House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1205: Because it looks good! (two/three)



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The naughty behavior of the two little boys has not been taken into account by Xixi, but the little girl cares about the two broken sunny dolls. The fastest update┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛ However, the little girl just returned home in the evening, and the melancholy of saying goodbye to her sunny doll was temporarily washed away by a “new guest” at home.


I saw that some of the large cabinets and tables originally placed in the side hall have been removed, and even the cat climbing frame and cat litter of Xiaojiao, Xiaohui, and Duoduo have been moved to the living room. The kennel escaped because it was placed on the corner of the stairs, but unfortunately, the three cat toilets of Xiaoguo were moved to the corner of the stairs alone.


Although the cat toilet is placed in the innermost place, it is still a few meters away from Baozi’s kennel, but after all, Baozi’s territory has been invaded, but Baozi can’t beat three big fat cats. Resting on the paw, resigned to the contrary…


The current side hall has been tidied up very brightly, and a more beautiful and high-end Theodore grand piano of the same brand as the coffee shop is placed in the middle, leaning on three solid feet Standing there quietly, the black and elegant lacquer surface and the round and smooth curved surface can instantly give people a calm and atmospheric feeling!


Of course, the fly in the ointment is that Yang Yi is wrapped in black soft material on the tripod, the edge of the bottom of the piano, and even the perimeter of the piano bench, any position where the small squat may be bumped. Up, like foam, even if it hits, it still has a cushioning effect.


Although the color of these soft materials can be integrated with the piano as much as possible, there are still differences in color after all, so to a certain extent, the beauty of the piano is reduced!


But what does it matter? For the safety of the children, Yang Yi still made a lot of protective facilities, not to mention that other furniture in the house also have similar packages, just say this piano, its lid and top cover are equipped with electric tailgate similar to a car. The electro-hydraulic device can not only open and close electrically, rise and fall slowly, but also have intelligent sensing and automatic stop functions to prevent children’s hands from being caught!


Let’s not talk about this, this piano is top-notch in terms of tone and configuration, but in Xixi’s opinion, what surprises her the most is the beauty of this piano. The little girl was just brought to the side by her father. When looking at the hall, she also exclaimed “wow” in surprise.


“It’s so beautiful!” Xixi stretched out her hand fascinatedly and stroked the lacquer surface of the piano. The marble-like paint was smooth and delicate, and it was very comfortable to touch, and the little girl could still see the beautiful golden strings inside. No wonder she Can’t help but admire.


Xiao 曈曈 followed behind his sister. Originally, Xiao 曈曈 was not too fond of this piano, but he likes to imitate his sister’s movements! The little guy also raised his hand high, touched the paint of the piano, and shouted, “Wow!”


“How’s it going?” Yang Yi said to Xixi with a smile, “I will start learning the piano with my father tonight!”


“Okay…” Xixi responded casually, seemingly perfunctory, because her little head was thinking about other things.


I saw the little girl’s eyes suddenly lit up, she turned her head and ran upstairs, far away, the little girl’s cheerful laughter came over: “Hee hee, wait a minute!”


Both Yang Yi and Xiao Jiao were a little dazed by Xixi’s surprise, Yang Yi turned to look at Xiao Jiao, just in time, Xiao Jiao also looked over.


Two pairs of eyes, one big and one small, are looking at each other, as if they are having a conversation below.


Dad: What happened to your sister?


曈曈: (⊙_⊙)?


Dad: Did you know?


曈曈: (O_o)? ?


Fortunately, soon, Xixi ran back, ending the awkward eye contact between her father and brother. I saw the little girl happily put a snow baby doll in her arms on the piano and placed it next to the music stand.


The snow-white little doll is in stark contrast to the dark black piano panel, but Yang Yi couldn’t help frowning, coughing twice, and saying, “Xixi, why do you want to put a snow treasure? The doll is on the piano?”


Xixi turned around and looked at her father excitedly with her big bright eyes, and said crisply, “Because it looks good!”


Yang Yi couldn’t help complaining in his heart: “Who said…Xuebao is not good-looking!”


But this is Xixi’s piano for practice, Yang Yi thinks about it, but bear with it.


However, at this time, perhaps seeing her sister’s actions inspired, Xiao Jialu also laughed and ran to the living room.


The little guy was very quick, grabbed a small robot, smiled with his sister, stretched out his hand and handed it to her, and said in a milky voice, “Sister, here it is!”


Xixi was stunned for a moment, then took a look at Xiaojiao’s robot, and quickly shook her head and said, “No way, brother, this will not look good!”


Xiao Jiao was inexplicably excited, he jumped on the ground excitedly, clenched his fists and laughed, and shouted in his small mouth: “It looks good, it looks good!”


Xixi couldn’t beat her brother, so she muttered in embarrassment: “But, where should I put it?”


Yang Yi was having fun while he was having fun, but he thought it might be interesting to place the toys of his sister and brother on the piano, at least to make this icy grand piano look more family-like. .


So, Yang Yi also went to the kitchen specially and brought two black, brand-new anti-skid coasters, which were placed on both sides of the music stand, and Xuebao was also moved on top, and then Yang Yi turned his head and smiled with Xixi Said: “Let’s put it here, in the future, my younger brother can also learn the piano with you!”


Xixi placed it on it, and a sense of symmetry appeared immediately. Although the colors were still a little out of place, Yang Yi felt a lot more comfortable visually.


Xiaojiao looked at it for a while, but he ignored what his father said, just felt that his toys were also placed on it, so he ran away contentedly, and after a while, he also brought his mother to watch…



Xixi watched the cartoon at night and went back to her bedroom to get her clothes to take a shower. She saw her sunny doll hanging in front of the window, and then she remembered that she wanted to share a sunny doll for Lu Xiaoyu.


The happy expression of the little girl suddenly turned into a loss. Her delicate little brows drooped slightly, just like Lin Daiyu, and she looked at the sunny doll pitifully.


After a while, Xixi reluctantly untied the blue sunny doll.


At that time, Lu Xiaoyu asked Xixi to keep the red sunny doll that Xixi Then she just asked for the blue sunny doll.


However, Xixi felt reluctant to untie the blue sunny doll, because the blue sunny doll is also very beautiful!


The blue painted neck area, like the color of the sky, against the white ceramic body, like a beautiful blue sky and white clouds…


“I’m going to give you to Xiaoyuer! Because, because Xiaoyuer’s two sunny dolls are broken today, she is so sad! Xiaoyuer is my very good friend… “The little girl seemed to say goodbye to the blue sunny doll, she held the sunny doll in her hand and muttered sadly.


I don’t know how long it took, Yang Yi took Xixi’s washed and dried clothes yesterday and went upstairs, ready to put Xixi in the cabinet, but pushed open the door, Yang Yi was surprised to find Xiao The girl was not taking a bath, but was sitting at the desk, holding something with tears in her eyes.


“Xixi, what’s the matter?” Yang Yi asked in a soft, worried voice.


The little girl stood up, sniffed, ran to hug her father’s waist, and buried her little head in her father’s arms sadly and aggrieved.


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