House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1204: Broken sunny doll (1/3)



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In the morning, when Xixi went to school, she still had a bright smile and was as happy as a singing bird on campus. The fastest update┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛ In the class, Xixi is very popular. She walked into the classroom and many classmates greeted her. The little girl smiled and responded with a loud voice.


But when passing by Jiang Chen’s seat, Xixi was almost hit by Jiang Chen again!


Jiang Chen, an active and naughty guy, couldn’t hold back his inner impulse. In the past, he always stretched out his feet, trying to scare those beautiful girls, but since Yang Yi and several parents complained to the head teacher, Jiang Chen has restrained a lot, but he has changed a way to “collide” they.


To put it more directly, it is the hormones that are at work, but some boys try their best to show their good sides to beautiful girls, just like a peacock opening its screen. If he wanted to tease the girls, or stretch out his feet, or put some bugs in their drawers, all kinds of tricks were used.


No, just when Xixi was about to pass him, Jiang Chen suddenly stood up from his seat, then turned around, facing his table, and followed Xi Xi squeezed hard.


But Jiang Chen was a little miscalculated. He was facing Xixi. Although the little girl didn’t expect this guy to do such a nasty move, she reacted quickly and subconsciously took two steps back and hides. Come on.


“Jiang Chen, what are you doing?” Xixi froze for a moment, then asked angrily.


Jiang Chen didn’t admit it, he said cheekily: “What is it? Can’t I pick up a pen?”


He threw a pen on his desk directly on the ground, bent over to pick it up, and then held his head up like a rooster who had won a fight, proudly being naughty with his tablemate and the other boy winked.


“You…” Xixi was angry, but the little girl still remembered what her father said, don’t pay attention to these naughty children, if it’s too much, you can tell her father or teacher.


So, Xixi felt that she was not affected, so she ignored it and walked through the two seats, bypassing Jiang Chen and returning to her seat.


Xixi escaped a “calamity”, but Lu Xiaoyu is not as good as her!


Lu Xiaoyu is also a delicate and beautiful girl. She came a little later than Xixi. When she passed by Jiang Chen’s tablemate, the little girl was happily calling Xixi’s name.


However, Jiang Chen’s tablemate actually followed Jiang Chen’s example.


Lu Xiaoyu didn’t pay attention, but his **** pushed her to her waist, and Lu Xiaoyu was caught off guard and bumped into the table next to her!


“Little fish!” Xixi witnessed this scene with her own eyes, she exclaimed and stood up anxiously.


Lu Xiaoyu’s knock was not serious, and it wasn’t particularly painful, but she panicked and heard a crisp sound again. She turned her head and looked at the pair of sunny dolls that were originally hanging on the schoolbag. It’s all been crushed!


Suddenly, Lu Xiaoyu felt flustered and sad in her heart. The little girl sniffed and squatted down. She put her two little hands on her knees, buried her head, and began to cry.


“Xiao Yu’er, are you alright?” Xixi hurriedly ran over, crouching beside Lu Xiaoyu with a worried look on her face.


“What’s wrong with Xiao Yu’er?” Lan Xin also saw the movement, and the enthusiastic little chubby girl also stood up in her place and asked loudly.


“They, they bully people!” Xixi saw that Lu Xiaoyu was crying so sadly, her eyes were red and tears were rolling in her eyes, she pointed at Jiang Chen and his roommate.


Actually, Jiang Chen’s roommates were also a little flustered when they saw the girl crying. They just wanted to make fun of the girl, not to scare others into crying. When they cried, the problem rose to another level!


Jiang Chen still said plausibly: “What’s the matter with me?”


At this time, Cao Ruolin, who was re-elected as monitor, put down her textbook, stood up from her chair, and called out, “I’ll go tell the teacher!”


After she finished speaking, she ran out quickly.


“Don’t tell the teacher…” Jiang Chen’s deskmate looked at Cao Ruolin anxiously, but he only saw Cao Ruolin’s figure disappearing outside the door, and couldn’t help muttering in a panic, “I, I’m not On purpose, no, she doesn’t hurt…”


Lu Xiaoyu cried very sadly, and Xixi’s comfort was useless until teacher Li Ruolan, the head teacher, was called over.


“What’s the matter? Yang Xi, why is Lu Xiaoyu crying?” Li Ruolan probably thought that Xixi was good at expressing and could describe things clearly, so she asked Xixi.


Xixi did not disappoint the teacher, she saw the little girl pouting her lips, stood up, pointed at Jiang Chen and the others and said, “It’s Jiang Chen and Liang Wenjie, they like to stand up suddenly and bump into us. Almost hit me, but I dodged, and then, Xiaoyuer was hit by Liang Wenjie, Xiaoyuer was so painful, she cried!”


Perhaps encouraged by Xixi, two girls sitting in the back also stood up and sued Jiang Chen and Liang Wenjie.


Li Ruolan understood, she was a little helpless and angrily pointed at the two boys with their heads drooping: “You two, what did the teacher tell you? When you come to school, you must study hard and don’t tease your classmates. !”


“This morning’s class, Jiang Chen and Liang Wenjie, you go to the back of the classroom and stand for class!” Li Ruolan said with a serious face.


Of course, she will also inform the parents of Jiang Chen and Liang Wenjie. This is no longer a one-time issue. Covering up the disobedient students will only make them worse. Only the teachers and parents cooperate with the lesson to be effective.


The two perpetrators were punished, but Lu Xiaoyu was still sad.


“My Sunny Baby, woohoo, it’s broken!” Lu Xiaoyu pursed her little mouth, and after the teacher’s questioning, finally said the reason for her sadness.


“So that’s the case, it doesn’t matter, it’s just two little dolls, don’t take it too seriously, as long as you don’t fall.” Li Ruolan breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and comforted.


Adults and children still see things from different angles. Li Ruolan doesn’t know how important these two sunny dolls are to children. Lu Xiaoyu changed a schoolbag and still hangs the sunny doll in the new schoolbag. You can see how much she likes these two porcelain dolls!


Seeing that Li Ruolan was worried that they would cut their hands or scratch their feet, she personally picked up all the broken Sunny Doll tiles and threw them into the trash can, Lu Xiaoyu’s tears fell again.


Under the persuasion of the teacher, Lu Xiaoyu and Xixi returned to their positions, but Lu Xiaoyu said to Xixi sadly: “Xixi, what should I do? My sunny baby is broken.”


Xixi also felt sorry for her little friend, she frowned and said, “Oh, yes, it’s all broken and can’t stick back.”


“ Xixi, this is my favorite sunny doll, and it was given to me by Sister Xiaowei. If Sister Xiaowei knew that I broke it, woohoo, then What should I do?” Lu Xiaoyu sobbed and said, “Will she blame me for not protecting her gifts? If I had known, I would have been just like you, and I would have kept them at home!”


It’s been a long time since I knew this. After all, it has been half a year since Yu Xiaowei sent the Sunny Doll. Who would have thought of this at such an early stage?


No, Xixi has raised such concerns before…


Xixi tilted her little head, although she was a little reluctant to give up, but for the sake of her friends, she still whispered: “Why don’t you do this! Xiao Yu’er, I will give one of my sunny dolls to You? You hang one on your schoolbag, and then Sister Xiaowei will not be unhappy. Then you and I can have a sunny doll…”


“Is it really possible?” Lu Xiaoyu looked at Xixi with surprise and asked with tears in her eyes.


Xixi nodded. She saw her little friend was happy, and her mood improved a little. She smiled generously: “Yes, yes, but which one do you like? Blue or red? I’ll get it for you tomorrow!”


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