Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4753: God’s preference


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After they successfully broke into the secret realm, the feeling of extra danger did not disappear.

The God Emperor did not come in person, but a divine bird appeared out of thin air in front of Mu Qianxi and Huang Jiuye.

The words of the God Emperor reached their ears.

“Something happened to the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree.” Mu Qianxi’s face darkened.

When she first stayed there, she felt that there was something wrong with the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree. Did she not expect it to be so bad?

Mu Qianxi raised her eyes and looked at Jiuye, “Jiuye, do you really want to bring the Divine Phoenix back to life?”

Jiuye’s ice-blue eyes dimmed slightly, and he said solemnly: “I don’t want to.”

Jiuye’s mother got into trouble because she was trying to save him from death as a child.

Jiuye did not exhaust all methods to help her resurrect.

He was not born cold-hearted and had no feelings or gratitude towards his biological mother.

Rather, he had already made a decision in his mind.

“I will send him to accompany her as soon as possible.”

Mu Qianxi was slightly startled, remembering the only emotion that A-Nian sensed from the Divine Phoenix.

She doesn’t want to be resurrected, she just wants to wait for the God Emperor to die!

And Jiuye knew the mother who gave birth to him, raised him, and loved him very well.

Mu Qianxi said: “The God Emperor is willing to use this as an excuse to let us breathe a little. The Divine Phoenix has its own choice, but the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree and the Divine Phoenix clan should not be completely destroyed. Taichu I want to find the source fluid.”

The water dragon looked at Mu Qianxi, “Everything in the Divine Waters belongs to the master. Naturally, so does the Taichu Source Liquid! If the master wants it, then take it, but it is not in this secret realm and needs to be taken later. Arrive.”

“There is no need to be so anxious. If we get it now, the God Emperor will kill me and Jiuye the next moment, and we are not his opponents yet.”

Of course, it would be better to try to gain some time.

The divine bird landed on Mu Qianxi’s hand, and she said: “Okay! I will get the Taichu Source Liquid, and I will save the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree.”

“Yes! Xi’er is still the best behaved.” The God Emperor was satisfied.

But when Jiuye heard his words, his face became even colder.

He must send him to stay with his mother as soon as possible instead of keeping him alive and threatening the people he loves most.

Displeasure also appeared in Shuilong’s eyes, and he didn’t like the tone in which the God Emperor spoke to his master.

His master is definitely not a little pet who lets him control his destiny. He will definitely make him pay the price.

“This is the secret realm I chose for the master. If you can enter the water tribe’s strength, the master should be able to deal with it and ensure your own safety. I have to accumulate some strength to ensure that after the master leaves this secret realm, the God Emperor cannot harm you.”

He was able to wake up faster than other companions because of his prayers.

It does not mean that he has recovered enough strength.

Mu Qianxi nodded slightly and said: “Shuilong, thanks to you this time. You have a good rest for now, I will take care of myself.”

“As long as I am here, I don’t need you.” Jiuye said coldly.

It’s not easy to be able to stay together with Xi, and it’s the best thing to have less of an eyesore.

“You are only holding back your master now. Where do you get the confidence? Don’t you recognize your own strength?” Shui Long did not hide his dislike for Jiuye.

If it wasn’t to help him consume too much power, he wouldn’t be so fast and would have to return to the contract space.

You should have more time to assist the owner and become familiar with this secret realm.

Collect all the opportunities and treasures in this secret realm and present them to the master.

Just let the master feel comfortable and practice here easily.

He really couldn’t use his out-of-control power, so he hugged Qian Xi tightly and said, “As long as Xi will dislike me and hold me back.”

Murong Zi smiled faintly and said: “Okay! Shuilong, I will enter the secret realm alone, no problem. After all, I have a lot of experience before.”

A look of annoyance flashed across Shuilong’s eyes. He really missed his master too much.

Now that the master has arrived at the divine waters, he must hurry up and not miss it.

“Well! Master, if you need me, call me at any time. I will do my best to serve you.” Shuilong returned to the contract space as soon as he finished speaking.

Outside the secret realm, the God Emperor, who received Mu Qianxi’s reply, glanced at the water tribe in front of him, “You guys, please help yourself!”

The next moment, the God Emperor disappeared into the divine waters, and only those strong men from the water tribe dared to breathe and speak.

“His Royal Highness Qian Xi was the first to enter the secret realm, and the God Emperor still loves him so much. It seems that we don’t have to fight anymore! The greatest opportunities and greatest benefits probably belong to His Highness Qian Xi.”

“This is the secret realm of our divine waters. Why should we give up the opportunity and treasure to her? No matter what, we have to fight for it.”

“That’s right, do you really think that the divine waters are already under the control of their divine race?”

After the God Emperor left the Divine Waters, a gray-haired young man appeared in front of him.


The young man has an exceptionally handsome face, and his dark eyes are full of respect and worship for the God Emperor.

But in my heart, I was not as calm as on the surface.

In order to seek a higher breakthrough, he wanted to collect the last trace of Tianlong Qi as soon as possible, defeat Huang Jiuye, and become the best disciple of his master.

Unexpectedly, he came out not because he broke through, but because the last trace of Tianlong Qi disappeared.

After leaving seclusion, I immediately learned some extremely incredible things.

That trash Ji Tianbai is dead! Death at the hands of humans.

Of course, what is even more incredible is that Huang Jiuye actually has a lover and married a wife.

And the master doted on that little girl, and doted on her to such an extent that she even took away his heavenly dragon spirit.

The God Emperor looked at him calmly and said: “Qin Mu, you are out of seclusion.”

Qin Mu said in a deep voice: “Although I came out of seclusion, I don’t have the last bit of Tianlong Qi. Now that I only have this little strength, I’m afraid I will disappoint the master.”

The God Emperor said coldly: “You also know very well that you were born because of Tianlong’s expectations and obsession. Since Xi’er has become the master of the Divine Water Dragon Ring, then she is the most qualified to obtain the Qi of Tianlong. People.”

Qin Mu’s face froze. When he said this, he did not expect the master to help him vent his anger. After all, the master was an extremely cold and ruthless god.

But he never expected that the master would say these words.

“No wonder, it turns out that my younger siblings are the owners of the Divine Water Dragon Ring. Therefore, it is logical to collect the energy of the heavenly dragon.”

He knows why he was born. Ever since he gained strength, he has been looking for the Divine Water Dragon Ring.

But I didn’t expect that someone would take the lead, and it was also a human race.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you take out the originally fused Tianlong Qi and give it to Xi’er.”

Such a ruthless **** gave all his love to that little human girl, which made Qin Mu, who had always admired him, feel a bit depressed.

“I gave Xi’er and Jiuye a mission to find the Taichu Source Liquid. Now that you are out of seclusion, go to the Divine Waters and help them complete the mission as soon as possible. Don’t be too playful.”

After proposing this condition and letting them go for the time being, the God Emperor naturally knew that Qian Xi and Jiuye could not be too eager.

Now that Qin Mu is out of seclusion, there happens to be one more supervisor. Whether it was towards his own son or disciples, the God Emperor had always been indifferent and had never shown such preference.


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