House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 332: No one can bully you


Murphy’s album sales are going well. Although the sales on the first day are only 160,000, it is different from Murphy’s return album. After the first day, the daily sales did not show a cliff dive. It keeps rising every day. (pinyin of biqiwu)

Perhaps word of mouth has piled up. The previous reviews of Black Murphy’s album have gradually become untenable, and there are many real music critics who are willing to stand for Murphy’s album in their columns, so the daily sales are The rise is gratifying. On the fifth day, the daily sales of the album “First Dream” has reached 380,000!

This data is already very good. This daily sales volume can almost push Murphy back to the ranks of first-tier singers – of course, first-tier singers are not divided in this way, in addition to album sales, it will also be related to some influence issues .

What’s even more surprising is that Murphy’s daily album sales are still on the rise. If this trend continues, Murphy’s album may not have the possibility of hitting platinum album sales by the end of the month!

Of course, no one can say for sure. After all, the normal album sales curve is parabolic. Even platinum albums cannot increase indefinitely. When the increase reaches a certain peak, it will gradually gradually increase. slip.

The problem is, no one can predict how much Murphy’s album potential will be and when this peak will come.

But now there is not much negative news about Murphy’s album. After confirming the quality of Murphy’s album, the media who used to coax and slander Murphy seem to have forgotten about it and turned their backs. Start cheering for Murphy.

If you switch to other grumpy singers, you might have to slap old accounts with them, but Murphy doesn’t take it seriously. When the world slandered her, or praised her and praised her, Murphy was unmoved and regarded as nothing!

January 7th, the busy publicity period is not over yet, but this day needs to participate in a signing event in Jiangcheng, and there are no other arrangements, so it is also half a holiday!

Murphy returned to Jiangcheng and participated in the morning signing event. Before she could go home to see her daughter, she was called back to the company by Niu Meiling, saying that she wanted to discuss things.

Mo Xiaojuan was worried that it was Niu Meiling who was going to talk to Murphy about the renewal of the contract, so she followed.

As a result, Niu Meiling didn’t talk about renewing the contract. After chatting with them, she actually talked about having Murphy and Ju Jie play a role together.

Niu Meiling doesn’t really want to talk about this with Murphy, because now Murphy has taken off, and is no longer the Murphy who suffered from Waterloo a few months ago and let her knead!

But she was also a little annoyed by Ju Jie’s pestering, and Ju Jie’s father, who was also her eldest cousin, also called and asked her to take care of Ju Jie.

If it was someone else, Niu Meiling would have scolded her! What a **** businessman, who doesn’t understand the rules of the entertainment industry at all and shouts to take care of who and who! Does this circle rely on relationships to get things done?

But after all, they are relatives, and this big cousin is not an ordinary rich man. He also holds shares of Tianmei. Niu Meiling can’t help but listen to his request. In desperation, Niu Meiling could only seize the opportunity of Murphy’s return to interview her.

Nevertheless, when Niu Meiling made a request, she was very careful with her words and tried to be more euphemistic. However, Niu Meiling didn’t know, she felt that there was nothing to care about, but in Murphy’s opinion, it was as precious as life!

Finding out that Niu Meiling wanted to have an affair with Ju Jie again, Murphy’s face was covered with frost, and her whole body was like the ice of the North Pole.

Not waiting for Murphy to get angry, Mo Xiaojuan stood up first and shouted: “This is absolutely impossible! Sister Ling, didn’t you agree? Our sister Fei does not participate in any hype in the company. Why are you so old? Did you mention it again?”

Perhaps Murphy and Yang Yi’s studios have been set up recently. Mo Xiaojuan has raised her position a lot, and she didn’t notice her anger at the moment, and some of the following committed!

Niu Meiling frowned, but she didn’t have a seizure, she endured it, and gently persuaded: “Isn’t this also considering the career development of Murphy and Ajie! Ju Jie is also very happy now. A popular singer, he and Murphy team up to hype once, whether it is of great benefit to the sales of Applejack’s singles or the sales of Murphy’s albums!”

“Besides, Sister Ling, I didn’t ask Murphy to sacrifice anything, I just took a few misplaced photos with Ajie. Like last time, you pretended not to know, and the company will give you the You organize a press conference to clarify…”

Mo Xiaojuan sneered and said, “Sister Ling, Ju Jie’s song, huh, if I remember correctly, it’s called “Little Three”? Whether fans buy it or not, this will cause a very serious image loss to our sister Fei! Sister Ling, haven’t you considered this issue?”

Murphy, who is next to him, has already pinched the folds of his skirt, and his heart is tumbling.

“Mo Xiaojuan, pay attention to your tone of voice! I’m your boss!” Niu Meiling finally couldn’t bear it anymore and scolded.

Mo Xiaojuan became weak under the scolding of Niu Meiling, standing there not knowing what to say.

Fortunately, Niu Meiling did not plan to turn against them. Her face softened and she began to play emotional cards: “Murphy, we have known each other for more than ten years…”

After she told a bunch of past events, she finally turned around and said with a sigh, “It’s not that Sister Ling is too harsh on you, but now is also a critical time for Ajie’s career development. You also know the relationship between him and me, His father asked me to help him. Sister Ling also had no choice, so she decided to let you support Ajie. And this matter is also good for you! For the sake of sister Ling supporting you for so many years , will you help Sister Ling with this?”

It looks like Niu Meiling is begging Murphy, but for people like them, as long as they can get things done, what is dignity?

However, Murphy stood up, turned her head and didn’t want to look directly at her, but said coldly: “I’m sorry, Sister Ling, I can’t do this!”

After speaking, she shook her head and left. For the first time in so many years, Murphy left without saying a word of courtesy!

Mo Xiaojuan fell behind. She smiled at Niu Meiling in embarrassment and spoke for Murphy: “Sister Ling, look at Sister Fei’s temper. When she gets angry, she forgets any etiquette. Your lord has a lot of , don’t worry about it! However, this matter is really impossible to consider, you see which star is suitable for the company, let her cooperate with Ju Jie…”

Murphy didn’t care about what happened next. She asked Mo Xiaojuan to send her home with a frosty face.

At noon, Yang Yi happened to be at home, and knew that Murphy would come back, so he prepared the meal early, but before he could bring the meal out of the kitchen, Murphy threw himself into his arms in aggrieved, He hugged Yang Yi’s waist tightly.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Yang Yi patted her on the back, somewhat baffled.

“Yang Yi, have you finished the studio you opened for me? I don’t want to renew my contract with Sister Ling, I want to be with you.” Murphy raised her head, but tears were streaming down her face.

“What happened? Be good, don’t worry, sit down and tell me slowly.” Seeing Murphy crying so hard for the first time, Yang Yi became anxious, but he still held his temper. He gently hugged her and sat down on the sofa.

Murphy choked up and told Yang Yihe what happened today. She finally said with a bit of a breakdown: “I used to think that Sister Ling was a good person, but I didn’t expect her to hurt me again and again. I hate her now, I don’t want to stay in Tianmei, Yang Yi, after my contract expires, can we open a studio together? You promised me, you have to take good care of me!”

Now Murphy feels very uncomfortable, as if she was betrayed. For the first time, she saw the face of the person she had trusted for more than ten years, only to realize that the person was not good at all, not her at all As you can imagine – take care of yourself like you take care of your daughter.

That person did not regard himself as a daughter, but still chose to betray himself in the face of interests…

Murphy, who was confused, felt that her worldview had collapsed. Fortunately, she still has Yang Yi to rely on.

“You said that Ju Jie asked Sister Ling, and then Sister Ling asked you to have an affair with him?” Yang Yi asked with a frown.

“Hmm! Isn’t it too much? I was so angry that I couldn’t speak!” Murphy said aggrievedly with a pursed mouth.

“Well, it’s too much!” Yang Yi’s eyes lit up with anger.

When he gave Ju Jie that song, he just thought it was fun and wanted to cheat Ju Jie, but he didn’t think that the song would affect his own woman in the end!

But this Ju Jie is also courting death! If he doesn’t sing well, when he is a variety show celebrity, he will provoke himself on the head!

Like a cat, Yang Yi narrowed his eyes slightly, his eyes were sharp, but he wouldn’t let Murphy see.

“Don’t worry, I will handle this matter!” Yang Yi gently stroked Murphy’s soft comforted, “With me here, no one can bully you!”

“Can you solve it? But I really don’t want to renew my contract with Sister Ling.” Murphy said with some surprise.

“Well, I’ll deal with it! You don’t need to renew the contract with her, our studio has already done it, you can come over at any time, even if you pay the liquidated damages.” Yang Yi is now thinking about what to do for Murphy Out of this breath.

“You don’t need to pay liquidated damages, just let this Ju Jie stop bothering me. After my contract expires, I will make it clear to Sister Ling.” Murphy was still thinking about getting together and leaving.

“Don’t worry!” Yang Yi laughed.

“I believe in you.” Murphy finally found some solace in her sad mood. She hugged Yang Yi and smiled happily.

This silly woman, after knowing that Yang Yi asked Chen Yijie to invite her, has already begun to be superstitious about Yang Yi’s seemingly unfathomable network. 8)

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