House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 408: Don’t die suddenly (3/4)



The scenery on the top of the mountain is very beautiful. Lanzhou Kai, who has been relieved, also took his daughter to take a look. Looking into the distance, he patted his daughter’s back and smiled gently: “How about it? Does it feel good to be on the top of the mountain?”


“Dad, I didn’t climb up like Xixi, I was carried up by Uncle Yang.” Lan Xin was very honest and said with a small mouth.


“But you worked so hard before! Now, with your ability, you still can’t climb such a high mountain. However, you must remember how you feel now, and in the future you will be the same as today. When you encounter something, don’t say it lightly. Give up, you like success and don’t like failure, right?” Lanzhou Kai instilled chicken soup into his daughter.


It took a while before they began to descend.


It was much easier to go down the mountain. It took half an hour less than the time to meet up with the stragglers, and Yang Yi and the others arrived at the foot of the mountain.


Lanzhou Kai did not forget his promise, and invited Lan Xin’s friends and their father to the hotel for dinner and barbecue.


In the big box of the hotel at noon, the four tired children, after eating the long-awaited barbecue, lay down on the big sofa of the box and took a nap.


“I’m really tired too. Xiner is the one who chooses the bed the most. Now she lay down and fell asleep.” Lanzhou Kai went over and covered her daughter with a coat before returning to the dinner table. Several adults were drinking tea, While chatting.


Because I was going to visit Nan Zhaoyu’s father in the afternoon, Yang Yi also told them about Nan Yiyun’s condition.


“So, this person, when he was young, he had to exercise and exercise more. Lao Nan seemed to be a calligrapher, right? At first glance, he was a weak scholar who never exercised. When he got older, he would All kinds of ailments!” Chen Guoqiang is the boxing coach of the fitness center, and he has the most say in this.


“That Guoqiang, tell me, I’m so fat, what kind of exercise should I do? Boxing?” Lanzhou Kaidao inquired with great interest.



In the afternoon, the little ones got up, and when they were full, they jumped up and down again, but Xixi, who had been exercising too much, felt unbearable pain in her calf, so she asked her father to massage her for a while before she could move slowly.


In the car, Yang Yi told Xixi why Nan Zhaoyu didn’t come today.


“Uncle Nan is sick?” The little girl was a little surprised, but, obviously, she didn’t realize the seriousness of Uncle Nan’s illness. Perhaps, in her worldview, being sick is like having a cold, it will be uncomfortable, but it is no big deal.


“Yes, so we are going to visit him together. You must comfort Nan Zhaoyu and tell him: Zhaoyu, don’t be afraid, your father will be fine.” Yang Yi urged while driving. with daughter.


“Okay!” Xixi nodded obediently.


However, when she arrived at the hospital, looking at Nan Yiyun sleeping on the ICU bed through the glass window, with the ventilator mask on her nose, Xixi realized that something was wrong.


“He needs to continue to observe now. He woke up in the early morning. The doctor said that this is a good sign, and the damage to the brain will be relatively small, but until now, he is still speechless.” Nan Zhaoyu’s mother In fact, he was already very strong, his eyes were red, and he held back his tears and introduced them to Yang Yi, who came to visit.


“It’s alright, didn’t the doctor say I can get better?” Yang Yi was used to seeing life and death, but it was the first time he had come into contact with ordinary people’s emotions when facing the life and death of their relatives. He sighed secretly and comforted in a low voice.


“Sister-in-law of the Nan family, I know that Lao Nan is the pillar of your family. If there is any difficulty in the family now, you can mention it to me. After all, Nan Zhaoyu and our family Xiner are very good friends and classmates. Whatever I can help with, I will definitely help!” Lanzhou Kai said while patting his chest.


“Thank you, thank you Xiner’s father!” Nan Zhaoyu’s mother wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said moved, “Actually, there is no difficulty at home now, Zhaoyu’s father also saved some money… Now we don’t think about anything, we just want him to recover soon, Zhaoyu can’t live without his father!”


“Don’t say that. Teacher Nan will definitely recover. I believe in him. Jiren has a good character.” Yang Guo said.


The adults were talking, and the children were surrounding Nan Zhaoyu.


Perhaps she felt something was wrong in the atmosphere, and seeing the sad expression of her little friend, even Lan Xin, who had a loud voice, did not dare to speak aloud. She asked in a low voice, “Zhaoyu, what’s wrong with your father?”


Xixi looked at Nan Zhaoyu, who bowed her head sadly, and took his hand tenderly.


“My father is ill.” Nan Zhaoyu sobbed, then raised his tear-drenched eyes to look at Xixi, “Xixi, I’m so scared, yesterday, yesterday he almost died…”


Xixi looked at Nan Zhaoyu in surprise.


“How can you die?” Yang Luoqi looked at Nan Zhaoyu fearfully and asked in a low voice.


Chen Shiyun next to her nodded vigorously. Neither she nor the other children could have imagined such a possibility. Regarding the concept of death, they have watched so many cartoons, but they still know that if they die, they are like monsters and will never come back!


“That’s right, I just fell down suddenly and then didn’t speak. Mom and I were so scared.” Nan Zhaoyu said sobbing.


Xixi shook her friend’s hand sadly and said, “Zhaoyu, don’t cry anymore, you won’t die, I said, I said he will get better!”


“Really?” Nan Zhaoyu asked, sniffing and rubbing his eyes.


“Yeah, I said it!” Xixi nodded vigorously.


In Xixi’s mind, her father is more powerful than any immortal or god. What he said will naturally come true.


Chen Shiyun didn’t like this gloomy atmosphere, she said: “Zhaoyu, you know what? I thought you were a deserter, but your father is sick, and I forgive you! However, we went there today. Climb mountains, climb high, high mountains.”


The topic was slightly swayed by Chen Shiyun, and Lan Xin asked, “Zhaoyu, will you still go to kindergarten?”


Nan Zhaoyu pursed his lips and nodded.


“That’s great! You Baba will definitely get better, Zhaoyu don’t cry anymore.” Xixi was happy for her little friend, but she sensed something was wrong and quickly comforted her, but the little girl didn’t know what to say , can only be repeated.



After visiting Nan Zhaoyu, Yang Yi took her daughter home.


However, Xixi has always shown a sullen look, not the happy look when climbing and descending the mountain.


Yang Yi thought she was sad because of what happened to Nan Zhaoyu’s father and kept making her happy.


“Hey, by the way, Xixi, your mother has a concert today! In the evening, you call your mother and ask her: Mom, is it fun to sing to so many people?” Yang Yi prepared Dinner, he smiled and said to Xixi next to him.


However, the little girl just pouted her little mouth, nodded her head sullenly, and said nothing.


“What’s wrong?” Yang Yi was a little confused, he turned around, rubbed the little girl’s head, and said, “Dad didn’t tell you that Nan Zhaoyu’s father will definitely get better, so you Don’t feel sad for Nan Zhaoyu, don’t worry too much, why are you still sad?”


The little girl felt the warmth of her father’s big hand. Suddenly, her suppressed emotions burst out. She hugged her father’s leg and cried, “Baba, I don’t want, I don’t want you to die suddenly. .”


“Hey, fool, what are you talking about?” Yang Yi was a little confused by the little girl’s cry, but he didn’t have to wait for Xixi to explain, and he quickly understood the whole story.


I saw Yang Yi turn off the stove. He was amused and moved. He squatted down, put the little girl in his arms, and kissed her little cheek dotingly: “Dad won’t die suddenly, you little fool. .”


“Nan Zhaoyu’s father suddenly fell ill because he was old. But your father is still very young! He won’t get sick!” Yang Yi explained.


The little girl couldn’t listen to the explanation. She hugged her father’s neck tightly, raised her little face like a pear flower with rain, her pink mouth twitched, and sobbed, “I don’t want you to die. , you don’t want to die, okay?”


Yang Yi’s heart was touched. At this moment, he felt a deep sense of dependence on his daughter, but he was touched and helpless, so he could only comfortably softly say: “Dad will not die, and daddy will accompany him. grow up with you and then…”


And then accompany her and take her to the wedding red carpet? Then see that she has her own marriage and happiness, and finally her grandson or granddaughter is born, and she grows old slowly?


I don’t know why, Yang Yi’s nose felt a little sore when he thought of this scene.


No, Yang Yi doesn’t want to think about such a long time ago.


And, let alone married, he’s meow! My daughter is still young, who dares to attack her, Yang Yi swears as a little girl, and will definitely break his dog legs!


No, no, the punishment for breaking a leg is too light, let it be thrown into the Grand Canal to feed the fish, anyway, such a character is impossible to appear!


At this time, Xixi interrupted Yang Yi’s gnashing of teeth.


“You need to pull the hook!” I saw Xixi with tears in her eyes, pouting her little mouth, and sticking out her little finger, “You can’t die suddenly.”


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, then smiled happily. He stretched out his tail finger and hooked his daughter’s little hand: “Okay, pull the hook, Dad promises you.”


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