House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 353: Looking at the bumpy flying knife



After watching Guo Ziyi and the others go out from the bar, Yang Yi took his eyes back. He got up and walked over there slowly. After passing the bar, he silently passed two slender fruit knives.


Now the music in the bar is playing again, and several security guards are surrounding the area, which does not affect the normal business of other places.


However, it seems that Mr. Huang is indeed a remarkable person. The owner of the bar came over and apologized all the time.


“Old Huang, I know that Xiaolin did have a lot of offenses just now. You should never, never, should not offend you. You are also a big person with a big face, so the adults don’t remember the villains and treat Xiaolin as one. Fart, let it go?” The boss Lei brought the wine and was bending over to pour the wine for Mr. Huang.


“Xiao Lin, come here and apologize to President Huang!” Boss Lei winked at Lin Mu’an.


Lin Mu’an was a little embarrassed at the back, but he also knew that Boss Lei was actually helping him out.


“I’m sorry… Mr. Huang…” Lin Muan walked over with his guitar on his back, pursed his lips, and didn’t speak for a while.


“Hey! This is called an apology? When did the apology I want from someone from Huang become so cheap?” The president Huang sat there with a slap in the face and said disdainfully.


“Old Huang, how do you want Xiaolin to apologize to you? He doesn’t have a lot of money, otherwise he wouldn’t come to this bar to sing.” Boss Lei raised his glass and said with a smile, “Otherwise, I Let me have a drink with you, even if I apologize to you for Xiaolin!”


“Stop, stop! Lao Lei, it’s none of your business, who made you drink it?” Mr. Huang felt more drunk today, and he talked more, “I tell you, today, I’m not here for you, you Know that I am the greatest.”


“Yes, yes, Huang is always known for being generous and generous!” Boss Lei laughed.


“But, let me tell you, why am I losing my temper! It’s because of him, what Cantonese songs he sings!” Mr. Huang exclaimed, snorting alcohol, “Last week, I was talking business in Hong Kong City, A few **** dared to slap me in the face, if they weren’t the sons of the rich and powerful in Hong Kong City, if it wasn’t because they were unfamiliar in Hong Kong City, if they were in Jiang City, our territory, I would have to cut them off. !”


“So, what I don’t like is listening. Listening to someone who speaks Cantonese and can’t sing here…” Mr. Huang said, and Boss Lei nodded quickly.


Mr. Huang raised **** and shouted: “So, today, you let me give up on this matter. Yes, two conditions. First, you gave me this kid, even if you don’t sing. Cantonese songs don’t work either, it’s annoying to watch!”


“Ah?” Boss Lei glanced at Lin Mu’an, then turned his head and said with a smile, “Okay, no problem, I can’t make you respond to Mr. Huang, right? Tomorrow, Xiao Lin, don’t come here. Now, don’t come again, I’ll find someone else to sing Mandarin songs!”


Yang Yi stood on the periphery and watched the development silently. He saw Lin Mu’an’s helpless and sad expression after he was hesitating to say anything.


“Second! Bring my wine, don’t fool people with your black square, it’s not that I don’t understand wine.”


Mr. Huang shouted as he thumped down six octagonal cups, then filled the six cups with the wine handed to him by others.


Yang Yi can see the bottle, it should be Russian vodka!


This wine is strong!


“Drink, let that kid finish the apologetic wine, and forget about it!” After Mr. Huang finished pouring the wine, he sat back again.


Boss Lei looked embarrassed: “This, this Xiaolin can’t drink!”


Don’t talk about Lin Mu’an, even if Boss Lei has drunk these six glasses of vodka that has not been mixed with other things, he probably has to get down.


“Lao Lei, are you looking down on me?” Mr. Huang snorted.


Lin Mu’an’s face changed. He knew that he couldn’t drink, and his drinking capacity was very, very poor, but if he didn’t drink today, he might not be able to escape this disaster. He gritted his teeth, and when he was about to walk up, a voice slanted. plugged in.


“You have to forgive people and forgive them, this old man, you have cut off their future, so stop being aggressive?”


Everyone turned their heads and looked over, and a tall man in casual clothes came over.


Lin Mu’an opened his mouth, and he recognized it as the owner of the coffee shop.


Yang Yi didn’t look at Lin Mu’an at a glance, and sat down in front of Mr. Huang with a big horse.


“Who are you? Lao Lei, why are there so many strange people in your store?” Mr. Huang asked unhappily.


“Me? Just like you, I’m an ordinary guest, and I’m just here to roar.” Yang Yi smiled slightly, and he looked at Boss Lei, “Why, Boss Lei doesn’t bombard this troublemaker, and he Do you want to kick me out?”


Boss Lei still has a smile on his face, but his eyes have been wandering, and his heart has been pondering.


He can’t see through Yang Yi. From the outside, Yang Yi is just an ordinary rich person, but he doesn’t look like an ordinary person at all. Moreover, this person looked at such a chaotic scene, and several security guards stood here, and he was equally confident, and Boss Lei did not dare to offend him easily.


As long as you don’t know the person’s background, it’s better not to provoke them! Boss Lei is also an old man. He smiled and said, “Where is it? The visitor is a guest, open the door to do business, how can you just bombard people?”


“Lao Lei, are you trying to humiliate me in front of others?” Mr. Huang said unhappily, “This person is sitting on his face, so you can quickly blow me away?”


Boss Lei’s face changed, he was weighing the importance of things.


“Huang is always there, right? I’ve heard that I stay in the front line of being a human being. Is it easy to see each other in the future?” Yang Yi said slowly.


That Mr. Huang was unhappy at first, and he became irritable and irritable after drinking. He suddenly became furious. He took the vodka bottle with a little liquor and pointed at Yang Yi: “I listen. You M…”


Before he finished speaking, a white light flashed in Yang Yi’s hand and shook the Mr. Huang.


“Pfft…” A small knife was slammed into Mr. Huang’s ear, to be precise, on the wooden pillar behind his head.


Mr. Huang choked on the rest of the swear words. He turned his head mechanically and looked at the knife handle with dull eyes. He didn’t react for a while, but the cold sweat was already behind him, and the alcohol was also scared away. most of them.


Those security guards all took out rubber sticks in panic and looked at Yang Yi as if facing an enemy. But Boss Lei responded in a timely manner, he quickly stopped his own people and scolded: “Put it away, put it away!”


Boss Lei was also taken aback just now. Although he still couldn’t understand Yang Yi, Boss Lei knew that he couldn’t provoke such people at all.


Boss Lei is a bar owner who opens the door to do business, and he is a very clean and slow shaker.


Yang Yi slowly showed another fruit knife in his hand, his fingers rubbed the cold light blade, smiled slightly, and said, “Mr. Huang, everyone is a civilized person, there is no need to make troubles. Do you think so?”


Mr. Huang finally recovered his lost soul. He looked at Yang Yi closely, or to be more precise, at the knife left in Yang Yi’s hand, and said with trembling teeth: “You, you What do you want?”


The knife just now was almost stuck on his forehead. Mr. Huang didn’t know if the other party did it on purpose or not, but he managed to avoid his forehead so cleverly.


But Mr. Huang was frightened, half sobered up, and his sanity returned. He is not a gangster either. Although he is rich, his family is big and his life is very precious. He didn’t want to leave the knife stuck in his forehead impartially.


Now he carefully looked at Yang Yi’s burly figure and slightly “fierce” face, his heart beating wildly.


“I didn’t think about it! It’s just, I see, you have already cut off the future of others. If you force people to drink these six glasses of wine, the alcohol concentration of vodka, I guess I will not die or half die. You don’t Do you think this is too much?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.


“Then what do you say?” Mr. Huang gritted his teeth.


“I also ask Mr. Huang to look at my face and raise your hand! I said, stay on the line, see you in the future!” Yang Yi cupped his hands and said very much.


“Okay! For your own sake, forget it!” Mr. Huang stood up and called his companions, “Let’s go!”


These people looked quite frightened, but they were bachelors enough to slip away without a word. However, Yang Yi saw a detail. When Mr. Huang left, his legs were still shaking, but for the sake of face, he was still holding on.


When they left, Yang Yi turned to look at the Boss Lei.


That Mr. Huang probably won’t come to his shop again to spend. Boss Lei forced a smile and said to Yang Yi, “Thank you for helping us clear the siege.”


Is it really necessary to thank him? Yang Yi doesn’t know. He just knows that with Boss Lei’s performance today, he shouldn’t embarrass Lin Muan anymore.


He left the fruit knife on the table, clapped his hands, and said with a smile to Boss Lei: “Okay, since everything is settled, then I have to leave. Boss Lei, this knife is yours, just I’ll leave it to you for the aftermath, sorry for ruining the decor of your hotel.”


“No, it’s alright, walk slowly…” Boss Lei nodded quickly and bowed to Yang Yi.


Yang Yishi left in a hurry, but he didn’t look at Lin Mu’an during the whole process. It seemed that he didn’t know Lin Mu’an at all, and he just roared when he saw the road.


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