House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 355: Scream in Despair (2/4)



Yang Yi opened the guitar bag and took out Lin Mu’an’s guitar. He didn’t have Lin Mu’an’s consent, but Lin Mu’an sat beside him and didn’t say anything.


This guitar is not bad, Yang Yi plucked the strings, and the sound quality is still very good. Of course, compared to the one that Mr. Hu Songnan left to Yang Yi, it is still much worse, but for Lin Mu’an, it should also be the most expensive thing on his body, right?


“Brother Yang, do you want to sing?” Guo Ziyi said enthusiastically.


“Well, I suddenly remembered a Cantonese song, sing it for you!” Yang Yi smiled, and he had already started to play the prelude. In the closed carriage, even though it was played softly, the sound was exceptionally clear and loud.


Cantonese songs? Lin Mu’an glanced at Yang Yi in surprise. He thought that Yang Yi’s statement that ideals conflicted with bread was to persuade him to face reality and give up his insistence on Cantonese songs.


The prelude is very slow, and it doesn’t feel amazing at first listen.


“Today, I watched the snow drifting by in the cold night…” As soon as Yang Yi opened his mouth, Lin Mu’an was startled. This Cantonese accent is no worse than that of a native of Guangdong province!


Is the boss from Guangdong province?


I can’t see it!


“With a heart that has cooled down into the distance, chasing in the wind and rain, and indistinguishable in the fog… The sky is wide, you and I may change…”


Yang Yi’s voice was a bit vicissitudes of life, but it wasn’t muddy, on the contrary, it gave people a feeling of translucency with rich emotions. It sounded very nice, even better than Lin Mu’an himself.


However, compared to Yang Yi’s voice, Lin Mu’an paid more attention to the meaning of the lyrics.


He probably hasn’t heard this song before, and has no memory of it.


But after three or four sentences were sung, Lin Mu’an was very moved. Although he was driving the car seriously and carefully, he already vaguely felt that the boss sang this song to sing about his current situation.


Isn’t it?


Although there is no snow tonight, the cold night wind blows on his face like icy rain and freezes into his heart. If Yang Yi hadn’t appeared, his heart might have really cooled down. !


“How many times faced cold eyes and ridicule, never gave up the ideal in my heart, and felt lost in a trance for a moment, and my love in my heart faded unconsciously…”


Yang Yi hummed slowly, the undulating melody like a twisting snake, gradually entangling Lin Mu’an’s heart. The helplessness reflected in the lyrics made Lin Mu’an feel the same. Ann was a little suffocated.


Singing at the bar, he sang Cantonese songs diligently, although it was because of the boss’s request, but the cold eyes and ridicule, is there less?


Indeed, he never gave up, but, how many times, he also had doubts about himself, suddenly, if he lost something…


“Forgive me for being unruly and indulging in love and freedom in my life, and I’m also afraid that one day I will fall down…”


Lin Mu’an stared closely at the road ahead. Although there were gradually fewer vehicles on the way back to the university town, he had to drive carefully and not be affected by the turbulence in his heart.


“I’m still free and I will always sing my song and travel thousands of miles… Forgive me for being unruly in my life and loving freedom… I’m also afraid that one day I will fall… oh~no… Anyone can turn their back on their ideals. I’m afraid that one day it’s just you and me…”


This lyric was really written into Lin Mu’an’s heart. He could only bite his lower lip and hold back the tears that almost rolled out of his eyes.


I really want to, just like the song sings, keep singing his favorite Cantonese song, keep walking…


No, you can’t forget your dreams, even if you fall down 10,000 times.


Lin Mu’an felt that his blood was ignited by this song!


The one who was also ignited was Guo Ziyi. He could understand Cantonese and was also a dream-seeking year. How could he not feel the same emotion? However, he encountered much less setbacks than Lin Mu’an, and the level of excitement was not that serious.


“What does the song Big Brother Yang sing mean? It sounds pretty good!” The only one who couldn’t understand was Ding Xiang, she couldn’t help whispering to Guo Ziyi in a low voice, Also worried about disturbing Yang Yi.


“It has to be nice. I guess it’s a new song written by Brother Yang. The content is about ideals and persistence. I don’t know if it’s improvised or not. The lyrics are too suitable for Lin Mu’an’s current situation!” Guo Ziyi couldn’t help but Feeling for Yang Yi, “Big Brother Yang is still Big Brother Yang. He can write rock songs, and he writes them so well! Let me tell you, I secretly saw Lin Mu’an wipe his tears just now.”


“So powerful?” Ding Xiang didn’t realize it.


Actually, what Guo Ziyi said is not accurate. The reason why this song touches people’s hearts is not because its theme is ideal and persistence, but the struggle reflected in the lyrics!


It’s like “Forgive me for being unruly and indulging in love and freedom in this life, and I’m afraid that one day I will fall down.” The previous sentence is still determined and uninhibited, showing a positive and forward momentum, but the next sentence is a sharp turn. , As if returning to reality, panic filled my heart.


This lyric is so real, it perfectly portrays Lam’s self-encouragement and self-denial.


This is where Lin Mu’an touched the most…


“Still free myself… Sing my song forever… Travel thousands of miles…” In Yang Yi’s previous life, this lyric was hailed as a cry from hell.


Why hell?


Because Huang Jiaju was suffering from the deprivation of his creative freedom, his arrangement was changed beyond recognition, and he shouted out in the long-term pressure and doubts about himself, when he was the most desperate, he shouted out himself The desire for freedom!


How similar is this to Lin Mu’an’s situation at the moment? Lin Muan also did not want to change his insistence on Cantonese songs for the commercial interests pursued by the record company, but he was also oppressed by material and reality.


Perhaps this will make him more firm in his musical path…


“Anyone can betray your ideal, even if it’s just you and me for one day…” Yang Yi finished singing this song without saying a word, but just put his fingers on the strings and let the car go quiet down.


Guo Ziyi didn’t say anything, he knew that Lin Mu’an needed time to think for himself now.


For a long time, the car slowly drove into the university town, and it was also closer to Jiangcheng Media University.


“Boss, shall I take you back to the coffee shop?” Lin Mu’an asked softly.


Yang Yi raised his eyes, looked at him, and asked, “Where do you live?”


“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s actually in Jiang Chuan’s teacher’s apartment. My girlfriend has a dormitory. It’s not too far. After sending you there, I’ll just walk back by myself.” Lin Mu’an said quickly.


Actually, it’s very embarrassing to say that such a big man still lives with his girlfriend.


“Then go to the teacher’s My sister also lives there. By the way, I will pick up my daughter.” Yang Yi smiled slightly.


“Alright then.” Lin Mu’an nodded.


The car was quiet again.


“Lin Mu’an, what are your plans in the future?” Guo Ziyi couldn’t help asking.


“Well…I haven’t made up my mind yet…I should go to find a bar to sing in, and then, as you said, go to some competitions…” Lin Muan still wanted to persevere.


“Why don’t you come to my coffee shop! Anyway, when you go to the bar, you sing, and when you come to my coffee shop, you sing. You will be in charge of the piano in the shop. However, you can’t just sing Cantonese songs!” Yang Yi suddenly said .


It is a good idea to support and promote Cantonese songs. But it only sings Cantonese songs, this is a bug that needs to be corrected.


“Ah? Boss, isn’t there a shortage of pianists in your shop?” Lin Mu’an asked in surprise and joy.


“Hehe, there was no shortage in the past, but now, it is missing.” Yang Yi smiled slightly.


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