tea!”


Sure enough, he still has a gun and a stick. The tone is very aggressive, but Yang Yi is used to it.


“Uncle, please give me some pointers.” Yang Yi smiled, “I’m also afraid of spoiling this good tea.”


Mo Henian seemed to have opened the conversation. He sat on the sofa in front of the tea set, and said in a disdainful tone: “First of all, the water you make tea is not the right taste, you need to make tea with mountain spring water!”


Yang Yi is actually a person who likes to drink tea. Of course he understands this. However, he deliberately revealed his flaws to pick on Mo Henian and give him a channel to vent.


“Baba, I’m afraid…”


Mo Xiaojuan went back, Xixi couldn’t sit still in the living room alone, the little girl stuck her head out, holding the open door frame of the study, and said timidly.


“Come here, Xixi, come and sit with my grandfather and father.” Yang Yi waved quickly and called the little girl over.


Xixi ran over happily, tired in her father’s arms.


However, seeing this scene, Mo Henian felt unhappy again in his heart.


This granddaughter, Mo Henian watched her grow up and loved her in every possible way. But three years of hard work can’t compare to this guy’s scream. Although he is Xixi’s father, how long has he taken care of Xixi?


If it was in the past, Xixi would come to Grandpa’s place and ask for delicious candy, right?


Now, this **** appeared, not only robbing his own daughter, but also his own granddaughter. Thinking of this, Mo Henian cried out in anger.


Of course, with her granddaughter around, looking at her innocent big eyes, Mo Henian didn’t have as much resentment as at the beginning, so naturally he couldn’t flare up.


“Uncle, you’re right, I forgot to use mountain spring water. I’ll buy some tomorrow and make it for you.” Yang Yi smiled and continued to make tea for Mo Henian, “However, I still have to finish this pot today, it would be a pity to waste it.”


“This good tea is a waste in your hands!” Mo Henian said, but he still drank it, and it was Yang Yi who brought it to him.


“You’re right, I don’t even know how to taste tea, please give me more advice.” Yang Yi continued to pour tea for Mo Henian.


“Since you want me to tell you, I’m welcome, you can’t do it this way, the brewing step is missing in the brewing process…”



Looking at the appearance, although Mo Henian’s attitude has not improved further, but as he and Yang Yi’s communication about tea deepened, the relationship between the two seems to be less rigid than before.


In the end, it was too late. Not only Xixi yawned, but Mo Henian was also a little bit overwhelmed. After all, the old man is almost sixty years old, and his body is not comparable to Yang Chonggui.


Yang Yi hurriedly arranged for Mo Henian to rest in the bedroom. The bedroom had been tidied up long ago, but he didn’t know if Mo Henian was suitable.


“Who sleeps in this room?” Mo Henian pointed to the second bedroom opposite the master bedroom where Xixi slept and asked.


“I slept here.” Yang Yi replied quickly, he also opened the door for the old man to see, “Uncle, if you like the room here, I’ll change it for you now, but the house on your side will Better, like Xixi’s, it sits north to south, with good feng shui and good air.”


He didn’t believe this. The reason why he slept in the second bedroom all the time was because it was separated from the master bedroom by a corridor, so it wasn’t easy to disturb Xixi.


However, Mo Henian saw the two pillows on the bed with bright eyes. He frowned, turned to look at Murphy, who had coaxed Xixi back to sleep, and said, “You also sleep here?”


Yang Yi and Murphy were stunned for a The two looked at each other, then looked at the place Mo Henian was looking at, and immediately understood their omission.


In the previous preparations, they had packed Murphy’s personal belongings back to the master bedroom, but they all ignored that there were still two pillows in Yang Yi’s room.


“Cough, uncle, Murphy basically sleeps in the master bedroom.” Yang Yi said awkwardly.


“Basically I sleep in the master bedroom, that is, I occasionally sleep here?” Mo Henian looked unhappy.


Murphy muttered a little unconvinced: “I’m married to Yang Yi, what does it have to do with sleeping here?”


“Cough, Murphy, don’t talk to your dad like that.” Before Mo Henian got angry, Yang Yi hurriedly said, although it was a tone of reproach, he kept winking at Murphy.


There has been a little relaxation, but I can’t stimulate the old man any more!


Mo Henian didn’t make a fuss about it. He stayed abroad for a long time, and he was not so pedantic. He just snorted a little unhappily, glanced at Yang Yi like a warning, turned his head and walked to himself bedroom.


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