Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4751: The water dragon wakes up


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Light green light burst out, and the power of time circulated, eliminating Jiuye’s fatal injuries.

Infuse him with the power that belongs to him in the future and make him stronger.

“Should we terminate the contract, when will it be terminated? It’s up to me to decide. Death together is not a tie, it’s a loss! It’s embarrassing, and I don’t want it.”

The long gray-green hair is flying, and the elf-like young man is proud and peerless. His light green eyes stared at the God Emperor, “The prophet of your God Clan predicted that Huang Jiuye will be stronger than you in the future and kill you! That stupid woman will be stronger than you in the future and defeat you. She didn’t even predict that the young master After recovery, the same can be done

Kill you? Not accurate at all! ”

The God Emperor is indeed ridiculously strong.

The eternal artifact fell into sleep, and what appeared next was the eternal and powerful Supreme Being of the God Clan.

From now on, no one has the strength to surpass him, and he will always be the strongest. The God Emperor said lightly: “There is no prophecy, that is, even if you recover, you will not be as powerful as me. Do you really think that your eternal artifact has been eternally powerful since its birth? You are too conceited, and can you completely recover?

, not necessarily! ”

How could this arrogant and arrogant young man endure such grievances, “How dare you look down on us, how wonderful!”

The furious Ah Ting burst out with the power of time.

“I don’t want to die with him! Together, I’m afraid that you are not safe alone, and his death will not be clean.”

“Yeah!” Jiuye agreed with Ah Ting, which was an irrational but safe decision.

Even if something happens to A Ting, Xi will be very sad.

“Boom–” Jiuye and A-ting tried their best to fight a very difficult battle.

Under the annihilation of the divine light of death, they supported each other and continued to fight, never letting themselves be easily killed.

Mu Qianxi stood motionless in that place of broken nothingness, her fists clenched and her heart trembling.

“Jiuye, Ah Ting! No, leave… leave here…”

She discovered their determination.

How could Jiuye and A-ting leave? What if the God Emperor backhanded her and wiped her out? We must fight to the end.

A Ting and Jiu Ye refused to listen, and her meager strength was like a drop of water falling into the vast ocean, with no effect in the terrifying battle in front of her.

Just when she was worried, light blue water waves gently swayed in the soul sea.

“My master, the water dragon has troubled you, I woke up! Please, don’t worry, I’m here.”

A layer of light blue water mist wrapped around Mu Qianxi’s body and froze into ice crystals.


Spider web-like cracks appeared in the ice crystals, turning into water droplets and scattering.

The first thing he did was to immediately relieve his master’s worries and break the restrictions placed on his master by the God Emperor.

“My Lord, how can I be imprisoned in the palm of your hand? Lord of the Gods, what you have done makes me very angry.”

The aqua blue dragon soared in the air, staring at the white figure.

“You can actually break the restriction I placed on Xi’er! It is indeed an eternal ring.” The God Emperor was slightly surprised.

What the God Emperor wanted most was to kill Jiuye, and he did not bother to imprison her again and continued to kill Huang Jiuye.

“Boom–” Water Dragon joined the battle.

The terrifying water element erupted, and a terrifying tsunami erupted in the sky, overwhelmingly attacking the God Emperor.

When Shui Long said he was angry, he didn’t just say it casually. He proved it with actual actions, which slightly relieved the pressure on Jiuye and A Ting.

Mu Qianxi immediately sent a message from her soul: “Shuilong, my purpose is not to fight to the death with the God Emperor. Now that the confinement of divine magic has been lifted, we can just run far away.”

Shuilong smiled lightly and said: “Okay, then just listen to the master.”

At the same time, I was annoyed in my heart that I was not strong enough to settle accounts with the Gods for my master.

“Boom-” After Shuilong’s main attack ended, Jiuye and A-ting joined forces to attack.

They still have a good understanding of each other, and A Ting cooperates with Shui Long’s battle plan.

A force of water element gently rolled up Mu Qianxi and sent it to the back of the giant water dragon. The water dragon said gently: “Master, sit still!”

“Bang——” The water element turned into countless sharp blades, tearing apart the God Emperor’s light film, and spider web cracks appeared in the surrounding space.

Shuilong sent a message: “Ah Ting, you can go!”

He did not send a message to Jiuye, out of selfish motives, he felt that if Huang Jiuye held back the God Emperor here, the master could leave more safely.

Besides, his death might be a good outcome.

Several major eternal artifacts will almost make this choice coldly.

But at this time, Ah Ting said to Jiuye: “If you can’t kill your father now, let’s kill him later! Don’t forget that our goal is to rescue that stupid woman!”

This is his natural contractor. He has not yet decided to terminate the contract, so naturally he has to take him with him to retreat.

Jiuye nodded slightly, they had the same purpose.

The God Emperor is stronger again, and he cannot kill him today.

As long as he could live, he didn’t want to die, let alone be killed by him. After all, he wanted to continue to be with Xi.

The terrifying power of darkness swept towards the God Emperor like a black hole, and the darkness interfered with all the God Emperor’s perceptions.

When time began to turmoil, it was also under the control of the Time Supreme.

The water elemental spiritual power between heaven and earth gathered crazily and enveloped them, and at the same time, a water curtain surrounded the God Emperor.

Even if the three of them join forces, they cannot kill the God Emperor.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t even run.

A water-blue space crack appeared, which was the transmission channel to the divine waters, and the soft voice of the water dragon came out.

“My master, welcome to my divine waters!”

That is his territory. Now that he wakes up, it will be more convenient to prevent the God Emperor from chasing after him.

Even if Shui Long takes action, the God Emperor will not give up just because people have escaped. He must kill Huang Jiuye.

There was also Xi’er. Xi’er had her magic removed in front of him and was taken away by the Eternal Ring. This was something that he, the arrogant man, could not allow.

“Jiuye, Xi’er, there is no way you can run away in front of me.”

Just as the God-Emperor caught up in an instant, a familiar figure stood in front of the God-Emperor.

“Wuya, you dare to stop me? Do you want to die?” The God Emperor’s silver-purple eyes flashed with a dangerous look.

Wu Ya shook his head and said: “Your Majesty, I am not stopping you! Just set your eyes on the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree.”

The Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree, which should have been emitting a fiery red light, became dim, with fallen leaves covering the ground.

It was not Wuya who stopped him, but Divine Phoenix.

Wuya and Tiandao didn’t understand why the God Emperor didn’t kill Mu Qianxi immediately?

After that, I finally figured it out, it was because of the most important woman in the God Emperor’s life.

It’s a pity that no matter how talented Mu Qianxi is in refining medicine, no matter how important and special she is to His Highness Jiuye, she still can’t bring the God Queen back to Nirvana.

The God Emperor said calmly: “The Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree has withered and reached its end. Once it withers, the Divine Phoenix will never have a chance to reach nirvana.”

Even so, the pace of the God Emperor did not stop. He burst out with divine power to tear apart the void, locked onto the aura traces left by Huang Jiuye and the others, and prepared to take action.


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