Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4752: Father is kind


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Wu Ya added: “There are divine treasures left by the Divine Water Dragon Ring in the Divine Waters. The Taichu Source Liquid can protect the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree and improve the success of the Divine Queen’s Nirvana.

“Only Shuilong and his master can take this kind of thing! If you kill His Highness Jiuye now, Mu Qianxi will not let you get your wish no matter what.”

After knowing him for so long, Wuya still understands the character of the God Emperor.

He still insisted on pursuing His Highness Jiuye because he knew that the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree was destroyed and no one could change it.

But if he could change it, he would still be willing to give it a try. After all, it was about Divine Phoenix.

The God Emperor paused for a moment, but the space crack in front of him still did not disappear.

Suddenly, the God Emperor was there.

In the space vortex, the endless power of darkness swarmed in, causing major malfunctions in the good passage.

It’s because of him! Shuilong glanced at Jiuye and just wanted to throw Huang Jiuye out immediately to prevent his master from being in danger.

Jiuye’s ice-blue eyes turned as black as the endless abyss, and her whole body was filled with the price of chaos and terror. Mu Qianxi’s expression changed drastically.

“Nine nights!”

A Ting also felt a headache. In order to fight the God Emperor, they took a desperate risk.

In a stable area with heavenly checks and balances, Jiuye can still remain normal.

And in this kind of space passage, darkness invades, and Huang Jiuye may not be able to control this chaotic power.

“Water Dragon, take the stupid woman to the divine waters to have fun! Let’s…”

“No!” Huang Jiuye, who had fallen into endless darkness, came back to his senses and hugged Mu Qianxi tightly.

“I won’t leave you because of this!” He said darkly.

He had been gone for too long, leaving her in fear in front of that dangerous man for so long, and she absolutely didn’t want to leave now.

“Master, don’t you want him to leave too?” Shui Long asked beside Mu Qianxi.

“Yes!” Mu Qianxi nodded.

“Then I will naturally let the master fulfill his wish.”

“Huang Jiuye, don’t resist my power!”

Layer upon layer of mysterious magic fell down, imprisoning Huang Jiuye.

Layer after layer of ice wrapped around Huang Jiuye, and the ice turned into ink color and powder layer by layer.

“I alone can’t do it! You have to learn how to suppress this power by yourself. If you can’t do it, I will not let you stay with my master no matter what.”


Jiuye’s talent and understanding were already high, but with the guidance of Water Dragon, he was finally suppressed.

Yes, there are side effects!

Once he uses his power, he will make the same mistakes again. “Is there no other way?”

Shui Longdao: “Are you not satisfied that you have no power? You know very well where your power comes from, how dangerous it is!

“It’s rare to be able to relax for a while without using it now. I can only help you this time. You have to cherish it! Master, just have me protect you.”

“Jiuye, if this is the best way, then so be it! I will protect you.” Mu Qianxi hugged him and said.

A Ting yawned lazily, “It’s done! Fortunately, Shui Long has something to do. I’m going to take a nap. I’m exhausted.”

When she sensed the strong water element, Mu Qianxi knew that they had arrived safely in the divine waters.

But it seems very unsafe here!

The terrifying sound of explosions was heard all around, deafening.

The space vibrates, and the wind, clouds, and sea water in the sky stir together.

The overbearing forces filled with the power of annihilation collided wildly. There were at least a dozen of them, and they hit the sky and the earth in darkness.

“Get out of the way! Our family will enter this secret realm first.”

“Who do you think your clan is? We discovered this first.”

“If you want to be the first, you have to beat me first.”

The fighting was very ferocious, and everyone had red eyes.

Mu Qianxi said: “Shuilong, this is…”

With the water dragon protecting her, no matter how brutally the people in front of her beat her, not even a hair on her face was disturbed.

The water dragon replied: “Master, there is indeed a secret realm here. I didn’t expect it to be discovered by these water tribes.”

“Open!” The people on the other side were fighting over each other to rush over and open the secret realm, but the fight was fierce.

But Shui Long only said one word, and the door to the secret realm instantly disappeared and appeared in front of Mu Qianxi and Shui Long.

And he is very sensible and does not need the person in front of him to open the door, he opens it himself.

At this moment, the originally noisy battlefield fell silent.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

They saw a peerless woman.

There is also a man who makes them kneel down immediately when they see him. He is an extraordinary man.

Qi Qi gasped, who are these two people?

To be able to open the door to the secret realm on their own initiative, this is the first time they have seen such an unbelievable thing after living for so many thousands of years.

“Master, go in! He is coming, it is safer inside.”

Even if he is the master of the Divine Waters, now that the Gods control the Divine Realm, he will not think that the God Emperor will not chase after him when he reaches the Divine Waters.

Even if all the defenses of the Divine Waters are opened, they cannot guard against the God Emperor who possesses such powerful power.

So, he naturally wanted to choose a safer place for his master to take refuge temporarily.

That is a secret realm restricted by laws and restricted levels, which cannot be broken even by the God-Emperor for a short while.

“Yes!” Mu Qianxi was led into the secret realm by the water dragon.

Before entering, Shuilong glanced at the water tribes lightly, “Choose more excellent, interesting, and capable water tribes to play with my master! In case she is too bored in there.”

These strong men from the water tribe have dull faces. Who are they?

So arrogant, but they subconsciously wanted to do this immediately.

What kind of soul attack is this? It’s terrible.

Just when these water tribes entered the secret realm, a dazzling divine light descended here.

These are the top experts in the divine waters, and their scalps suddenly felt numb.

The people coming here are very strong. Give them a weapon that is strong enough to kill them instantly.

When they saw the **** with flying silver hair and incomparable indifference, they widened their eyes and said, “God Emperor, you… why are you here like this?”

Could it be that their secret realm is so powerful that His Majesty the God-Emperor attaches great importance to it?

The God Emperor said calmly: “My Xi’er and Jiuye came to experience in the waters of the Gods. I came here specially to take a look.”

They were stunned and guessed who the woman was?

The number one genius in the God Realm, Mu Qianxi.

It seems that the God Emperor dotes on Mu Qianxi even more than rumored. She came out to practice and even personally sent her to the divine waters.

The God Emperor wanted to enter the secret realm, but he obviously felt blocked by the law.

It was not impossible to break open by force, but in the end, he did not do so.

He opened his palm, and a little bit of spiritual power in his palm turned into a divine bird and flew into the secret realm.

“Xi’er, Jiuye, my father doesn’t have to kill you now and give you one last period of time together. However, you must complete a task!

“The Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree has withered, and it needs the primordial source liquid from the divine waters to bring it back to life. You have to bring the primordial source liquid back to the Gods. You won’t be given much time, so do it as soon as possible, otherwise, Better die!”

This is the last mercy given by this supreme **** to the two children. He is also extremely conceited about his own strength, thinking that even if they are allowed to play in the divine waters for a period of time, they will not be able to surpass him in strength.


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