Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4750: Eternal Wish


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Falling into that chaotic and dark place, he often felt that he was the same kind as the things in the darkness that were nothing and nothing.

If there is no time left, the memory of him and Xi, a heart beating only for her, and a soul trembling only because of him.

There was an angry and angry sound coming from the life contract that had not yet turned into nothingness.

There’s a good chance he’ll become that thing and never be able to see her again.

“I miss you too, Jiuye!” Mu Qianxi hugged Jiuye tightly.

In addition to the dead people present, they are our own people.

Looking at the two people who were hugging each other so well, no one dared to look or say a word. The surroundings were so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

However, someone was not as sensible as them and broke the peace.

A crack appeared in the void, and the Supreme God descended.

Silver hair was flying in the air, and his silver-purple eyes looked at Huang Jiuye with endless killing intent.

“Father has given you time to get together. Now, it’s time for me to take action.”

The familiar power of darkness enveloped Mu Qianxi and pushed her away.

The murderous intent in Jiuye’s ice-blue eyes was not inferior to his at all, “I will kill you!”

The God Emperor waved his hand, and a film of light enveloped the entire space.

Even if they destroy the world, will they have any impact on the God’s Domain?

It’s not that he is responsible for the creatures in the entire God’s Domain, but he doesn’t want his own things to be in tatters.

Holy light and endless darkness compete with each other.

Even if you can’t see it clearly, you can still feel it is extremely scary.

Everyone gasped, it was clear that they had reached the Emperor level.

But I felt that there was a gap of several galaxies between them and those two people.

Xiao Sheng smiled and said: “Your Highness, you have a really good sense in choosing men! His Highness Jiuye’s strength is really amazing.”

This was a pleasant remark, but Mu Qianxi couldn’t listen to it.

Because, Wuya’s voice came from her mind. “I saw the future. His Highness Jiuye will die! And because you saw His Highness Jiuye die with your own eyes, you lost your love and your mood was damaged. You will not be able to surpass His Majesty the God Emperor in the future. You are not a threat to him. He will not kill You, you can survive

Why do you think so? ”

Mu Qianxi said in a deep voice: “You, a magician, have made accurate predictions many times. I don’t believe in the future you see!”

Just because she doesn’t believe it doesn’t mean that the current situation will be optimistic.

The strength of the God Emperor is really getting more and more terrifying. Jiuye is really dead against him.

“Sister Patriarch!”

The battlefield belongs to the battle between the God Emperor and Jiuye, and no one can interfere.

Unless she has the same strength as them.

Mu Qianxi looked at Qi, and there was another person who could intervene in this battle.

“Aqi! I’m an old guy, what’s wrong with being a widow? My sister is still so young, she can’t be like me.”

The next moment, Ying Tianxia did something shocking.

He embraced the leader of the Qi clan into his arms.

The size difference between the two is huge, and his broad arms can completely wrap the delicate woman in them.

“Unbridled!” Anger appeared on Qi Na’s beautiful face, which was as smooth as lake water.

Even though Mu Qianxi had already noticed that the relationship between the eldest brother and the patriarch sister was unusual.

But I didn’t expect my eldest brother to be so unexpected and so aggressive?

The tips of Qi’s ears are a little red and his body is shaking a little. Why can’t he break away from this shameless man?

The reason that caused her to violate her instinctive obedience was this person.

It seems like there is an invisible heart beating.

Between instinct and absolute rules, choose to love him!

Qi raised his hands, clasped his hands together, and whispered: “Pray, pray that the best servant of His Highness Qian Xi can come as soon as possible and relieve her worries!”

“Pray, pray that the best servant of His Highness Qian Xi can come as soon as possible and relieve her worries!”


She remembered that it was a very distant memory, a memory about wishes.

When the world was in emptiness and chaos, the first thing to be born was the eternal artifact.

Do these transcendent, transcendent beings have any wishes? There was none at first.

But one of the adults suddenly had an incredible wish.

“I want to wait for a master who can serve her, relieve her worries, and do anything for her. Make her the happiest person in the world.”

He is the Lord of Water, the Eternal Realm, and the Divine Water Dragon Ring.

For this wish, he learned a lot.

If you know a lot, you will be able to provide the best service to your master as soon as possible when she needs it.

Now, she uses this wish power that flowed from distant time and space to perform this prayer.

She didn’t name it as an eternal artifact, which doesn’t count as breaking the rules. She can definitely do it.

Qi looked at Mu Qianxi and smiled and said, “Your Highness Qianxi, I can only help you so much. I hope everything goes well for you.”

The wish to be connected to the eternal artifact was no ordinary wish, and it was unbearable for her.

Almost in the next moment, he lost all strength and fell into Ying Tianxia’s arms.

“Sister Patriarch…”

Her alchemy skills have improved a lot. She has already developed a special potion to deal with the problem of the patriarch sister.

“Brother! Feed these to the patriarch sister quickly!”

“Okay!” Ying Tianxia hurriedly fed the medicine.

Feeling that the person in my arms was not that bad, I breathed a long sigh of relief, “It’s okay, it’s okay!”

“Brother, what do you think will happen to the patriarch sister?” Mu Qianxi asked.

Ying Tianxia said sadly: “Change to the exact same body and continue living. Forget you and me. It took a lot of effort for her to become like me. I actually can’t bear to let her live like she did before.”

Mu Qianxi said: “No! My ghost doctor’s medical skills are not bad, and I can’t even change my body! And… brother, should I call the clan leader sister, sister-in-law?” Ying Tianxia looked at it deeply. The woman in her arms said: “Well! Aqi, she is the wife of the eldest brother. Things between us are a bit complicated and it is difficult to explain clearly. Are you still worried about your family Huang Jiuye? If you have a chance, run away as soon as possible. Aqi, I will do it myself

Take care of. ”

“Well! You go away quickly, Your Majesty won’t do anything to me.” Qi said hoarsely.

Mu Qianxi looked at Xiao Sheng and said: “After using it, Liangqing, if I leave the divine realm, the soul puppet technique will be automatically canceled! If you don’t want to be hunted down by the gods, you can also pretend to be like before.

“If I die, it will be resolved the same, but just ask for your own blessings!”

“Rumble–” In the light film, Jiuye was covered in injuries.

The soul was also quickly wiped out under the huge divine light.

This man is strong, he has always known it.

“Ah Ting, cancel the contract! Come back to her.”

Jiuye’s ice-blue eyes were calm, but in his heart he had the intention of dragging the God Emperor with him to perish. He who planned to kill Xi must not be allowed to still live in this world.


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