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The huge pit is deserted, except for the twisted and evil spiers.

Several legendary mages stood on the edge of the pit, just one step away from the magic-forbidden dead zone, and they remained motionless.

Perhaps it is because these mages have stood at the pinnacle of magic in this world that they are extremely resistant to areas such as the Dead Zone where magic cannot be used. It is like an ordinary person suddenly losing his eyesight and losing his mind. Hands and feet are average.

Stepping into it means losing the biggest source of support for one’s survival, which is extremely dangerous for every mage.

But Reiner did not have such a strong sense of resistance.

He originally lived in a world without magic. To him, magic is more like a tool that can help him stand higher and see farther. But even without magic, Reiner can handle it with ease.

This is also the biggest spiritual difference between him and the aborigines of this world.

Reiner adjusted his clothes and glanced at Hellaison who was following behind him.

“Sir Reiner, please rest assured, I will ensure your safety.”

Heraison holds a sword in his left hand and a shield in his right hand, but is wearing a black and white maid uniform, which looks quite strange.

“That would be great.”

The corner of Reiner’s mouth twitched. If he really had to face Sauron’s alien species, I’m afraid Helleson’s long sword and small shield wouldn’t be able to resist it for long, but it was better than nothing.

After organizing his equipment, Reiner stepped into the Death Zone.

Feeling a sense of alienation rising from his body, Reiner looked at his palms and confirmed that he had indeed entered the death realm.

He turned back and looked at the complicated eyes of the legendary mages. Reiner looked to the south again. The clouds were thick, just like the crumbling world at the moment.

Nearly a quarter of the demiplane has fallen, and a quarter of the demiplane is in fierce fighting. In other words, in just a few days, half of the entire mage civilization has been destroyed. The territory was encroached by Sauron’s alien species.

Reiner continued to move forward. With his previous experience, he had adapted to the extreme distortion of time and space here, and it didn’t take him much time to reach the foot of the tower.

Walking at the front, Reiner came to the entrance of the different space and stepped into it with one step.

The heterogeneous room appeared in front of Reiner. He took a look and saw that it was still the same as before, without any difference.

The metal cube is still cold, without any breath of life.

Reiner looked around, but there was no sign of Sauron’s alien species.

He closed his eyes and tried to mobilize the magic power in his body, but the silent characteristics of the dead realm made Reiner’s heart remain motionless, and the sea of ​​magic seemed frozen and unshakable.

But Reiner did not give up because of this. He chose another magic in his consciousness, a magic that was different from the modern magic system, even different from classic magic, and did not belong to this world.

“The Crimson King!”

For a moment, there seemed to be countless crystal walls blocking Reiner’s path. These crystal walls imprisoned him in the small coffin, making him unable to move.

A deep and cold touch climbed up Reiner’s back, as if he would be completely torn apart in the next moment.

But Reiner had no scruples. He continued to pry the loose lever, and beside him, a faint blue light appeared like ripples.

Then, a tiny particle of light appeared on Reiner’s fingertips.

His palms quickly floated away like a cloud, and his whole body was erratic, extending to all directions.

Reiner knew that this was his magic taking effect.

In the Dead Zone, quantum magic is not restricted!

At this moment, the countless crystal walls that originally enveloped Reiner were shattered. It was as if he had entered the real sea from a fish tank, feeling the infinite width around him.

Before Reiner had time to feel this special world carefully, he gathered his thoughts and stretched his quantum body towards the metal cube.

As soon as he came into contact with the metal cube, which had almost eliminated the vibration between atoms, Reiner felt a shiver spread throughout his body, and then he felt the internal structure of the metal cube.

In addition to the dense metal structure on the outermost layer, there is also a barrier made of high-strength material in the middle of the metal cube, which is enough to continue to protect the contents even if the outside is damaged.

Reiner continued to go deeper inside, and soon he sensed something familiar.

At the same time, he felt his consciousness surge. In front of his eyes, the cold room from the previous era disappeared, replaced by the familiar sea of ​​consciousness.

“It seems that the guess is correct. This is indeed the basis of Sauron’s alien sea of ​​consciousness in the real world.”

He looked around, and there were red dots constantly appearing in the blue starlight. These red dots kept lighting up and going out, transmitting information to all directions.

Soon, Reiner noticed that this sea of ​​consciousness seemed to notice his existence. To be precise, some of the Sauron aliens realized that their thoughts had been invaded.

Unlike using an individual to invade the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Reiner now directly entered the source of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, so he was immediately noticed by all Sauron aliens.

Countless light points gathered together to form a huge figure in the void.

This figure looks like a humanoid, but it is extremely huge. Reiner is like an ant in front of him. The giant is full of crazy evil light flashes, making people unconsciously think Be surrendered.

Soon, four arms extended from the giant’s body. Together with the original two, they formed a six-armed shadow. In its hands, it held spears, sharp knives and other weapons, full of courage.

The giant’s face has no facial features, it is indifferent and majestic. His body seems to be surrounded by clouds and mist. You can see countless light spots flickering in and out of it, as if the worlds are being destroyed and born.

Reiner soon realized that this monster was the aggregation of Sauron’s alien consciousness and was the most powerful part of these monsters.

The consciousness of every Sauron alien species is integrated into this monster. One is the whole, and the whole is one. It has nearly unlimited power. In this sea of ​​consciousness, he is the only god.

“But in other words, if this aggregate can be defeated here, it will not only dismantle the powerful resistance of Sauron’s alien species, but also directly destroy the connection between them, and even cause their genocide?”

Reiner thought that he could not just quit and leave this area at this moment. According to the current attack speed of Sauron’s alien species, it would be difficult for other legendary mages to master Reiner’s quantum magic before the whole world was destroyed. Enter this sea of ​​consciousness together to confront this giant.

So, this became Reiner’s battlefield alone.

Fortunately, after Reiner’s previous experiments, he found that he could still use his original magic in the sea of ​​consciousness. Now facing the giant, he had no chance of winning.

While Reiner was thinking, the giant waved his hand forward, and the huge trident fell heavily. With just one blow, Reiner’s soul would be extinguished.

But Reiner did not rush to avoid it, but took a step forward, and a ripple appeared around him.


The ripples spread, and the entire sea of ​​consciousness suddenly froze.

“——Let time stop!”


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