Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1609: Stuffed meat with gluten


After breakfast time, Yuan Zhou habitually sat in the shade by the door and began to practice carving.

It is a must for Yuanzhou to practice diligently every day. Tourists who come and go and diners who are waiting for lunch are curious and admiring from time to time to peek at Yuanzhou, but they will not bother to come forward. .

The first one is to travel to Rongcheng. No matter what the guide says, Yuanzhou can be seen on Taoxi Road, but Yuanzhou is not allowed to be disturbed.

Two one is that the people in the surrounding queuing committee are not vegetarians. Once someone has a tendency to disturb, they will stop it in a timely and low voice.

Of course, they won’t care about the people Yuanzhou knows.

It’s like a technician Cheng who arrives in a hurry.

“Master.” Technician Cheng looked at the stall where Yuan Zhou stopped and said.

“Huh? Homework completed?” Yuan Zhou asked habitually.

Technician Cheng felt his scalp tighten instantly, and the hand holding the box tightened involuntarily. No matter how many times he heard this, the pressure on his body did not decrease at all.

“No, I’m here to deliver you the recipe. My homework is still being perfected, so I’m definitely not lazy.” Technician Cheng said seriously.

“That’s good.” Yuan Zhou nodded and said nothing.

“Master, look, this is what I said before, the recipe that the four boys forced over here, take a look.” Technician Cheng put the box in a dog-legged manner and said this to Yuanzhou before. Immediately after receiving the item, it was delivered.

“Okay, I have received the item.” Yuan Zhou nodded, turning his head to look at the teahouse not far ahead.

Hao Cheng, Huang Fei, Liu Li and Wang Qiang were watching nervously.

The first time I saw Yuanzhou nodding at them was to stand up and give Yuanzhou a salute.

The four of Hao Cheng are also really attentive. It must be known that it was only a day apart from when Technician Cheng approached them privately for a “chat” and now when Technician Gu Fang entered Cheng’s hands.

Even if it is a photocopy, it is impossible to express something as precious as the ancient recipe, so it must be delivered by “human flesh express”.

“You see that I didn’t lie to you, they are just being polite. I have already said that you don’t care about this, Master.” Technician Cheng said immediately.

“Okay, I see.” Yuan Zhou’s face was serious, but he laughed a little in his heart. This scene seemed familiar.

After all, it is rare for Technician Cheng to show such a shameless appearance. This is only the case when Yuanzhou is really regarded as his elder master.

Although the two are reversed in age, this scene is quite harmonious.

“Finish it early, send it here.” Yuan Zhou instructed, and then sent Technician Cheng to leave.

“Yes, Master, don’t worry, I will definitely do better this time.” Technician Cheng nodded seriously.

“Well, let’s go.” Yuan Zhou waved his hand.

“Master Xie.” Technician Cheng nodded, then took a few steps back before turning around and leaving.

As soon as Technician Cheng left, Yuan Zhou didn’t put away the recipe immediately, but after he carefully carved the Seven Fairies in his hand and put them away, he took the box and turned back to the store.

That’s right, Yuanzhou has been carving seven fairies these days. The reason is naturally because of Yin Ya’s unintentional remarks, saying that she wants to see if the seven fairies in mythology are more beautiful than the pictures of ladies.

Back to the store, Yuan Zhou went straight upstairs with the box.

Upstairs in his room, Yuan Zhou opened the box.

The box is a slightly more expensive lacquered wood box, with a bright brown-red color, the length of two palms, and a rectangular shape. It is carved with some simple flowers, birds, fish and insects. It looks very delicate.

If you don’t open it, people will think it contains girls’ jewelry.

The design of the “click” buckle is easy to open, and there are four thin wire-bound books lying inside, all of them are modern things, the paper is a little yellow, but each book has a different style same.

“You actually sent the original ancient books?” Yuan Zhou asked in surprise.

Yes, Yuan Zhou thought it would be a manuscript recipe, but he didn’t expect it to be an original ancient book.

“It’s more intentional.” Yuan Zhou carefully took out the book and flipped through it.

Because of the urgency of time, Yuan Zhou did not plan to read it carefully, but the system suddenly jumped out at this time.

[Trigger Mission] Ask the host to collect ten ancient recipes. (unfinished)

【Mission Progress】7/10

(Progress description: Our goal is ten, ten ancient recipes, please continue to work hard, young people.)

[Quest reward] Ten ancient recipes. (not issued)

(Reward description: In addition to the recipes, there are also the founder’s notes, as well as the ingredients corresponding to the dishes to restore the recipes as much as possible, as well as the founder’s notes for the host to collect the recipes. What are you waiting for with such a generous reward? Do it, young man.)

“Long time no see, System.” Yuan Zhou greeted him kindly, it’s been a long time since the System appeared.

However, in the face of Yuanzhou’s sudden kindness, the system didn’t respond for a long time, and he didn’t know if he was frightened by Yuanzhou, or if he didn’t make a sound for a long time and was a little inflexible.

Fortunately, Yuanzhou has never been a stingy person, and he doesn’t care if the system can get back to him. Human.”

The current word in the system: “The host please work hard to complete the task.”

“Huh? Are you still in the system?” Yuan Zhou said in surprise.

However, after the system sent this encouragement, it disappeared again.

Yuan Zhou looked at himself in the mirror and said to himself, “Maybe I’m too handsome recently. They all say that men in love are the most handsome. The system is a little embarrassed to look at me directly.”

Muttering such words, Yuanzhou picked up the toiletries and went to wash up. After all, he was about to prepare the ingredients for lunch.

The time soon came to the lunch time of the Yuanzhou shop. At this time, the people in the teahouse were crowded one after another, and the crowd was the most.

Because the queuing committee stipulates that diners who are beyond the reception area cannot surround the entrance of the Yuanzhou store.

This also effectively avoids the congestion of the entire street, but as Yuanzhou becomes more and more famous, more and more people come to see Yuanzhou’s small store for business, and more and more people try to line up many.

That’s why the teahouse became so popular.

Of course, the surrounding shops are also popular in this way. Who made this place a gathering place for people~IndoMTL.com~ This is why there is only one homestay on Taoxi Road, because opening other shops makes more money .

Soon, as Zhou Jia greeted the opening of lunch hours, the first 16 people rushed into the small shop.

Yuan Zhou is standing in the kitchen, nodding slightly at the diners entering the store: “Welcome.”

This kind of Yuanzhou is the same as Yuanzhou who opened the store on the first day, and there is no change.

Actually, it can’t be said that there is no change. There are still changes. From the beginning, I was a little nervous, and now I am confident and calm and control the facial paralysis.

Soon, the diners who entered the store began to order, and Hao Cheng and the four were no exception.

Because he is the organizer, Hao Cheng is very personable. Every time, he asks the other three to order first, and he orders last.

“Give me one portion of stir-fried water bean and one portion of stuffed meat with oil and gluten.” Hao Cheng said.

“Do you need rice?” Zhou Jia asked habitually.

“I want a bowl.” Hao Cheng thought for a second, then said.

“Okay, please pay the bill first, the meal will arrive later.” Zhou Jia said.

“The transfer has been made.” Hao Cheng took out his mobile phone and showed Zhou Jia the transfer record.

“Please wait a moment.” Zhou Jia finished and left.

At this time, Hao Cheng turned his head and explained: “The soup with oily gluten stuffed meat is very good, you can also order some rice.”

Hao Cheng is explaining why he ordered rice. After all, at the beginning, he said he would eat more vegetables instead of rice.

However, after listening to Hao Cheng’s explanation, Huang Fei and the three also added a bowl of rice to their order one by one.

“I don’t know how delicious Boss Yuan will cook this Wuxi dish.” Hao Cheng secretly looked forward to it.

Of course, what he is most looking forward to is an ingredient in the stuffed meat with oil gluten, what kind of ingredient will Yuan Zhou use.


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