House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1257: Oops, I forgot to take a photo! (1/2)


Severe cold and snow aside, Luleå is a quiet and beautiful historic town. When the train arrived in Luleå, and David drove them through the city shrouded in darkness, everyone watched When I arrived, there were almost no other vehicles on the road, and the city was almost full of low-rise private houses, and there were no high-rise buildings that made people feel busy!

Thousands of homes are brightly lit at night. It should be an alternative landscape. However, it is a pity that this city is so small that it can only be called a small town in China, and its population is not large. , the residential divisions are sparse, with a little forest in between.

The same is true of David’s house, a two-story house, a combination of masonry and wood, because the surface is covered with a layer of white snow, there is no artistic achievement, but after entering, it is unique, wood The combination of the floor and the wooden stairs, plus the tightly paved animal skin blanket, under the bright light, it looks extra simple and warm!

David’s parents are at home, and they prepared a sumptuous dinner for the guests. The hungry little ones couldn’t wait, urging the adults who were still chatting to sit at the table impatiently.

Maybe she was really hungry. After they started eating, Xixi and Lu Weisha got together, looking at each other and laughing while eating.

It is worth mentioning that Lu Weisha’s family uses knives and forks, but for Xixi, who occasionally goes to eat western food with her parents, the use of knives and forks is not unfamiliar, but she is not used to it. Especially when cutting large pieces of chicken chop, the little girl was a little embarrassed and wanted to ask her father for help.

“Xixi, I’ll help you!” Lu Weisha stood up enthusiastically without waiting for Yang Yi’s response, reached out to take the knife and fork in Xixi’s hand, and helped Xixi remove the chicken on the plate Cut into small pieces.

“It’s so much more delicious!” Xixi smiled happily with Lu Weisha.

Xiao Jiao couldn’t help himself, and he still couldn’t figure out how to eat these things. Western dinners are like this. A large plate is placed directly in front of him, and then there are two pieces of bread with different shapes, tastes and textures, as well as some corn kernels, mushrooms, a large piece of chicken chop, and of course, delicious Swedish meatballs!

But Xiao Jiao couldn’t play with these knives and forks, so he had to taste a little one by one with the help of his mother.

The adults also drank some wine and chatted happily. Xiaojiao can only drink pea soup, but Murphy did not know that this pea soup in Sweden was added with mustard spice. His face wrinkled, and it took a while to recover.

“No, no!” With a bitter face, Xiao Jiao waved his hands again and again, his fearful expression like a tiger made the two old men amused.

However, everything else is delicious!

Let’s not talk about meatballs. When Lu Weisha came to China in the summer, they ate it. Xiaojiao’s favorite dessert was the berry cake that everyone brought for him in advance!

This is a jam made from wild berries, which is directly applied to the delicately baked small cakes. The sweet and sour jam instantly makes Xiao Hao’s appetite widen, and even after eating a small cake It’s not addictive, and I still hold my mother’s hand, wanting to eat the second one.

However, maybe it was too much fun to eat, and Xixi forgot one thing.

When she was about to be full, the little girl suddenly cried out in annoyance. After she put down the fork in her small palm, she patted her head lightly, and said to her father with a small mouth, “Aiya, I forgot!”

“Xixi, what did you say?” Xixi spoke Chinese just now, and Lu Weisha asked curiously because she couldn’t understand a little.

“Forgot what?” Yang Yi asked Xixi in English.

“I forgot to take a picture!” the little girl explained, “I forgot to take out my camera with so much delicious food, I want to take a picture!”

This feels like a disguised compliment. Lu Weisha’s grandma heard it and was very happy. She stood up and gave Xixi some fresh and tender salmon with a clip. She said, “Eat more if you like it. .”

“Oh, there are so many more? I can’t finish it.” Xixi looked at her plate and patted her belly, and said a little embarrassedly.

“Xixi, thank you grandma.” Yang Yi reminded.

After Xixi finished saying thank you to the grandmother, Lu Weisha couldn’t help but ask: “Xixi, why are you taking pictures?”

“Hee hee, it’s because of Xin Er!” The little girl intertwined her hands in front of her, and smiled a little embarrassedly with Lu Weisha, “She said she wanted me to take pictures of all the delicious food I had. Come down, because my Baba will cook something delicious for her when she gets home!”

Yang Yi listened, stunned for a moment, and then reacted with amazed laughter. It turned out that when the two little girls hugged each other when they parted, this was what they were muttering!

“Why doesn’t Xiner come to play at our house? I miss her so much…” Lu Weisha said regretfully.

The two little girls may have had enough to eat, and their fighting power has plummeted, and they have started chatting.

Yang Yi and the others stayed one more day at Luleo Luweisha’s house.

Near the Arctic Circle, the sunshine time in January is actually very short. The next day when the sky is bright, it is after 10:30 in the morning, and before 2:00 in the afternoon, the sun goes down again!

So, during these few hours of bright sunshine David took Yang Yi’s family to visit some old buildings in Luleå.

Mainly the more famous church village here, there is even a historic stone church dating back to the 15th century!

Of course, the most beautiful is a wooden house with red walls and red tiles near the church village!

The one-story wooden house is a continuous piece, with red wall paint and white snow against the background, and there is a unique sense of grandeur! However, it is said that in summer, a grassy area will grow on the ground here.

“We host Midsummer celebrations here in the summer,” says David.

Lu Weisha also happily told Xixi: “My mother will participate every time, and then I will sometimes participate, wearing red clothes and white skirts, and then we dance with wreaths, but it’s lively !”

Xixi looked at Lu Weisha enviously. She didn’t know that the scale of the celebrations in these small cities was not comparable to the temple fair performances in Jiangcheng during the Spring Festival. She just listened to Lu Weisha’s description and added in her mind. A rich and lively scene.

Crowds of people, red and white skirts…

“Wow! It’s amazing!” The little girl’s admiration made Lu Weisha more interested in sharing.

You must know that Lu Weisha is not so lively in China. Now that Xixi has come to her hometown, she has become willing to talk and kept introducing some special things about her hometown to Xixi.

Of course, everyone only stayed in Luleå for two days. Soon, the David family and Yang Yi’s family boarded the train to Kiruna, where the little guys could not only live with them The long-awaited ice-themed hotel, you can also ski, and even experience some small “adventures” that they have never thought of!

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