House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 354: Dream and Bread (1/4)



It was late at night, and although the street was brightly lit, the cold wind was still whistling, making people panic.


The inside of the car was relatively warm. Guo Ziyi and Ding Xiang were sitting in the back seat, waiting for Yang Yi. However, they didn’t know when it would start, and the two of them seemed a little awkward being alone.


“Cough, this, Sister Ding Xiang! Do you know the man who sang?” Guo Ziyi suddenly asked, breaking the rigid atmosphere a little.


“Well, I used to work here and listened to him sing a lot of songs.” Ding Xiang nodded, “Later, he and his girlfriend also visited Brother Yang’s shop, so it was considered a acquaintance.”


“Oh, I thought it was the boy you liked, haha, they actually have girlfriends!” Guo Ziyi said brightly, and he pushed Ding Xiang with his elbow.


Ding Xiang was stunned for a moment, then pushed Guo Ziyi angrily and pushed him away: “Go, go, don’t do anything, guess what? His girlfriend is still a counselor in our school.”


Here they were teasing and making trouble. Suddenly, the car door was opened, and Yang Yi got in from the front driver’s seat.


“Brother Yang, is everything resolved?” Guo Ziyi asked curiously.


“Well, solved.” Yang Yi nodded. He raised his hand and looked at his watch. Instead of rushing to start the car, he turned to look at the door of the bar.


“Then, that Lin Mu’an, Brother Yang, have you rescued him?”


Yang Yi glanced at him in the rearview mirror and said lightly, “Don’t worry, no one will embarrass him again.”


“Brother Yang, why don’t we leave?” Ding Xiang asked in confusion.


“Because you don’t know how to drive, Brother Yang and I both drank alcohol, and we can’t drive after drinking. Have you heard of it?” Guo Ziyi teased Ding Xiang.


“Ah? Then what?” Ding Xiang looked at Guo Ziyi stupidly.


“Don’t listen to his nonsense, I’ll just drink some, it won’t get in the way. Now I’m waiting for someone, and I’ll leave in a while!” Yang Yi still looked at the door of the bar and said without turning his head, “However, having said that, Ding Xiang, you are going to learn to drive. If you can come back during the Spring Festival, I will sign up for a class for you and go to learn. If you need to drive in the future, you can also help.”


“Okay…” Ding Xiang nodded absently.


“What class to sign up for? Why don’t I teach her!” Guo Ziyi said with a smile.


“Who wants you to teach…”



It’s so cold today!


Lin Mu’an came out of the bar and couldn’t help wrapping the windbreaker around him, but the bleak night wind continued to blow into his neck, making people as cold as this heart.


He looked back at the bar where there was vaguely loud music coming out, his eyes darkened, he still carried his guitar and walked back to the circuit.


An empty taxi drove slowly past him, and honked its horn in order to attract customers.


Lin Mu’an felt a little moved, but he lightly patted the few hundred dollars he had just put in his pocket, hesitated for a moment, and then walked forward, two blocks away, and he would be there You can take the bus stop directly home.


Not long after, another horn sounded, but it was no longer a taxi, but a big, muscular pickup truck.


While Lin Mu was stunned, the car window was pressed, and the familiar face appeared in front of him: “Go home? Where do you live?”


Lin Muan said blankly: “University town…”


“By the way! Come on up! I’ll take you on a ride!” Yang Yi smiled, “Hey, wait, can you drive?”


“Well, it will…”


For a while, Lin Mu’an sat in the driver’s seat and slowly started the Tyrant Wolf, while Yang Yi sat in the passenger seat, enjoying it leisurely, while Guo Ziyi and Ding Xiang looked at them curiously.


“That, Boss, I was in the bar just now, thank you for helping me!” Lin Muan said in a low voice, who still didn’t know Yang Yi’s name.


“It’s fine.” Yang Yi lightly revealed the previous incident, “Oh, by the way, later, the boss of your bar, Lei, didn’t embarrass you, did he?”


“No, Brother Lei still takes good care of me.” Lin Muan smiled bitterly, “However, after thinking about it for a long time, I decided not to implicate Brother Lei, so I decided to resign, boss, don’t blame Lei Brother.”


Yang Yi glanced at Lin Mu’an and knew that he was lying, but Yang Yi didn’t say anything.


On the other hand, Guo Ziyi asked curiously: “Then why do you sing Cantonese songs? I think you sang several songs!”


“I heard that the boss likes to listen to Cantonese songs, so he invited him to sing.” Ding Xiang whispered.


Lin Mu’an curiously glanced at Ding Xiang in the rearview mirror, but he did not recognize Ding Xianglai and explained: “There are two reasons, on the one hand it is exactly what he told this girl, on the other hand , and I myself prefer Cantonese songs, because I am from Guangdong Province, and I have listened to and learned a lot of these songs since I was a child.”


“The Cantonese song market is in Guangdong Province, in Hong Kong City, how good are you going back to your hometown?” Guo Zi said inexplicably.


“When I graduated, I really wanted to go back to my hometown, but my girlfriend stayed at the school to be a counselor, so I stayed in Jiangcheng and wanted to be with her.” Lin Muan said.


Yang Yi really appreciated Lin Mu’an’s words, so he asked, “Your voice is in good condition in all aspects, why don’t you go to some record companies and brokerage companies to try it out?”


“I’ve tried many times, but it didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I can sing Cantonese songs?” Lin Muan said with a wry smile. He still has music dreams, but he has hit too many walls.


“What does it mean to be able to sing Cantonese songs? You can’t speak Mandarin!” Yang Yi frowned.


“No, I mean, I’m the best at singing Cantonese songs, so I basically sing Cantonese songs during my auditions. I’m sorry, my mouth is stupid and I can’t speak clearly.” Said a little embarrassedly.


“Because you sang Cantonese songs, they eliminated you?” Guo Ziyi didn’t believe it.


“Maybe…because I told them, I just want to sing Cantonese songs…” Lam Muan said hesitantly, “They asked me to sing Chinese songs, and I can sing, but I don’t like them saying In the future, I can only sing Chinese songs, so I don’t want to sing to them.”


He is really a straight boy. Because he doesn’t want to give up Cantonese songs, he won’t show others his ability in Chinese songs…


“Hey, why are you so obsessed with Cantonese songs?” Guo Ziyi asked.


“Because it’s really good, don’t look at the Cantonese song market is no longer comparable to the Chinese song market, but it once created a brilliance that Chinese songs can’t match, and it can even be said to be the glory of our nation and country. , I think that when everyone sings Chinese songs, some people still need to persevere, and they can’t let it continue to decline!”


Lin Muan felt that he was too extreme, and quickly explained: “I don’t mean that I have to sing Cantonese songs. I also like Chinese songs, but I don’t want to give up Cantonese songs. It’s better to have two songs. If I can do both, I can also do my bit to promote Cantonese songs.”


“Understood, you mean to sing Chinese songs, but it’s better to have a few Cantonese songs on the album! I think it’s okay, I also like to listen to Cantonese songs.” Guo Ziyi nodded.


“Yeah, but I’m in Jiangcheng, and I’ve even been to the magic capital. I think everyone has some prejudice against Cantonese songs.” Lin Mu’an sighed.


“That’s because they don’t understand, so they don’t want to hear it.” Guo Ziyi said sharply.


He still gave Lin Mu’an advice seriously: “I think, you still have to stick to your music dream, the record company is biased against your Then you can go to some competitions and play When the grades come, go back and talk to them again!”


“What do you use to hold on to your dreams? He doesn’t have a job now, does he rely on his girlfriend to support him?” Yang Yi suddenly interjected.


Lin Mu’an was sad, he didn’t know what to say.


Guo Ziyi scratched his head. He, the eldest young master, never imagined that sometimes dreams and bread could not be balanced.


Reality is often the biggest gulf in front of dreams.


The same is true for Lin Mu’an. Although Ran Jin has always supported him in his musical path, Lin Mu’an is very uneasy because he has never seen hope, and he has no way to give Ran Jin the greatest promise…


“Am I sticking to the idea of ​​Cantonese songs, am I wrong?” Lin Mu’an drove the car and was silent for a while before he couldn’t help but say.


Guo Ziyi doesn’t know what to say at the moment, he can’t think of it, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand.


“Bring me Lin Mu’an’s guitar!” Yang Yi suddenly turned his head and said to Ding Xiang.


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