House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 331: Future plans


When Xixi was “flickering” her little friend in the kindergarten, Yang Yi was also “flickering” Du Yuanlei on the set.

After Murphy entered the new song promotion period, she was almost too busy to fly to various stages and signing venues across the country. She didn’t have time to come back to Jiangcheng for five days in a row, let alone go home. .

So Yang Yi didn’t have anything to do at home, so he went to the microfilm studio to watch Guo Ziyi and the others filming.

Of course, Yang Yi also did what he said. He was just onlookers and did not point fingers at Du Yuanlei’s studio. He watched without saying a word, and let Du Yuanlei handle it himself, no matter what problems there were on the set, while he was the invisible man.

However, at the beginning, Yang Yi, a screenwriter and an investor, could not be an invisible person. In the early days, everyone even had some sense of distance towards him, and often patted him and couldn’t help but glanced at him again. But later, everyone gradually got used to his existence, but just regarded him as a feeder…

“Brother Yang, you bring us delicious food every time, what should I do if my weight loss plan fails?” Qin Wen joked with him generously.

“Then don’t eat it, leave it all to me!” Wang Chao said hurriedly.

“Not for you! I want to eat!” Qin Wen said quickly.

Yang Yi watched them bicker and couldn’t help laughing.

“Give it to me, and I can finish it too! The cakes, egg tarts, and puddings made by my sister Ding Xiang, I will never get tired of eating them!” Guo Ziyi approached politely.

“It’s too good, it’s your sister Ding Xiang again, but she didn’t say it’s yours!” Qin Wen pushed him away in disgust and protected her cake.

“I’m right. Sister Ding Xiang has the best relationship with me. You definitely didn’t know Sister Ding Xiang earlier than me!” Guo Ziyi quibble.

Fortunately, Ding Xiang and Yang Huan didn’t come over today, otherwise Ding Xiang would definitely be teased by Qin Wen and his face would be red.

During everyone chatting and resting, Du Yuanlei hesitated for a while, but she walked up to Yang Yi and said a little nervously, “Mr. Yang, how do you think I’ve been shooting these days?”

Want to give her a review myself?

Yang Yi was a little surprised, but still smiled slightly and said, “It’s pretty good! I haven’t seen anyone else filming, but looking at your filming in the past few days, it should be pretty good!”

It can’t be regarded as a high evaluation, but Du Yuanlei is happy, she also wants to hear Yang Yi’s approval, and then said: “That’s it, Mr. Yang, I’m thinking, after we finish filming this microfilm If you are satisfied with the movie, can we continue to work together again?”

Seeing that Yang Yi was a little confused, she quickly explained: “I mean your other work “Remaining Sin”, haven’t you sold the film and television rights of “Soldier Assault” and “Bright Sword”? I prefer “Prison Break”, but now I can’t control such a big drama, so if you think my directing ability is not bad, I want to help you make the TV series “Remaining Sin”…”

Du Yuanlei was afraid that Yang Yi felt that she was not greedy enough to swallow an elephant, and added: “Of course, it all depends on your wishes. If you think I’m okay and you’re willing to let me try, then I don’t need to pay you. , to help you make a season of “Remaining Sins” to prove myself…”

“Wait a minute, have you read my book?” Yang Yi interrupted Du Yuanlei, who was a little surprised. Du Yuanlei was also a busy person, but she sounded like she had read it all.

“Well, I’ve read all your works.” Du Yuanlei nodded, “If you want me to sort out the plot of “Remaining Sins”, you can just point to a paragraph, and I can tell you right away.”

Looking at Du Yuanlei’s self-confidence, Yang Yi can confirm that she has indeed done her homework.

Faced with her self-recommendation, Yang Yi hesitated for a moment, then said with consideration: “The work of “Remaining Sin” is different from the model of our current TV series. I don’t want to shoot it too early.”

Du Yuanlei thought that Yang Yi was rejecting her, she was a little disappointed, but she still smiled reluctantly and said, “It’s okay, it’s all about your wishes, Mr. Yang, don’t worry about me, I will continue to work hard!”

Yang Yi laughed dumbly. He waved his hand and said, “I’m not questioning your directing ability. You’ve done a good job. It’s just that “Remaining Sin” is really different from the others.”

Du Yuanlei, who is a professional, does not lack theoretical knowledge, and has made student films before, and has also directed the shooting of a star-studded documentary. Her directing ability has long been exercised.

Now she is making this micro-movie that only a few people perform, and she can be said to be able to do it with ease. Although Yang Yi couldn’t tell the level, he was really satisfied with Du Yuanlei’s performance.

So, Yang Yi thought about it and said to Du Yuanlei: “Well, after filming this, when the Spring Festival comes back, if you have no other arrangements for the next semester, I’m giving you a script, and we’ll shoot a low-cost one. Comedy movie try!”

Making a movie? Du Yuanlei had already given up Yang Yi’s thigh, but she didn’t expect Yang Yi to give her another surprise. Making a movie is more challenging than making a TV show!

“Is it really a movie?” Du Yuanlei asked nervously.

“Yes, a real movie, a complete movie, of course, I’m still thinking about this story, you can finish this micro-movie with peace of mind first, make it, catch up with my micro-broadcasting promotion plan, and we’ll talk about the future things.” Yang Yi smiled and drew a cake for Du Yuanlei.

But Du Yuanlei firmly accepted the cake, she nodded gratefully to Yang Yi, and said with some joy, “Thank you, Teacher Yang, I will definitely work hard!”

This is the first time she shows excitement. Usually this girl suppresses herself too tightly.

“Don’t thank me, believe in yourself, as long as you make achievements, everything will happen in the future!” Yang Yi encouraged her and poured her a bowl of chicken soup by the way.

Seeing that the atmosphere here is a little serious, Guo Ziyi ran over and coaxed: “Brother Yang, let me ask, other people’s movies have a killing feast, and our micro-movie is also called a movie. Did you have a banquet?”

Yang Yi was stunned for a while, pondering the term carefully, and then smiled: “Yes, and we want to have a good meal, as long as you say where you want to come out, I will invite you to go!”

“Long live! Long live Big Brother Yang!” Behind Guo Ziyi, a group of guys who were eavesdropping with their ears perked up cheered excitedly.

“Look, don’t be grateful to me, I’ll fight for your welfare! Anyway, you should tell me Brother Guo, Chitose!” Guo Ziyi grinned and shrugged at Ni Zongkai! “Qin Wen hummed disdainfully, “You are just Xiao Guo, and you pretend to be a big brother!” “

Yang Yi was in a good mood. He waved his hand generously and said, “Not just eating, but after eating, I will sing K or play somewhere, and I will give it to you!”

“Really?” Guo Ziyi became excited, “Then Big Brother Yang, I’m going to play at the bar! Take me to the bar!”

Young kids under 18 really like bars, places they can’t usually go to.

“Then you have to film well first. Director Du, help me supervise him. If there are too many NGs, he won’t have his share of the banquet and food, drink and entertainment later!” Yang Yi said deliberately with a stern face.

Du Yuanlei smiled. She was rarely tense, and she also joked: “Okay, Mr. Yang, you can watch it!”

“I’ll supervise too!” Qin Wen volunteered and raised her hand.

“Isn’t it? I fight for benefits for you, but you treat me like this…” The little fat man wailed.


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