Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1610: Aging flower carvings


In order to play the role of the leader, Hao Cheng said immediately after seeing Yuan Zhou start his actions: “Everyone, take out your notes and start recording.”

“Yes, yes, take it right away.” Wang Qiang was the first to respond, taking out a black book with a pen attached to it, and then he took down the pen and began to record.

On the other side, Liu Li and Huang Fei didn’t say much, and just picked up the notebook and started recording.

Of course, he first recorded what he ordered, and then he needed to prove his cooking skills.

The behavior of the four of them was a little nervous at first, but when it first started, no one paid attention, because more people did it, and the diners liked it.

Some diners even gossip about who can take notes and write the fastest.

So, the four of them recorded it very calmly. At present, Huang Fei is the fastest to write. Of course, his handwriting is the kind that only he knows.

Yuanzhou also quickly made the dishes they ordered.

At this time, Huang Fei wrote like a god. He keenly discovered and affirmed one thing. His brows were slightly wrinkled, but he recorded it more seriously.

Until the four of them finished their dishes and Yuanzhou continued to cook other dishes, Huang Fei took advantage of the gap between Zhou Jia’s dishes and said, “I found that Boss Yuan has been doing the dishes we ordered quickly these past two days. One-fifth slower.”

“Huh? What do you mean.” Liu Li touched his belly and asked curiously, most of his brainpower was still in the aftertaste of the dishes.

“Boss Yuan’s craftsmanship can be said to have returned to its original state. There is no sudden speed reduction, one-fifth slower. Do you mean that Boss Yuan did it specially for us to see?” Hao Cheng was the first to respond and asked.

“I think so.” Huang Fei nodded.

“You seem to have slowed down when you say this. Boss Yuan is also very kind to us.” Wang Qiang couldn’t help but said with emotion.

After the experience of eating here in the past few days, several people’s names for Yuanzhou have changed from the former Chef Yuan to the more friendly Boss Yuan.

“I think we need to be more serious and not let Boss Yuan and our master fail.” Huang Fei said seriously.

“Yes, it must be Boss Yuan who sees that we are serious about studying art, but there must be some credit from the master.” Hao Cheng nodded.

“It’s really not going to work if you don’t work hard. I’ll go back tonight and practice two more dishes.” Liu Li sighed while touching his big belly.

“That’s right, practice more. With such good conditions, you can’t fail the master and Boss Yuan.” Wang Qiang nodded.

Hao Cheng and Huang Fei also nodded in agreement.

The current learning conditions are much better than before. Now the basic information can be checked online, and the advanced ones can at least know where to study.

But it is strange to say that the learning conditions are better, but it is difficult to forge masters one by one.

When the four of them were determined to practice cooking harder, Zhou Jia served the four of them a meal.

Of course, Huang Fei’s three and the others were the first to be served, and Hao Cheng’s stir-fried water bean and oily gluten stuffed meat last.

The stir-fried water jasmine is placed on a plate in the shape of a green lotus leaf. The water jasmine cut into diamond-shaped pieces is a beautiful jade white as a whole, with a hint of light green on the edge. The plate set off very beautifully.

The fragrance of water jasmine slowly floats into the nose when it is near, making people feel refreshed as if they smell the fresh water jasmine growing by the lake, such a crisp and green feeling.

And another dish, gluten stuffed with vegetable oil, is the focus of Hao Cheng’s attention.

“Woo La” Hao Cheng dragged directly over the plate, which was a medium-sized soup bowl, which contained two burnt red-brown and translucent oil gluten stuffed meat with beads of oil.

The soup in the bowl soaked up half of the oil gluten, and the oil gluten dragged to the front exudes a delicious taste.

“That’s the smell, it smells so good.” Hao Cheng closed his eyes slightly and said with a smile.

“It’s really fragrant, but now it’s time to divide the dishes.” Liu Li reminded in a low voice.

Hao Cheng opened his eyes immediately, looked at the two complete stuffed meat with oil and gluten reluctantly, and said after a while: “Then I will divide one out for you to decide.”

Actually, Hao Cheng originally wanted to say half of it, but seeing that the other three were looking at him, he could only swallow the thought and say half of the words.

However, Hao Cheng divided the oil and gluten stuffed meat himself. The brown-red chopsticks neatly picked up a meatball and quickly distributed it into the empty bowl on the side.

Actually, Hao Cheng secretly observed before clipping. He wanted to clip a smaller meatball, but found that the two were exactly the same size. In the end, he could only clip one with his eyes closed.

Of course, Hao Cheng also divided half of the soup in the bowl.

After clipping the meatballs, Hao Cheng didn’t care about anything else, he just put the chopsticks in his mouth and tasted it.

An extremely salty and fresh taste spreads in the mouth, giving people an appetite at once, and finally with a slight sweetness, and a mellow and long-lasting aroma slowly entering the lungs .

“This is actually an aged Huadiao wine!” Hao Cheng’s eyes widened as he tasted it carefully.

Yes, what Hao Cheng was waiting for was the ingredients for this Huadiao wine.

Chefs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang like to put some Huadiao wine in their dishes to remove the smell, and this oily gluten stuffed meat is a famous dish in Wuxi. Go smelly and incense.

But this dish should be served with Huadiao wine brewed locally in Jiangsu, which is the authentic Wuxi vegetable oil gluten stuffed meat in their hearts.

But in fact, Huadiao wine is called Shaoxing rice wine, and although Jiangnan was called Wu State as a whole in ancient times, in fact, no one agrees with each other among the counties, so there is also a certain The invisible rule is that the local Huadiao wine from Jiangsu must be used.

This is a secretive practice, but it happens to come from a place where Jiangsu chefs care.

And now ~IndoMTL.com~ Hao Cheng clearly tastes that this is their local taste, and it is still the taste of Huadiao aged wine.

The flavor is smothered in the soup, mixed with salty and umami flavors that can’t be ignored when it bursts in the mouth.

“As expected of Boss Yuan, he can do even this little detail.” Hao Cheng admired Yuan Zhou even more in his heart.

With this in mind, Hao Cheng took the rice on the side and scooped up a spoonful of soup and poured it directly on the rice.

Rice with just the right temperature and brown soup, this crystal clear rice is directly dyed with an oily layer.

“It smells good.” Hao Cheng couldn’t wait to pick up the bowl and take a sip.

The instant salty and fresh taste and the fragrance of the rice exploded directly in his mouth, Hao Cheng couldn’t help chewing.

With chewing, every grain of rice is soaked in the soup, there is a sense of satisfaction that I ate a bowl of oil soup when I was very hungry when I was a child, and it is amazingly delicious.

After a while, Hao Cheng ate half a bowl of rice, which was the result of his extreme restraint.

“It’s so delicious, that’s why every bite is so delicious.” Hao Cheng couldn’t help putting down the bowl and stretched out his chopsticks to pick up the meatball.

The smooth meatballs rolled in the soup, and Hao Cheng was stunned that he couldn’t find a place to put his chopsticks.

It is said that the outer layer of this oily gluten stuffed meat is oily gluten, and the inside is stuffed with meat stuffing, but this oily gluten has to open a mouth to stuff the meat into it.

But it’s obvious that this meatball has no holes, which makes Hao Cheng both surprised and curious.

However, in the end, the desire to eat meat prevailed, and Hao Cheng directly used chopsticks to cut the meatball in half.

At this time, the meatballs were sandwiched in half, and the light-colored meat filling gave off an attractive meaty aroma.


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