Greetings, Mister Principal: Ocean of Consciousness


It only takes a genius one second to remember the address of this website: (Vertex Chinese), the fastest updates! No ads! The sea of ​​consciousness of Sauron’s alien species not only carries their memories, but is also a medium of communication – if that can be called If you talk about it online, it also connects the feelings of all the Sauron aliens.

Reiner regained his consciousness slightly and returned to the underground cage of the Tower of Rainbow.

“Sir Braggs, I need you to use a magic that has never been unleashed on Sauron’s alien species, preferably one that can kill it completely.”

His words made the other mages some voices. There was only one living specimen left in the Rainbow Tower dungeon. If it was killed, the mages would need to capture these monsters alive from the front line, which was almost impossible in the anxious battle situation. It’s something you don’t have time to do.

“I understand.”

But Mr. Braggs understood what Reiner meant, and he believed in Reiner.

Raising a hand, Mr. Braggs quickly condensed a gray mist in his palm. After the mist reached a certain concentration, it began to emit colorful colors, and the light flowed, bright and gorgeous.

This is a nine-ring magic. Different from the large-scale spell that can destroy an entire city, this magic affects a small area, but it is very deadly.

Seeing Reiner nodding, Mr. Braggs pushed the cloud in his hand closer, penetrated the display cabinet, and came into contact with Sauron’s alien species.

At the same time, Reiner also dived into the sea of ​​consciousness again, observing all the movements here.

In a sea of ​​blue stars, suddenly, a little red light emerged.

Reiner quickly captured this distant point of light. Unlike the consciousness of other dead Sauron alien species in the sea of ​​consciousness, this point of light obviously had a special meaning.

Since the frontline has explicitly prohibited the use of new magic to kill Sauron mutants, most of the Sauron mutants were torn to pieces under the roar of artillery fire. They cannot increase their resistance to such attacks. Therefore, the mages can barely maintain the front line by relying on floating battleships.

Now, a Sauron mutant is killed by new magic, which triggers the transmission of information in the sea of ​​consciousness.

Even in the ocean of consciousness, Reiner was able to use magic. He immediately deployed Iain Gray’s magic weapon and flew towards the red dot at high speed.

In Reiner’s field of vision, the red dot shone, then dimmed immediately, and then, at the other end of the distance, another red dot lit up.

There is almost no time difference, the two light spots appear to turn on and off in an instant.

Then, another red dot lit up at the other end. In just a few seconds, the red light continued to pass, turning the entire blue sea into crimson.

“Indeed, relying on the characteristics of quantum entanglement and this sea of ​​consciousness, Sauron’s alien species can transmit its resistance to magic instantly.”

Reiner murmured. When the entire ocean of consciousness turned red and gradually dimmed, Reiner confirmed that the magic released by Mr. Braggs on Sauron’s alien species just now could no longer harm other Saurons. A different species.

The entire sea of ​​consciousness began to become blurred. Reiner knew that this was because this Sauron mutant had lost its life and the connection between Reiner and the sea of ​​consciousness would gradually be severed.

He took one last look at this quiet ocean, but he vaguely seemed to see something in it.

Reiner smelled a faint fragrance, which was the smell of Felice’s hair. He knew that this might be Felice reminding him of something.

In the constantly collapsing scene, Reiner discovered that there seemed to be a shadow behind the sea of ​​consciousness.

A shadow that looked familiar to him.

Only before the last scene disappeared and Reiner completely cut off contact with the sea of ​​consciousness, he finally saw clearly that it was a room.

This room has no doors or windows, and is completely white, with only a cube with a metallic luster existing inside.

“This is”

Reiner quickly recognized that this was exactly what the Far North looked like.

“Does that place really hold the world’s deepest secret?”

Everything passed away in an instant, and the surroundings of Reiner turned into the scene of a dungeon again. He concentrated for a moment, and then spoke.

“The information transmission between the Sauron alien species is indeed completed by quantum entanglement. Their consciousness blends to form a sea of ​​consciousness. All individuals of the Sauron alien species are linked to this sea of ​​consciousness. Their common Will affects the actions of the entire group.”

Everything he said is unheard of by other mages and is beyond the scope of cognition.

“Once a Sauron mutant is killed, its perception of magic will be uploaded to the sea of ​​consciousness and shared by all remaining individuals. This sea of ​​consciousness is a whole, and no one is an independent controller. .”

After hearing Reiner’s words, all of you were thoughtful, and the research on Sauron’s alien species came to mind, and many doubts that had been puzzling in the past suddenly became clear.

Reiner looked at the body of the Sauron mutant that had been reduced to ashes, and then spoke.

“In addition, due to some coincidences, I discovered that the sea of ​​consciousness of Sauron’s alien species is not an invisible thing without actual existence, but has a basis in This may be from the last era. Human research on consciousness. This sea of ​​consciousness exists in the extreme north of the main plane. There is a dead zone caused by the fall of the ancient mage. The mage tower in it has been distorted in time and space and is connected to a space. , and I saw this space in the sea of ​​consciousness.”

If Reiner’s previous discoveries only confirmed the mages’ many conjectures about Sauron’s alien species, then this information now is truly shocking.

If the Sea of ​​Consciousness really exists and has a specific material basis in this world, then if this material basis is destroyed, the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Sauron’s alien species can be destroyed, and then Sauron’s alien species may no longer have The resistance to magic may even directly destroy the entire invading alien species.

But soon, the mage became worried again.

Because the place that Reiner mentioned has both chaotic and twisted time and space, and it is also a dead zone. Even the legendary mage cannot cast any magic in it. If there is something dangerous there, then the legendary mage rashly Going there will most likely lead to extremely tragic consequences.

The mages can no longer afford such losses.

Seeing the silent crowd, Reiner also fell into thinking.

Although the whole room was empty when he went there last time, without any trace of Sauron’s alien species, but if it was really the entity of Sauron’s alien sea of ​​consciousness, there would be no protection measures. Perhaps in his Accidents happen when you try to destroy those metal creations.

What’s more, without magic, it is not that simple to destroy dense materials that eliminate the strong interaction force, even if there is no danger there.

But after careful consideration, Reiner believed that no one was more suitable for this task than himself, so he raised his hand.

“I’m going to destroy it.”


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