Greetings, Mister Principal: In the stopped time


It only takes a genius one second to remember the address of this website: (Dianping Chinese), the fastest update! No ads! In Reiner’s field of vision, everything stopped.

The trident in the giant Sauron’s hand was extremely sharp and contained great power, but it was frozen in mid-air and did not fall down.

Around him, waves surged in the void due to the giant’s actions, but the waves splashed and stopped halfway.

Even the starlight that was constantly flickering on the giant body no longer swayed, but stayed in place.

Although Reiner’s magical “world” does not stop time in the true sense, but accelerates Reiner’s own speed, under this extreme situation, it is no different from real suspended time. .

Eight seconds.

This is the time that Reiner is currently able to move freely, which means that in this moment of stillness, he can complete things that would take eight seconds in normal time.

Since he has mastered the secret of energy conversion, Reiner’s actions during this stationary period were not much hindered. A slowly spreading ripple immediately appeared around him. This was the high-speed movement brought by the magic weapon. The ability helped Reiner move an extremely long distance and came directly behind the giant.

At the same time, a quietly burning fireball appeared in Reiner’s hand. Its flame was ethereal and ethereal. The fireball came out of his hand, split into seven, and flew towards the giant with various weird trajectories, like particles. meteor.

Eight seconds passed quickly, and in an instant, everything returned to the same state as before.

The trident fell, creating a huge tsunami in the sea of ​​consciousness. Its instantaneous destructive power was enough to destroy an entire city. Where it fell, the surge of power stirred up a tornado, and a faint blue light shone out. The double shadow of the Tao devours all things.

The giant’s six arms immediately pursued him, waving his sword and hitting with his stick. Each blow was accompanied by power, which was breathtaking.

But it suddenly realized that there seemed to be no enemies in front of it.

Bang bang bang——

The three fireballs flying in the front hit the giant’s back. The huge explosion attracted his attention, but this was not an ordinary flame, but a flame with quantized characteristics. In an instant, the flames immediately Spread throughout the monster’s body.

! ! ! ————

The monster let out an indescribable roar, seemingly angry that he had been fooled by Reiner. He immediately turned around and brought up a huge whirlwind, extinguishing the flames on his body.

The long knife slashed at the remaining fireballs, and the six arms used the weapons in their hands flexibly and heavily to hit the other four fireballs.


The majestic power contained in the giant directly annihilated Reiner’s fireball in an almost brutal way. He roared again, took a step forward, and was about to attack again.

But Reiner didn’t panic, raised his right hand and lightly snapped his fingers.

Queen Killer!

While the giant was still sprinting, the weapons in his hands immediately inflated, like over-inflated balloons, with lumps emerging. Then, just as the giant was dazed for a moment, the giant’s weapons exploded. exploded.

Bang bang bang bang bang——

This explosion was more violent than before, and it was not a simple fire, but a burst of blue and crimson energy.

Reiner used Queen Killer’s ability to turn the fireball itself into a bomb. The moment the Giant’s weapon came into contact with the fireball, Queen Killer transferred the explosive properties to the Giant’s weapon, making it the largest bomb.

The giant’s four arms were affected by the explosion. It can be seen that most of the blue light spots are crimson, as if they were flesh and blood cut off alive. The giant’s movements stopped, and the glow on his body flashed. Shen seemed to have been hit hard.

Reiner did not relax his vigilance, but continued to create a huge fireball in his hand. Then with a thought, the entire fireball shrank to the size of a projectile. He stretched out his hand and pushed, and the projectile flew out quickly and pointed straight at it. The giant’s brow.

The giant, who was suffering from the damage caused by the explosion, naturally did not notice all this. Soon, the projectile hit the center of the giant’s head, the face without facial features.

Reiner narrowed his eyes.

The next moment, a huge flash of light burst out from the projectile. The light was enough to cause permanent blindness, just like a rising sun. Then, a hot shock wave that was enough to instantly vaporize steel spread from the projectile, and the giant As if he had been hit with a stick over his head, his head was swept by a shock wave, and a burst of red appeared on the surface of his dark blue skin.

A mushroom cloud rose from the ground, and the entire upper body of the giant Sauron was swallowed up by the fire. The radiation made the giant’s blue body glow with strange colors, just like a person’s skin was ulcerated, and starlight continued to fall from the giant’s body. At one point he knelt down on one knee and showed extreme pain.

“Isn’t it possible to kill this monster even with a nuclear bomb?”

Although Reiner has always had the advantage and kept attacking, even if Reiner used all his offensive magic, he could only injure the monster.

Although it is not difficult for Reiner to engage in a war of attrition in this sea of ​​, there is not so much time to waste in the outside world. Reiner and the Sauron giant waste every second here. , there will be countless soldiers killed by the Sauron aliens on the front line, and half of the plane will be eaten away by the invasion of countless insect swarms.

Just when Reiner was thinking about how to deal a fatal blow to the giant in front of him, the giant who was traumatized by the nuclear explosion suddenly let out a huge roar, causing the entire sea of ​​consciousness to begin to turbulence.

Reiner watched helplessly as the scars on the giant’s body faded away one by one. Blue ripples continued to appear on the giant’s body. Then, his body continued to expand and grow, and finally became a being taller than the world.

The giant’s body also changed. Black **** armor covered his whole body. Several horns sprouted from his head. A single eye emitted a strange red light. The giant’s six arms once again appeared armed. , sharper and more oppressive than before.

If you look carefully, you will find that the Sauron giant’s armor is covered with smooth and thick tentacles and constantly rotating eyeballs. If the previous blue giant was indifferent and cold, then the current giant is full of indescribable energy. The maliciousness of his name makes people feel as if they are falling into an abyss just by looking at it.

At this moment, in the eyes of the giant Sauron, Reiner is just a small thing that is not even a bacterium. In this sea of ​​consciousness, the only **** holds power, and the mage who attempts to steal the divine fire can only Destroyed in screams.

Reiner looked up at this god-like giant. The size difference between the two has reached a point where no magic can affect it. Just like the microscopic world cannot interfere with the macroscopic world, this is caused by real quantitative changes. Qualitative change.

Now, Reiner also deeply realized a fact.

Faced with such a monster, the Nine-ring Mage is still too small. Only by being promoted to a legendary mage can he possibly compete with it!


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