House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 407: Will be Ling Jueding (2/4)


Lanzhou Kai was a little stunned at first, then he was moved, turned his head to look for his daughter, the little fat girl was drinking water, she was also very tired, but her eyes were still very energetic, after drinking water, The little face was red, just like the little apple.

“Xin’er, look, how sensible Xixi is and how caring people are? You don’t even know how to drink water from your father!” Lanzhou Kai complained while panting.

Xi Xi also turned her head to look at Lan Xin, holding her small hands at a loss.

“Drink it yourself, Xixi, my uncle has it too.” Lanzhou Kai also thought of Xixi at this time, he nodded lovingly at Xixi and smiled.

“Then I’ll give you a drink too!” Lan Xin didn’t think there was anything to complain about drinking water at all, and she didn’t care. She walked over generously and handed her own water bottle to her father.

That tone seems to mean: What a big deal, give it to you!

Lanzhou Kai didn’t care. He was very moved. He picked it up and pretended to take a few sips. In fact, he covered his hands and didn’t drink at all. The water is delicious!”

Yang Yi next to him burst into laughter, but he was relieved when he saw that Lanzhou Kai was still not paralyzed. For dessert, there are also fruits, washed cherries, strawberries, and cut apples and carambola.

There were a lot of people, and the children liked his craftsmanship, so Yang Yi really prepared a lot. After digging it out, the long mountaineering bag collapsed and became much lighter, with only a few bottles left. Shui and Xixi’s clothes are up!

As he greeted him, all the kids in the middle class and the parents gathered around.

However, to Yang Yi’s surprise, the children were not very interested in the small snacks they had been looking forward to for a long time. Instead, the cherries and strawberries, which looked fresh and red, were very attractive to them. ‘s popularity.

Maybe you are too tired? Sweet and greasy snacks are not to their liking.

In order to cheer, the adults helped to eliminate the remaining snacks, and almost all the fruits were eaten by the children.

At first, Lan Xin was a little hesitant. Facing the delicious food, she licked her lips and looked at Yang Yi: “Uncle Yang, but I haven’t climbed the mountain yet!”

Xixi has eaten a cherry in her left hand and a starfruit in her right, but when she heard Lan Xin’s words, she hurriedly put the starfruit back, but the cherry in her mouth was still chewing bulgingly, muttering: “Yes, I haven’t climbed the mountain yet, so I can’t eat it!”

Can’t crawl anymore, Yang Luoqi, who is happily holding a beautiful strawberry and looking at it, is tangled. She looks at the strawberry in her hand with some reluctance, and says sadly: “But, I want to eat…”

Yang Yi looked at Lan Xin, who was drooling with a smile, rubbed her little head, and said to a few little guys: “Eat it, it’s okay, my uncle was joking before, if you can stick to it, you guys It’s already great! After eating, let’s continue to climb the mountain and see if we can work harder and keep climbing to the top of the mountain!”

At this moment, Lan Xin happily stretched out her hand to the snack she wanted to eat, and Yang Luoqi also smiled happily. As for Chen Shiyun, the little girl had already eaten it, and her head was almost buried. Go in, where are you still paying attention?

Xixi spit out the cherry pits into the garbage bag held by her father. She raised her little head, and her little face wrapped in a windbreaker showed an eager expression: “Baba, Baba, I want to climb to the top of the mountain, I’m the best!”

Yang Yi even forgot what he said to his daughter before, just patted her head with a smile, and said softly, “Yes, come on!”

After a long period of rest, the adults and children regained some strength and began to continue to charge higher mountains.

As before, at the beginning, everyone was talking and laughing, but after a while, the little energy reserved by the rest was gradually exhausted, and the only thing left in the team was gasping.

Walking a few hundred meters of mountain road – it is no longer a step here, and some children can’t support it, Yang Luoqi let Yang Guo carry it up, she was so tired that she was lying on her father’s back in a daze , Chen Guoqiang also leaned in to tease the little girl.

Yang Yi picked up Lan Xin, who was also unable to walk, and helped Lanzhou Kai carry his “professional mountaineering equipment”.

“Give me some water, I can’t do it!” Lanzhou Kai gasped, took the water from Yang Yi’s hand, drank it, and complained, “I’m old, it’s only a few years. If you don’t climb a mountain, you can’t climb!”

“Alright, alright, don’t be stubborn, just take it easy.” Yang Yi said with tears in his eyes, “It really doesn’t work, you and Xiner will wait for us here, we will come down from the mountain and go back together!”

“No, how can you say no?” Lanzhou Kai waved his hand, panting heavily, looking at Lan Xin and said, “Xin Er, Dad will show you today, Dad is still very good!”

Xixi is panting now, too tired, but the little girl seems to be infected by Uncle Lan’s spirit, with a sullen face and a firm will.

“Dad…” Lan Xin didn’t know what to say. She was so tired that she could only snuggle up in Uncle Yang Yi’s arms, but seeing that her father had never shown such a strong appearance, she pursed her lips and squeezed tightly. looking at.

In order to take care of Lanzhou Kai, Yang Yi’s team slowed down.

However, slowing down is better than stopping. Along the way, there are still many parents who are unable to crawl with their children. Not everyone can be like Yang Yi, holding a four- or five-year-old heavy The little guy climbs the mountain bravely. Like Yang Guo and Yang Luoqi, they could only stop regretfully, follow Teacher Cai, and join the team that stopped.

Yang Yi holds the little fat girl Lan Xin in one hand and the big fat man Lanzhou Kai with the other hand. He is actually the hardest working person, but Chen Guoqiang can’t help him because he has to carry it on his back now. Chen Shiyun climbed up, Chen Shiyun’s physical strength was good, but he couldn’t hold on.

The father and daughter, who were still arguing just now, seem to be reconciled now. Chen Shiyun hugged her father’s neck tightly, listening to the heavy breathing of her father in front of her, she was lying on her father’s back, and her tired eyes Showing attachment.

Maybe they don’t know how to express their feelings, but at this moment, they should be able to experience the deep love between father and daughter, right?

The weight from Lanzhou Kai is getting heavier and heavier. He is still clenching his teeth and insisting.

In order to relieve fatigue, Yang Yi gasped and said to Xixi: “Xixi, Dad, today, let me teach you a word, okay?”

Where does Xixi still have the strength to speak? She grabbed her father’s trouser legs and trekked with difficulty, but just raised her head and glanced at her father.

“Better_late_than_never!” Yang Yi looked forward and said word by word, “It means that it’s better to be late than never!”

“It’s the same in everything you do, and it’s the same with climbing a mountain. Since you choose to do it, even if you do it slowly, you have to work hard to complete it, and climb to the top of the mountain, even if it takes a long time, a long time… Because we are on the top of the mountain, always Can see farther and see better views than others who haven’t climbed to the top!”

“Take another example, the story Dad told you before, the tortoise and the hare! Although the little tortoise crawls slowly, very slowly, he finally finishes the race, and how about the little rabbit? She If you give up in the middle, you lose the game.”

I don’t know if Xixi understands it, but Yang Yi can see her daughter’s determined expression on her tired little face with relief.

“Don’t say it, don’t say give up!” Lanzhou Kai is also struggling to persevere, but it is amazing that he can still squeeze out a few words.

“Yes! Come on!” Yang Yi roared, encouraging them, looking at the top of the mountain that had already seen the end, he shouted, “Hold on a little longer, you see, we’ll be there soon!”

It’s not just a small mountain of more than 600 meters… These guys are as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. If they want to spread the word, they really want to laugh off others’ big teeth!

But in the end, Yang Yi, who was almost watching two fat people, one big and one small, climb the top of the mountain, was full of pride. In fact, it is indeed something to be proud of. Few families have climbed to the top of the mountain, let alone children! The others on the viewing platform are all adult citizens who come to exercise frequently.

Yang Yi first settled Lanzhou Kai and sat down on the seat of the observation deck next to him to Then he hugged the little girl who was too tired to hold her father, walked to the edge of the observation deck, pointed to The winding mountain road and the dense jungle at the foot.

“Xixi, look, these are the mountain roads you conquered just now. Look at this side, isn’t the scenery particularly good?” Yang Yi said happily to her daughter.

Looking at such a beautiful mountain top scenery, the little girl’s tired little eyes were a little blurred, but at this time, she was speechless. The scenery, the ups and downs of the heart, Yang Yi couldn’t see.

After drinking some water and recovering her spirit, Xixi looked at her father pitifully and said weakly, “Baba, I, am I great?”

Yang Yi was moved, he put his forehead against his daughter’s forehead, and said softly, “Today, in order to take care of Xiner and her father, Dad didn’t do much to help you, but Dad really didn’t expect that you would rely on your own Climbed up, Dad can tell you! You are the best!”

The little girl was so tired that she had a little face, and at this moment, she finally had a happy smile.


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