Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1608: Save some luck


Holding hands until reaching the front of the car, Ling Hong was reluctant to let go, but Ruan Xiaoqing had to smoke several times before pulling away.

“It’s very late to drive.” Ruan Xiaoqing smiled.

“Okay, then I’ll take you back so you can rest early.” Ling Hong nodded.

“Yes.” Ruan Xiaoqing nodded.

The two people got into the car next time, especially saying that Ling Hong didn’t drink alcohol just now, because he thought he was going to drive Ruan Xiaoqing home, so he didn’t drink.

Ling Hong drove very slowly this time. If it weren’t for the fact that he would violate the traffic rules if he was slower, he could have been slower.

However, no matter how slow you drive, it will only take more than 20 minutes to arrive at the gate of Ruan Xiaoqing’s community.

Ling Hong was very reluctant to give up, but he didn’t put any pressure on Xiaoqing, just watched her walk into the community as usual, and then left his sight.

Ling Hong didn’t see anyone before he drove his car straight to his house.

Suppressed excitement all the way, ready to go home to show off a wave.

Then when I got to my house, I realized that only the night light was left in the house, and the rest was pitch black.

“It’s almost twelve o’clock now. I forgot that Grandpa had already rested.” Ling Hong patted his forehead and said helplessly.

“You can call your parents.” Ling Hong’s eyes lit up, and he made a phone call in the garage without getting out of the car.

Ling Hong called at a very coincidental time. It was exactly twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, and the phone rang for half a minute before picking up.

“Do you know what time it is?” A middle-aged male voice with suppressed anger came from the other end of the phone.

And Ling Hong didn’t care about it, grinning: “Dad, your son, I have a girlfriend!”

The other end of the phone seemed to be stunned and didn’t respond. After being silent for a while, he said, “This is a good thing. Be nice to other girls. Since you told us, you are not allowed to play casually.”

“Of course, I’m very serious.” Ling Hong nodded again and again and said proudly, “Besides, my girlfriend is beautiful, smart, and super nice.”

“When will I bring it back for dinner, I’ll arrange it.” The middle-aged male voice said.

“That won’t work, it’s still too early.” Ling Hong repeatedly refused.

“Don’t listen to your father, you have to ask other girls for permission before you come. I will arrange it when the time comes. It’s just our family. It’s the first time that we will arrange so many people. Are you not afraid of scaring other girls?” Ling Hongcai refused. After that, a gentle female voice changed over to the other end of the phone, and spoke softly.

And the last sentence of the female voice is obviously addressed to the middle-aged male voice.

“That’s right, my mother understands me.” Ling Hong grinned.

“Of course, you stinky boy, you have to be nice to other girls, you can’t bully them, you know?” The female voice said softly.

“I know, of course my girlfriend is for pampering.” Ling Hong continued to smirk.

“It’s good to know, then you go to bed early, and you can’t stay up late when you’re young. Why haven’t you slept since it’s so late?” The female voice began to nag habitually.

“That’s right, disturbing your mother’s sleep, if it’s not a good thing, let’s see if I come back tomorrow and won’t kill you stinky brat.” The middle-aged male voice interjected immediately.

“I know, I want to tell you that I will also have a girlfriend in the future, so don’t give me a blind date.” Ling Hong immediately instructed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Ling Hong’s parents responded together.

“Hang up, hang up.” Ling Hong: “Go to bed early.”

After speaking, Ling Hong directly hung up the phone. Ling Hong’s parents on the other end of the phone smiled helplessly, and at the same time scolded the stinky boy in a low voice, and then lay down and fell asleep.

“Good for Xiaoqing? That’s for sure.” Ling Hong muttered while holding the phone, then his eyes lit up as if he had remembered something, and he made another call with his phone.

This time the other end of the phone only rang three times before being picked up.

“Good evening, Mr. Ling, what’s the matter.” A professional male voice came from the other end.

“Xiao Bao, I want you to draft a donation agreement now.” Ling Hong said directly.

Yes, Ling Hong’s call is to his company’s personal assistant.

“You said, Mr. Ling.” The assistant called Xiaobao spoke quickly. At the same time, there was a slight swishing sound from the other end of the phone, thinking that he was taking something to record.

“Two percent of the company’s net profit is donated every month in Ruan Xiaoqing’s name to major public welfare medical and ambulance organizations.” Ling Hong said.

“Yes, Mr. Ling, I will prepare the agreement for you tomorrow.” Xiaobao did not ask who Ruan Xiaoqing was, nor why he donated so much 2% of the company’s net profit.

After all, he is a professional personal assistant, he only needs to be responsible for doing the things explained by the boss, and this is why Ling Hong hired him.

“One more thing, I set aside 500,000 yuan from my personal account every month to buy books and donate them to children in the mountains, or donate in the name of Ruan Xiaoqing.” Ling Hong thought for a while and said again.

“Okay, Mr. Ling.” Xiaobao squeaked while recording and responded.

“Well, it’s about these two things for now.” Ling Hong said.

“I will hand over these two documents to you in the morning tomorrow morning.” Xiao Bao said.

“Okay, hard work, that’s it.” Ling Hong said and hung up the phone again.

Ling Hong, who hung up the phone, looked at the screen saver of the mobile phone, which was a photo of Xiaoqing, and couldn’t help but smile: “I’ve been very lucky in my life, I’ll save more for you now.”

“Maybe God see that this girl is beautiful and kind, and give us a few more days.”

Ruan Xiaoqing didn’t know what Ling Hong did. Because it was too late, she couldn’t bear to lie down and fell asleep when she went back that night.

But when she woke up early in the morning, Ruan Xiaoqing made the same choice as Ling Hong~IndoMTL.com~ She called her family directly to explain that she had a boyfriend.

Ruan Xiaoqing’s parents on the other end of the phone were very happy, feeling that their daughter was finally taken care of in a different place, and also asked when they could take her boyfriend back for a trip.

And Ruan Xiaoqing also responded one by one, explaining that they would take Ling Hong back when they had time, and hoped that they could take care of their bodies.

Yes, this time Ruan Xiaoqing still couldn’t open his mouth to talk about his illness.

It’s generally good. After all, she has a boyfriend now, and her parents’ hearts will always let go a little. This also makes Ruan Xiaoqing thank Yuanzhou even more.

Because it was Yuan Zhou and his Chef God Store that let her meet Ling Hong.

At this time, the four people who had organized a group to eat in Yuanzhou’s small shop came again, and they started from breakfast.

By the way, they had planned to come back the next day after eating for a day, but they still came the next day.

And today is the fourth day in a row. The four of them came to the door early and lined up to have breakfast.

Because there are so many people here, I know that Yuanzhou’s breakfast is 100 servings, but sometimes it is less than 100 servings, so I have to come early.

After breakfast, the four of them didn’t leave, they just habitually found a restaurant on Taoxi Road for rest and sat down and waited for lunch.

Yes, two good-sized teahouses have recently opened on Taoxi Road. The teahouses neither play mahjong nor drink tea seriously. It is like a gathering place, where everyone sits and rests, and more Most of them are waiting for the next meal at Yuanzhou Store.

This kind of tea house is very popular with chefs from afar and tourists from home and abroad. It can be said that the business is booming.


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