House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 449: The King of the Mouth



Although the door of the study is closed, Yang Yi’s ears are still very sensitive. If he really wants to listen, he can still hear the conversation inside, Mo Henian’s anger and Murphy’s sobbing.


How Mo Henian scolds, he doesn’t really care, but Murphy’s crying makes him very distressed.


So, he stood up and knocked gently on the study door.


Murphy opened the door. Although she had wiped away the tears on her face, fearing that Yang Yi would be worried, Yang Yi still found traces in the sparkling sparkle in her eyes.


“Fool, how can you take all the problems on your own.” Yang Yi held her face in his hands and whispered lovingly.


“No.” Murphy was so spoiled by Yang Yi, her heart suddenly felt a lot better, and she couldn’t help but smile.


“Cough, cough!” A cough that sounded like late-stage tuberculosis woke the two of them up. Yang Yi felt the murderer’s eyes next to him, and he quickly put down his hand stroking Murphy’s face.


“This, Murphy, come out first, I have something to tell my uncle,” Yang Yi said.


“But…” Murphy became nervous.


“It’s okay, trust me!” Yang Yi said softly.


Yang Yi’s firm eyes gave Murphy some confidence. She pursed her lips and nodded lightly.


Murphy went out, Yang Yi came in, and the door of the study closed again.


Murphy went back to the dining table, looking back at the study room with uneasy steps.


But Xixi saw it, she leaned over obediently and said, “Mama, why are you crying?”


“It’s fine.” Murphy rubbed her daughter’s head, not having much energy to think a lie to coax her, she could only smile softly.


“Is my grandfather fierce?” Xixi pouted and said, “I don’t like grandpa anymore.”


Murphy waved his hand quickly and said, “It’s not like this, Xixi, you can’t say that, he is your grandfather after all. Mama is because, because the wind is too strong, the sand gets into his eyes, I just shed some tears.”


She also smiled hard and said, “Look, Mama is not unhappy!”


“Mama, then, let me help you blow, okay?” Xixi shook her mother’s hand and said softly.


“Uh, okay!” Murphy could only act in a full set, bowing his head.


Xixi pouted her little mouth, put her mouth close to her mother’s open eyes, and blew a fragrant fairy breath. She didn’t even know that, to really blow her eyes, she had to open her eyelids and blow.


“Mom, thank you, Xixi, let’s go play.”


Xixi was content with this, and ran to the living room with a jump to play with her friends.


“Uncle scolded you inside?” Mo Xiaojuan asked in a low voice while drinking the soup.


“I’m not scolding me, I’m scolding Yang Yi.” Murphy shook his head bitterly and said, “It’s useless for me to say anything, he’s too prejudiced against Yang Yi.”


“There’s no other way. The anger that has accumulated for four or five years must be spilled out.” Mo Xiaojuan spread her hands.


“But I’m worried, even if he lets out his breath, he won’t be able to forgive Yang Yi.” Murphy looked worriedly at the study.



In the study, after Murphy went out, Mo Henian frowned and looked at Yang Yi’s appearance. It was the first time he saw Yang Yi’s appearance under this bright light.


To tell the truth, Yang Yi is not handsome, but he doesn’t have a greasy head and a slippery face. His appearance is straight, his hair is well-groomed, and his eyes are full of strength and determination.


However, even if Yang Yi looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro and has the status of a son-in-law, Mo Henian is still unhappy.


“I have nothing to talk to you about!” Mo Henian snorted and said.


“Uncle, I’m here to admit my mistake.” Yang Yi lowered his eyebrows and said pleasingly.


“Admit your mistake? What do you admit?” Mo Henian said yin and yang strangely.


“Let Murphy have a child and raise a child alone before, and suffered so much. This is the first mistake. I shouldn’t ignore it.” Yang Yi said.


Mo Henian didn’t answer, he frowned and looked at Yang Yi.


Yang Yi still said sincerely: “Later, I was with Murphy, and I knew you were angry with me, but I didn’t take the initiative to go to the United States to apologize to you and ask for your forgiveness. This is the second mistake.”


Mo Henian laughed and said sneeringly, “Do you still know what’s wrong? Do you still apologize? The raw rice is cooked, and the child is born, so come and ask me for forgiveness?”


Hey, this resentment is rising to the sky!


Yang Yi went on to say: “Then the third mistake is that now I got married with Murphy and got a license, but I forgot to tell you. It’s all my negligence and I didn’t do what I should do!”


“Uncle!” Yang Yi raised his head and said sincerely, “I apologize to you for the mistakes I made in the past and hope to get your forgiveness. In the future, I will definitely treat Murphy wholeheartedly and take care of her for the rest of my life. , you will never be disappointed again!”


Although Yang Yi summed it up very well, Mo Henian couldn’t help it. He said coldly, “Do I have to forgive you if I know I’m wrong? With a light apology, do you think you can get away with it? I’ll tell you. You, Yang Yi, I don’t believe your nonsense at all!”


Yang Yi was silent for a while, then he walked over, picked up the rolling pin on the table, and handed it to Mo Henian’s hand, then in Mo Henian’s shocked eyes, he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off , put it aside, revealing a broad back, and then, with his back to Mo Henian, knelt down on his knees.


Kneeling is actually a very shameful thing. Of course, in the past life, Yang Yi was used to enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens, and he didn’t find it difficult to kneel, but in this life, he should have no tears and gold under his knees.


But kneeling down and kneeling down to my parents, now this old man behind him, how can I say that my wife’s father can be regarded as his own father, and kneeling down doesn’t mean he has no backbone, right?


Mo Henian looked at the rolling pin in his hand for a while and Yang Yi’s back for a while, feeling a little overwhelmed.


“Uncle, hit it! No matter how you hit it, as long as you can let it out, it’s fine. It’s my fault, and I should be punished!” Yang Yi didn’t turn his head back, looking straight ahead. said.


Yang Yi was really ready to be beaten, so after he knelt down, he had already used his energy to protect his body and protected the key parts of his body.


Mo Henian was silent, but he just held the rolling pin in his hand. The blue veins in his right hand bulged for a while, the phalanges turned white for a while, and then loosened again.


Yes, when I just learned about Yang Mo Henian really wanted to bring a sprayer over to spray this stinky boy to death, even if he got off the plane and went to buy a kitchen knife, he couldn’t When he could only buy a rolling pin, Mo Henian thought about breaking Yang Yi’s dog legs!


Mo Henian had a backlog of resentment for too long, and his temper was not good. If Yang Yi dared to talk back, his stick would really be swung down.


However, Yang Yi came out like this, as if he was really asking for guilt, posing a posture of being beaten and scolded.


When the opportunity came, Mo Henian couldn’t take it.


The rolling pin is swung up and down silently.


Mo Henian is not stupid, nor is he really short-tempered to the point of fighting and killing, after all, he is just a weak scholar, he just became a farmer halfway through his debut, and then he looks rude.


He is the legendary king of mouths – he is good at scolding people, but he is good at scolding people, but Mo Henian can’t do it with such a thick stick… …


Besides, Yang Yi was really beaten to death, what about his daughter and granddaughter?


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