House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 330: A lot of delicious movies (three/four)



Ju Jie really went to Niu Meiling. Niu Meiling didn’t agree at first. After listening to Ju Jie’s words, she frowned and said, “Who gave you this idea, Murphy is different from before. In the same way, the company now wants her to establish a positive image. If you make such a fuss, Murphy’s image to the public will not be ruined.”


“I thought about it myself, Auntie, you can’t think about it for your nephew” Ju Jie took this matter to himself with great loyalty, while pretending to be aggrieved, “I am your big watch. Brother’s own son! If you don’t help me, are you helping an outsider?”


Niu Meiling really has some headaches about Ju Jie’s relationship with her. In the past, it was okay to leave him aside and let him play alone, but now, Ju Jie’s father has invested a lot of money in the company Qian, helped her through a difficult time, and Niu Meiling could not ignore Ju Jie’s request without looking at the monk’s face to see the Buddha’s face.


“Ajie, what do you think, you want me to tell Murphy and let her agree to cooperate with you to spread the scandal, can she agree?” Niu Meiling softened her voice and persuaded, “What kind of temperament Murphy is. , it’s not that you don’t know.”


“She was unwilling in the past, but it doesn’t mean she is unwilling now.” Ju Jie quickly replied, Du Lun had already arranged a speech for him, “In the past, Sister Murphy paid attention to her image and would rather have lower grades than I don’t want any scandals to come out, but it’s different now.”


“Didn’t she want grades? Didn’t she want the album to go platinum? Didn’t she want to be the queen of songs like six years ago? Isn’t it a good thing to increase fame and increase sales?”


Ju Jie waved his hand and said, “Besides, I don’t want to do a fake show with her, just let this scandal go on for a week or two and achieve our goal. We immediately clarified that this is not the case. Just like the last time, Sister Murphy did not agree with her aunt afterwards. There is a second time for this kind of thing, ahem, if you don’t believe me, ask her to try it, and she might agree!”


Niu Meiling remained silent, frowning as she weighed the gains and losses of this matter.


“Auntie, isn’t it just hype, isn’t this a trick you’re tired of playing? I remember that Zhen Zhen was so popular with you, so many people in the company are looking forward to being treated like Zhen Zhen! Why is she just playing high-cold by herself? The company has made so much effort to train her, and she contributes a little news resources to the company, isn’t it so difficult?”


Ju Jie struck while the iron was hot, and said some of the tough words that Du Lun taught him: “I heard that the artists under the big record companies outside are all obedient, how can our company raise an uncle if we don’t Obedient, why did the company give her so many resources?”


I have to say that Du Lun really touched Niu Meiling’s itch. A person with such a strong desire for control, Niu Meiling has always been resentful of Murphy’s disobedience to discipline, but she hid it deeply.


“The hype needs to be at the right time and just right. You want to use Murphy’s reputation to hype, but have you ever thought that Murphy’s original image is very good, and your hype will actually play a role. The reaction will make many fans who like Murphy dislike you.” Niu Meiling took a deep breath and said to Ju Jie from a different angle, “If you have an affair with Zhen Zhen, there are many ways to work it out. .”


“I don’t want Zhen Zhen, Zhen Zhen’s popularity is too bad, how can she compare to Sister Murphy?” Ju Jie vetoed, “and Zhen Zhen hasn’t released a record yet, so it’s nothing to me to hype up with her. The good thing is that she makes my enthusiasm, and I don’t do this kind of disadvantageous thing!”


To avoid Murphy’s limelight, Zhen Zhen’s album has been delayed until after March.


“It’s not a big deal to ask, Auntie, if she doesn’t agree, let’s think of something else!” Ju Jie took Niu Meiling’s hand again and acted coquettishly, “You don’t want your nephew You can also get the pin crown, and then you will have a good time too”


Having said that, Niu Meiling was also persuaded by him. Her nephew can make a fortune in the entertainment industry, regardless of whether it is a good reputation or a strange reputation, regardless of whether it is her talent or her strange saliva. When the song is on the top, her Niu Meiling also has a bright face.


I saw Niu Meiling sighed and pressed Ju Jie, she said: “Okay, I’ll try to ask you, but I tell you, you have to be mentally prepared, I guess it’s difficult for me to do this. Cheng, Murphy’s character…”


“Don’t, just try to ask how I can be auntie. You also have to help me fight for it. Help me persuade Murphy and tell her the pros and cons. It’s good for her anyway!” Ju Jie smiled. said.


Being entangled by him, Niu Meiling rubbed her eyebrows with a headache and said, “Okay, okay, I promise you all!”



After the three-day holiday on New Year’s Day, Xixi was sent back to kindergarten by her father, and she could finally see her friends!


After holding back for three days, the little girl has too many, too many interesting things to share with her friends.


However, Lan Xin, the only one who didn’t play in Jiangcheng, stole the show first: “I went to see the snow with my father. It’s so far away that we have to take a plane to play, and then my mother and I went to see the snow. Made a snowman, and my mom made it a nose with carrots.”


“The snowman is snowing, will Xiner be very cold?” Yang Luoqi blinked and asked Lan Xin nervously.


“Cold, it’s super cold! It’s a hundred times colder than at home!” Lan Xin thought for a while, and said, “But I’m wearing a lot of clothes, so I’m not afraid of the cold!”


Nan Zhaoyu tried hard to interject, he finally thought of a poem and read it out: “Rui Xue Zhao Feng Nian…”


However, he forgot the next sentence, and only vaguely remembered that his father had read it to him. Naturally, the children were not interested in his poems, but fortunately, Xixi took over, so that he would not become the king of the cold. .


Xixi said with some joy: “Snowman! I have seen it, I have seen it, I have painted it for me, Sister Aisha’s good friend Xuebao is a snowman. It can talk and walk, especially Awesome! Xiner, can your snowman speak?”


Lan Xin shook her head in frustration and said unhappily, “No, it can’t talk or walk.”


“It doesn’t matter, if I see Sister Aisha in the future, let her turn your snowman into a talking!” Xixi hugged her little friend and comforted her.


Lan Xin immediately became happy: “Really thank you, Xixi!”


“Hee hee!” Xixi laughed happily.


“In the future, Xiner, will you let your snowman play with me, but I’m afraid of the cold, oh my, what should I do?” Yang Luoqi was conflicted by herself.


After talking about Xue’s story for a while, it’s finally Xixi’s turn to talk about her vacation experience.


“I went to see Uncle Guo make a movie with my Baba!” Xixi described the scene of the movie diligently, “There was a big and big camera, heavier than me, and then a lot of people made a movie together. , but there is a super fierce elder sister, if she doesn’t act well, she will be yelled at by her, and then she will be scolded…”


“It’s so scary, then I don’t want to make a Yang Luoqi is a little scared and authentic.


“No, no! It’s actually very fun, just like we played the ugly duckling, Mr. Mu taught us, and then filmed it.” Xixi was in high spirits.


“It’s not fun to play the ugly duckling, and I don’t have anything to eat, Xixi, do you have anything to eat while filming?” Lan Xin asked curiously.


Xixi tilted her head and thought about it, but every time she went with her father, she would bring a lot of food, and a group of uncles and aunts were eating. So, the little girl nodded and said affirmatively: “Yes, there is a lot of food for filming! I can’t even finish it!”


“Really” Lan Xin’s face showed joy, “Then I want to make a movie too.”


“I’m going too, I’m going too!” Chen Shiyun didn’t have much to say, but when it came to food, she also got a lot of energy and hurriedly said, afraid that she would be left behind, “I can eat a lot, I can definitely Help them finish it!”8)


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