House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 409: Murphy’s wonderful concert



When Yang Yi and her daughter almost cried because of a reverie that didn’t exist at home, Murphy, who was completely unaware, was already in the backstage of the Beijing Lianggengong Stadium, waiting for the start of her own concert.


“Sister, you don’t know, it’s full outside! It’s full! Too many people!” Mo Xiaojuan, who just couldn’t hold back and sneaked out to take a look, came back, she said excitedly to Murphy.


As soon as she opened the door, a loud noise from outside came in. After closing the door, the lounge was quiet.


Murphy said calmly: “Don’t you already know? Tickets are sold out.”


It was sold out years ago. Murphy’s first concert in six years was very popular. It is said that after the year, the ticket price of VIP seats has been raised to nearly 10,000. I don’t know. Is it a gimmick played by scalpers, but it seems that scalpers have already made money.


“Hey, sister, why aren’t you excited? I’m so excited!” Mo Xiaojuan jumped up and down, as if she was the one who was going to take the stage.


“Excited, but not as excited as you think.” Murphy smiled slightly and said calmly, “I’ve been out for more than ten years, and have held concerts, so there’s no need to be like a newcomer. Excited.”


“Murphy! Murphy! Murphy!”


After a while, Murphy finally took the elevator and slowly appeared on the stage amid the shouts of fans.


Wearing a white silk dress, just like the robes of ancient Greek women, Murphy has a bohemian braided hair, which has an exotic wild beauty! But this kind of beauty, against the background of her quiet posture, is so sacred that it can only be admired from a distance!


Seeing Murphy, the fans erupted in cheers like a tsunami!


However, Murphy raised the microphone, did not speak, but sang a cappella: “Write a letter and tell me what color the sea is today…”


As expected of Murphy, just a cappella without accompaniment can also sing rhythm with accompaniment.


Fans froze for a moment, then cheered in surprise.


Listen to the Sea! Murphy made a big move at the beginning!


At this time, the accompaniment of the band played, and Murphy continued to sing.


When Murphy’s voice was in the best state, he listened to a high-pitched song, and the fans present were fascinated.


“Thank you, everyone, thank you for coming to my concert this weekend.” Murphy won’t say anything emotional, she can only use her most sincere words to thank the fans.


But now, after listening to her “Listening to the Sea”, fans who have been ignited enthusiastically, no matter what Murphy says, they will respond enthusiastically, with applause and cheers, again like a tidal wave.


“Murphy, welcome back!” Sitting in the VIP seat in the front row, there was a loyal fan in his 30s and 40s. He waved the sign in his hand with the same excitement as the young guy and shouted loudly.


Murphy heard it vaguely, she was grateful with tears in her eyes, calmed down, and then said: “Thank you for your support, in fact, when I came back, I still encountered a big failure, just because I always You who supported me gave me the courage to continue to hold on to my dream.”


“First Dream!” Fans in the audience wanted to help Murphy call out the next song.


“No, the song I want to sing next exactly represents my hesitant and confused mood at the time. In the face of overwhelming doubts, I have been worried that I will lose you all. Fortunately, there is a person who miraculously Appearing…” Before Murphy finished speaking, fans couldn’t wait to help her name the person.


“Mu Ziang, Mu Ziang!”


“Thank you Mu Ziang, he wrote so many songs for me, and one of them, I want to sing to you…” Murphy looked forward gratefully and said word by word, “Love me, don’t Go.”


This song still caused a lot of cheers.


Even though it’s a little inconspicuous compared to the other songs, the quality of the entire album is very high, and even this song has quite a lot of hands.


The lazy and romantic saxophone sounded, and the graceful melody caused the fans in the audience not only to sway.


“I am still the same at this time, the loneliness at night can easily make people sad…”


Murphy’s clean voice, singing this song, has a very unique charm, it sounds like meeting a simple girl in a bar, her sad frown always makes people pity and love !


“…I don’t have any news from you, because I’m thinking of you!” Murphy’s last sentence, holding the microphone and closing his eyes, used an ordinary chanting tone, but it gave people a playful feeling.


“Love me, don’t go, if you say, you don’t love me…” Murphy’s singing skills, controlling this song couldn’t be easier, a short long note dragged the fans into fascination .


There is nothing special about this song, but under the background of what Murphy said just now, fans finally understood the emotion Murphy wanted to express, the emotion of reluctance and sadness, which penetrated into the song. their hearts.


After the song was sung, Murphy was still standing there. Before she could ask, the fans couldn’t wait to shout: “I won’t leave you!”


“Murphy, we love you to the end!”


“Come on, Murphy!”


Of course, the sad mood was quickly brushed away. Murphy then used songs such as “First Dream” to rekindle the atmosphere of the scene.


Murphy did not invite a warm-up singer to this concert. With her strong basic skills, she was stunned to carry the nearly three-hour concert.


Even if there is only a short break in the middle of a few minutes to change clothes, even if you drink water in the middle, it will be solved on the stage, even if you sing to the back, a song “In My Song”, a song “Across the Ocean” Look at you”, and an encore’s “Listen to the Sea”, Murphy still sang it perfectly.


Murphy who fights so hard, fans are moved by her!


After the concert, reporters waiting outside caught a few fans and asked them how they felt.


“It’s definitely worth it! Murphy’s live performance is even better than listening to a CD!”


“Eason has praised his singing skills, and the whole show was a feast for the ears!”


“Don’t look at our Murphy so pretty, but she’s different from those coquettish **** outside. She can sing super well, you’ll know when you listen to it!”


Fans give it a high rating!


Such a good Murphy’s other concerts in the future will probably be sold out!



Ignoring Murphy’s side, the next day, Yang Yi entrusted Xixi to Yang Huan to help take care of him. He was alone and drove to the “old place”, the remote and dilapidated warehouse, to meet Ju Jie .


Although Ju Jie has shown a docile appearance, Yang Yi recently found out that Ju Jie’s mobile phone has changed hands and is being used by his manager. It is estimated that the battery is not working well. used!


After discovering this situation, Yang Yi hesitated for a while, but he still kept his mind. Instead of turning off the eavesdropping device, he set the eavesdropping to be automatically recorded, and then the computer’s records were automatically deleted every few days, leaving a Basically, he will not listen to the time-limited records, but keep them in case they can be used in the future.


Yang Yi couldn’t monitor Ju Jie, which made him a little worried about whether this guy would repeat.


So, before meeting with Ju Jie, Yang Yi cautiously parked the car at a distance, and then touched it to check to make sure that Ju Jie didn’t do anything wrong, then slipped out and drove the car back .


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