House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1256: Dress up stylish Murphy in a cold country (three/three…


After a long flight, Yang Yi and their plane arrived in the capital of Sweden. Before getting off the plane, through the window of the plane, you can see the thick white snow piled up outside the runway, and the terminal not far away is also covered with white “robes”!

Needless to say, before getting off the plane, Yang Yi and Murphy put on many layers of clothes and thick down jackets for both children, put on warm knitted hats on their heads, and finally tied them The scarf can be pulled up at any time to shield the delicate faces of the little guys from the wind and frost.

Murphy also wears a lot of clothes. However, women love beauty. Instead of wearing bulky cotton pants, she chooses a combination of fleece leggings and jeans, which makes her legs look long and thin…long Long windbreakers and snow boots can also play a certain role in keeping the legs warm. In addition, there are thick shawls, although not animal fur, but also very warm.

After all, there is enough preparation, so it looks like Murphy is still very fashionable!

Yang Yi doesn’t wear that much anymore. He’s not afraid of the cold, and he can easily get a set of down jackets. But even so, Yang Yi’s dress is not shocking in such a cold Nordic country!

Because after they got off the plane, in the terminal, they saw some Westerners who didn’t know if they were locals or tourists, but they were all blond and blue-eyed Westerners. There is nothing wrong with heating, but after all, except for the staff, many people got off the plane or came in from the outside to board the plane. Some people actually wore thin sports jackets and a pair of trousers that showed a long calf. Just go on a trip with a backpack!

There are also some Nordic beauties sitting in a coffee shop drinking coffee and waiting for the flight, elegantly wearing skirts, just a trench coat draped on the back of the chair, this kind of dress makes Murphy envious!

Of course, everyone’s physique is different. There are Westerners who dress coolly, and Westerners who wear thicker clothes for fear of the cold. Like the middle-aged man in front of him who was sitting on a chair with sunglasses and chatting with friends, Although he was tall and tall, he still put on a sweater with obvious fleece, and held a taken off trench coat in his arms.

The David family who came to pick up Yang Yi and the others wore a lot of clothes. Their physiques were still normal. Of course, when we met, no one paid attention to the issue of clothes. Weisha happily danced hand in hand, David and Yang Yi, Maria and Murphy happily hugged together.

And what about Xiaojiao?

It doesn’t matter, the little guy has eyesight! Originally, he was sitting on the luggage cart pushed by his father, and when he saw his sister and Lu Weisha hugging each other, he also hurried up and hugged a sister’s thigh with one hand!

“Xixi, your brother still remembers me!” Lu Weisha said happily to Xixi.

“Yes! I told him that we were looking for Sister Lu Weisha to play, and then he knew it was you! Hee hee!” Xixi was so happy that she held hands with Lu Weisha, she couldn’t bear it release.

The two little girls communicated in Swedish. At this time, David looked over and said gently: “Lu Weisha, you have to speak English with Xixi, because Xixi’s mother can’t listen to Sweden. language.”

Lu Weisha stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. She moved aside with Xixi to prevent adults from seeing, and whispered secretly. It is estimated that she is also criticizing her strict father. From time to time, there are some happy laughter from Lu Weisha and Xixi.

However, even if Lu Weisha chatted with Xixi in English, Xiao Jialu still couldn’t understand. He tilted his head and looked at his sisters in confusion, not knowing what they were talking about.

However, this is also normal, Xiaojiao is used to the feeling that he can’t understand the words of “adults”.

Lu Weisha’s home is not in Stockholm. Usually because of David’s work relationship, they will live in an apartment in Gothenburg. Lu Weisha also goes to school in Gothenburg, but their hometown is actually in Luleå , a beautiful and quiet northern town.

Actually, compared to big cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, Luleå has much less cultural landscapes that can be visited, and now it is winter with very short sunshine hours. It is better to stay in Luleå than to visit. I went to Stockholm or Gothenburg (the two cities are relatively close).

But because Yang Yi’s family came from afar, and wanted to experience the authentic Swedish customs, as well as watch the beautiful Arctic Circle natural scenery and aurora, Luleå and its neighboring northernmost city, Kiruna became the best choice!

Therefore, according to what Yang Yi and David had discussed before, they took advantage of David’s annual leave and Lu Weisha’s last winter vacation, which was less than a week away, to bring everyone together. The time to play is arranged in Luleå and Kiruna!

Afterwards, Yang Yi’s family, as well as David’s family, will return to Gothenburg, with Maria as a tour guide, taking them to other cities in Sweden.

In Yang Yi’s plan, besides Sweden, they have other itineraries.

Next, after Yang Yi and the others say goodbye to the David family, they will take the world-famous train that runs through Europe, from Stockholm to Paris. By train, you can browse the scenery along the way from Northern Europe to Western Europe. Saved a lot of travel hassle.

Of course, when they got to Paris, it was Murphy’s shopping time. After buying clothes and bags, they also completed their European trip and flew back home directly from Paris.

There’s been a bit of fuss about the plans for this trip, but anyway, now they’re taking the train to the train station and then taking the train to Luleå under David’s arrangement.

Don’t underestimate Sweden, which is not a big country. Its land area is not comparable to that of Sichuan Province in China, but its shape is narrow and long. From Stockholm to Luleå, there is still a city close to the port city to the magic city. distance!

However, although the journey was a bit of a toss, Xixi and Xiaojiao, who had already slept on the plane, were still very excited, especially Xixi, who was sitting with Lu Weisha on the train, two The little girl chatted happily while looking at the scenery outside the window.

“Unfortunately, you didn’t come to our house for Christmas.” Lu Weisha mentioned this issue again, and she said regretfully, “Otherwise, we will have a lot of food and programs, I’m still in church, and I grandma holding candles and singing together!”

“But I have an exam, and I’m only on vacation now…” Xixi also said regretfully.

“Well then…”

“Hey, Lu Weisha, is your watch broken? I saw that the time above is sixteen o’clock, and it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon. Why is it getting dark?” Xixi asked curiously.

“Hee hee, no, it’s often very dark in winter here!” Lu Weisha said to Xixi with a smile, “Then, what did my teacher say, what… oops, I also forgot it was What’s the point?”

“Look, it’s dark outside! In our school, classes are not over until four o’clock, and then it’s bright.” Xixi opened her hands and gestured.

“I know, because I also studied in China, and you are still classmates.” Lu Weisha giggled.

Xiao Jiao couldn’t understand at all, he could only look at his sister for a while, and sister Lu Weisha with blond hair for a while, his eyes were full of admiration.

Maybe the children are full of energy, not only not afraid of the cold, but also have a good time, and Murphy is not so optimistic!

After coming out of the terminal, she was so frozen she was speechless when the cold wind blew!

Despite being well prepared, Murphy underestimated the power of winter in arctic regions! Sadly, she found that the clothes she was wearing seemed to be a little too small, and the windbreaker and shawl could not resist it. I’m going to suffocate myself!

Fortunately, Yang Yi found her embarrassment, not only unbuttoned her down jacket and put it on Murphy, but in the unheated taxi, Yang Yi also hugged Murphy into his warm arms.

“You’re wearing so little, are you really not cold?” Murphy was dumbfounded when she saw Yang Yi, who was just a long-sleeved dress, calmly in the cold in the taxi, slowly After working hard, I couldn’t help asking Yang Yi.

“Of course, your husband has practiced after all!” Yang Yi raised an eyebrow with Murphy proudly and said.

Murphy has heard Yang Yi say this many times. Before, she thought Yang Yi was just bragging. This time, she really believed it.

Fortunately, there is still heating on the train. This time Murphy behaved well. She asked Yang Yi to help her watch from outside the toilet of the train. Then she changed her jeans and put them on something that could really keep out the cold. Down pants, in addition to that, Murphy took out his thickest down jacket from the box, ready to put it on when he got off the bus.

When he came out of the toilet, Murphy covered Yang Yi’s eyes with a blushing face, and said embarrassedly, “Well, turn your head and don’t look!”

“Why? It’s not ugly.” Yang Yi said with a smile.

“It’s ugly, isn’t it? It’s bloated with so much clothing!” Murphy exclaimed reluctantly.

“How is that possible? You are already very thin, no matter how much you wear, you won’t feel fat. Besides, with such a beautiful woman standing here, let me tell you, even if you have a hundred more clothes to block it, you won’t feel fat. It’s impossible for anyone to think it’s ugly?” Yang Yi exclaimed.

Although she knew that Yang Yi was trying to make herself happy, Murphy couldn’t help giggling, and while withdrawing her hand, she said angrily: “How can you say so exaggerated! Okay, okay, here it is for you Look good! Is it ugly?”

Yang Yi deliberately looked at it, then hugged Murphy with a big laugh, and said, “No, no, I have to hide you, such a beautiful wife can’t be seen by others.”

“Hee hee, Yang Laotie, feel your conscience and see if it’s still there!”

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