Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4749: Return from Nine Nights


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Chapter 4749 Jiuye Mu Qianxi looked back, “Sister Patriarch, why are you here? The fighting here is so fierce, what should you do if you are injured?”

There was a layer of mist-like worry between Qi Wenwen’s brows and eyes.

“Don’t listen to Lord Wuya’s suggestion! It is too dangerous for you to anger Qin Mu before you are still young.” Mu Qianxi looked into her eyes and said: “I will not let him Jiuye risked any danger to save me. At the same time, I also hope that my partners will recover quickly. For them, no matter how dangerous it is, I will not be afraid! Wuya calculated this correctly, and he got his wish

I will not give up or regret it. ”

Once she makes a decision, she won’t back down even a step, all for the sake of the people she cares about!

Qi knew that no matter what she said, it would be useless.

“Sister Patriarch, my next wish is for Shui Long to wake up as soon as possible, is that okay? Is it against your loyalty to the God Emperor? If it’s difficult, forget it. You can continue to pray for your elder brother. That would be good.”

“Why? It’s him again.” Qi was slightly startled.

Mu Qianxi smiled and said: “Because, I think my eldest brother is very happy to be prayed for by you! It’s like he has come back to life again.”

The clear spring-like eyes condensed, and then sighed softly: “Your Highness Qian Xi, I will consider your wish, so be careful.”

“Kacha! Kacha!” Mu Qianxi’s protective formation in the Tianlong Secret Realm collapsed.

She used the power of space to teleport into the secret realm of Tianlong, and a roar came from the wind.

“Damn it! We didn’t protect ourselves well enough and let that **** break in. Get rid of her quickly!”

“Who do you want to get rid of?” Ying Tianxia stopped them harshly.

“Get away!”


Outside, the fighting became more intense.

Not everyone can obtain the dragon’s energy.

Even if Mu Qianxi goes in, he will get nothing, because the dragon’s energy only recognizes their master.

This secret realm is very large, and it is vast and vast as far as the eye can see.

This secret realm can be said to be very small, because 99% of the entire secret realm is occupied by a dark gray dragon bone.

Where is the Heavenly Dragon Qi?

How to collect? Wuya just pointed out a way for her, but he would not be kind enough to tell her what to do specifically.

Mu Qianxi’s soul power spread out and enveloped this space, without any fluctuations in the sleeping dragon skeleton.

“Qin Mu’s things are not so easy to grab!”

Mu Qianxi thought of the key, which was the water dragon, both in the shape of a dragon.

She used all her spiritual power to burst out the water element, and the pure water elemental spiritual power filled the entire space like a tide.

“The water dragon is coming!”

The aqua blue dragon soared into the sky. There was no room for an explosion, but a steady rain began to fall.

Amidst the sound of rain, the dragon skeleton that had been silent for thousands of years suddenly erupted into a deafening dragon roar.

Master Water Dragon is here, even if it has disappeared from the world and turned into bones, as an elegant heavenly dragon, he should respond.

The roar of the dragon spread out from the secret realm and resounded throughout the entire divine realm.

The guards naturally heard it, and their expressions changed greatly.

“How is it possible? The dragon roared in the sky only once when Lord Qin Mu was born. After Mu Qianxi entered, he actually triggered the dragon roar.”

“Mu Qianxi must be killed, otherwise something bad will happen.”


The ring on Mu Qianxi’s finger flew out, and the dragon totem on the ring merged into the giant water dragon.

“Tianlong, use your Tianlong energy to help me wake up. I! I want to serve my Lord well.”

A very friendly, noble and transcendent voice came out.

“Yes!” A light golden light rushed out from the keel.

This is the last piece of Tianlong Qi that Qin Mu is not qualified to draw.

Only Qin Mu can collect this Heavenly Dragon Qi. Yes, no one knows about it, except Water Dragon.

His transcendent status means that no matter the dragons in the dragon world or other ancient dragons, they all respect him as the supreme one.

The aura of the heavenly dragon merges into the water element, and finally merges with the ring.

“Rumble–” The last ray of Heavenly Dragon’s energy dissipated, and the Heavenly Dragon’s bones that almost filled the entire secret space will turn into dust. “I have always known that Master Shuilong’s wish is to be the master I want to serve. In order to fulfill your wish, I used my body and the power of the earth to give birth to a creature that would be blessed by heaven and earth and possess the powerful destiny of heaven and earth. period

Wait until he becomes a satisfactory master to Lord Water Dragon. ”

Mu Qianxi was slightly startled after hearing this. Is that creature Qin Mu who was accepted as a disciple by the God Emperor?

A sigh came out, “I never imagined that Master Shuilong is waiting for a human race, a human race…”

The space was distorted, and the shocking and terrifying offensive was heading towards Mu Qianxi’s destruction, bringing with it the power of a world-destroying natural disaster.

Mu Qianxi looked at the indifferent, mist-like figure in the void, “It turns out that this is your real purpose. Qin Mu is not the knife you use to kill me, Tianlong is.”

Under the collapse of this power, there was constant strangulation.

In the blink of an eye, Mu Qianxi can die seven or eight times.

“I have cleaned up the places where you hid the death artifacts. Mu Qianxi, for the sake of His Highness Jiuye, you should die quickly!”

The ancient Tianlong’s unwillingness and frustration were used by Wu Ya to kill Mu Qianxi, leaving her unable to escape.

“Boom——” The entire Tianlong Secret Realm turned into powder, and Mu Qianxi should do the same, with nothing left.

No matter how powerful the soul is, it will become fragments and float in the boundless darkness. It will slowly disappear over time, and no one will come to hinder His Highness Jiuye again.

But Wuya never expected that a person would tear apart the space from the other side of the chaotic darkness and protect Mu Qianxi in his arms.

Let this danger of death, which he calculated so perfectly, vanish into thin air.

“Your Highness Jiuye, why…why did you come at this time?” Wu Ya sighed.

“Boundless!” Everything around him seemed to freeze, distort, and collapse after these two words filled with cold murderous intent came out.

The power that turned everything into nothingness rushed towards Wuya crazily, Wuya smiled and said: “Your Highness Jiuye, you have become stronger again, very good!”

He cannot face the power of His Highness Jiuye, and it will disappear.

Therefore, we can only avoid its sharp edge, disappear into a stream of light, and return to a safe place.

“He is coming, please be careful.”

The secret realm guards who originally fought against Ying Tianxia and the others had no chance to take revenge on Mu Qianxi who destroyed the secret realm. They felt like their whole bodies had turned into bones.

Their pupils shrank suddenly, “It’s His Highness Jiuye, he…he’s back…”

“He’s coming!”

Why did their master stay in seclusion for so long?

It was because he was defeated by His Highness Jiuye, this monster.

Ying Tianxia put the Supreme Scepter behind his back, oh! My ridiculously powerful brother-in-law is here, and that’s none of my business. ”

Xiao Sheng was slightly startled when he saw the way his opponent died. He had wanted to die in the hands of His Highness Jiuye before.

Because I heard that those who die in his hands are the cleanest ones. Everything will be reduced to nothingness and nothing will be left.

Looking at it now, it is indeed the case, but it is quite scary.

“Jiuye!” Mu Qianxi grabbed his collar, her voice hoarse, “Great, you’re back!”

“Well! I’m back.” He lowered his head and kissed her.

The pair of devouring, emptiness-cold eyes gained warmth and emotion. “I miss you, I miss you so much! Xi.”


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