House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1203: Give you a long vacation to travel (3/3)


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It was another morning, just before the car to go to school, Xixi routinely carried her small schoolbag and went around the backyard to take a look at the two chicks in the cage. The fastest update┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛ Although they have been fed in the morning, Xixi is still worried and runs to say goodbye to them.

I saw the little girl pressed the school uniform skirt, squatted down, reached out and poked the chick close to the cage, the chick immediately responded, but it just twisted its little buttocks, turned its head inward, Butt to Xixi.

The two chicks are much stronger than they were when they first arrived, but they are still just as shy and like to huddle together all the time.

“Rhubarb, Xiaohuang, I’m going to school!” Xixi whispered, “You have to be good at home, Mama and Baba will give you something to eat, and then, when I come back at night, when I take a walk Let’s take you out for a walk again!”

Xixi has said this many times, and she has to say goodbye to them almost every time she goes to school. Of course, Xixi doesn’t treat these chicks specially. She will say goodbye to Baozi and Xiaoguai as well, but these guys, Xixi can just shout, and there is no need to run over.

“Xixi, are you all right? Xiner has already come over!” At this time, Yang Yi was in front and shouted loudly.

Xixi just reluctantly moved her eyes away from the two chickens that looked like little meatballs, jumped up gently, and shouted briskly: “I’m here!”

I saw the little girl with a crisp laughter, holding the skirt, and ran over.

Not a lady at all, but what a lady? Lively, smart, and very likable!

After Yang Yi sent the two little girls to school, he went to the coffee shop at Jiangcheng Media University. Today he asked Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan to meet at the coffee shop.

After their debut, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan’s dresses have changed a lot. Although they are not the kind of people who like luxury, the clothes were bought with the help of the agent, and the two chose the most low-key clothes. When I came out, I still felt more spiritual and decent than before!

This is a good thing, Yang Yi doesn’t think that a folk singer must be sloppy and dusty to be like a folk singer.

After chatting for a while, they came to Yang Yi’s exclusive booth and sat down. Yang Yi pointed at Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan with a smile, and said, “You two! After my debut, you don’t think of me as Big Brother Yang anymore. !”

Miao Chuan waved his hand in embarrassment, and Lu Xiaoshu also scratched his head embarrassedly and said, “How can there be? Brother Yang.”

“Since you still treat me as a big brother, why do you feel bad about running those announcements with your heart in your head, and you don’t tell me?” Yang Yi complained, “I told you before that Huayi Brothers, this company, I I didn’t do it to exploit you, I just wanted to give our brothers a platform where they won’t be exploited! If you have any ideas of your own, you should bring them up generously. I just found out!”

Faced with Yang Yi’s blame, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan not only did not want to defend themselves, but also bowed their heads in shame and apologized in a low voice: “I’m sorry, Brother Yang, we have let down your hopes.”

Yang Yi waved his hand and said with a smile, “What’s your apology? It’s better for me to apologize to you. Some time ago, I only cared about Murphy’s concert and the children’s affairs, and didn’t care much about you.”

Don’t guess, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan really waved their hands quickly.

Yang Yi didn’t want to go around with his own people, he waved his hand gently and said, “Okay! I won’t talk about this today, just talk about your future plans! My plan is to arrange a vacation for you, Take a good rest, don’t let your body break down. Then tell me, after the holiday, how do you want to arrange it? I want to hear your thoughts.”

Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan looked at each other, and in the end it was Lu Xiaoshu, who whispered a little embarrassedly: “Brother Yang, in the future, we can still take some announcements, but not too often, because we found that After so many announcements, there is no time to think, no inspiration to write new songs.”

Yang Yi waved his hand and said with a smile: “Announcement is a bit annoying, don’t say anything, you can take some. If you don’t like it, I can make the decision, so that Mo Xiaojuan doesn’t have to arrange for you, just like Murphy, We don’t seek exposure, we just need to show sincere works to impress fans!”

Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan were overjoyed at first, and then they felt bad, and whispered, “Sister Xiaojuan is also good for us, in fact, we can still receive some announcements”

“My suggestion is, don’t take it if you don’t like it. Of course, it depends on your own thoughts.” Yang Yi smiled and said, “In the time you free up, I suggest you to calm down and accept it. For some systematic music creation training, I can invite some older generation folk songwriters to communicate with you. In addition, the inspiration for creation should come from daily life experience. I also recommend you to travel and have a look , go to the prairie or other cities to see and experience, maybe inspiration will come!”

Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan really wanted to go on the path of creating folk singers. They said so before their debut. Now, after their busy schedule, they discovered that they do yearn for their folk singers even more. Carrying a guitar around the world life.

So, when Yang Yi mentioned these things, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan both showed their longing and fascinated expressions.

“Then it’s settled!” Yang Yi touched his chin, thought about it, and then smiled, “I will arrange a two-month public travel plan for you”

“No, Brother Yang, how can you still give us money for our trip?” Lu Xiaoshu said gratefully, “Me and Miao Chuan actually saved a little money.”

“How long have you guys been out? Keep the money you saved to be a wife!” Yang Yi laughed, “I tell you, I have a request for this public travel, you two months, Not only to travel, but also to experience life, observe with your eyes, and return two songs for my homework check!”

“No problem!” Miao Chuan said excitedly, “We will definitely write better songs for you, Brother Yang.”

“Your songs are not for me, but for yourselves!” Yang Yi corrected.

Yang Yi looked at Miao Chuan, and suddenly remembered a gossip that Murphy revealed to him, smiled, and said in a resolute tone: “In order to urge you not to be At the same time, it can be regarded as a sign of hard work. It’s been a year, and you also took the initiative to tell me your unusual sugar cubes as a reward, you will bring sugar cubes on this trip, where are you going to go, and how to plan your two-month journey, you all have to discuss with cube sugar.”

“Ah?” Both Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan cried out in surprise.

Yang Yi smiled, raised her chin at Lu Xiaoshu, and said, “Xiaoshu, if you have a female companion, you can also date one, otherwise, you will be embarrassed!”

Lu Xiaoshu understood in seconds, and he also laughed, making Miao Chuan blushed.

“No, hey, that’s not the case.” Miao Chuan said embarrassedly.

It’s really not the same thing. Fang Tang likes Miao Chuan, which is more obvious, but Miao Chuan didn’t think about making a girlfriend before, and he was a bit silly in this regard, so he always No fondness found for sugar cubes.

It was also Yang Yi who opened up the matter and said that Miao Chuan became shy.

The future, who knows?


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