Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4711: Nirvana of the Divine Phoenix


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Seeing that Mu Qianxi was more anxious to return to the God Clan than he was, the God Emperor glanced at the defeated generals in front of him and said, “Are Xi’er afraid that I will kill them?”

After all, he was the one who tried to capture her countless times, and he actually knew her very well.

Many times, you can see through her thoughts at once.

“The lives of the Demon Ancestor and the Ghost Lord are connected with the Demon Realm and the Ghost Realm. Unless I kill them and destroy the two realms, it will not be easy for them to die.” He said slowly.

Tiandao sacrificed its care for Qian Xi, but it did not sacrifice the power of checks and balances between heaven and earth.

Of course, this is not something that it can just sacrifice if it wants to.

Mu Qianxi breathed a sigh of relief, that’s good!

Hurry up and wink to your uncle and senior brother, please come back quickly!

They also knew that the God Emperor had no intention of killing them completely and was in no hurry to leave.

The God Emperor looked at the Thunder Emperor again, “As for the Thunder Emperor, it doesn’t matter whether he kills him or not. There is always someone needed to manage the Thunder Territory, so let’s keep him!”

It doesn’t matter whether you kill or not. These six words are not very harmful to the Thunder Emperor, but are extremely insulting.

The Thunder Emperor was so angry that veins popped up on his forehead. This God Emperor was really bullying others, looking down on him so much.

“As for the Sword God, I promised Xi’er not to kill him!”

“So, let’s go!” Mu Qianxi said.

Even if he didn’t kill him, she didn’t want him, a dangerous guy, to stand in front of her closest relatives and friends.

“Okay!” This time the God Emperor didn’t say anything more?

The matter of the soul clan has ended.

Heaven’s plan failed miserably.

But the God Emperor picked up the big leak, and Heaven was so angry that his teeth itched.

Looking at Mu Qianxi being wrapped in divine light, she disappeared instantly.

It said maliciously: “Without the blessing of heaven, do you think you will have an easy life with the God Emperor? He will kill you at any time, just wait!”

Mo Li and Mu Fengyun glanced at it dangerously. If it hadn’t created such a huge opportunity for the God Emperor, Xi’er would not have been captured.

Tiandao was really tired now and was not in the mood to provoke these two people, so he withdrew at the speed of light.

Mo Li returned to his favorite bed, lay down, closed his eyes, and finally said: “My junior sister will not be killed so easily. She will be fine next time she wakes up.”

The space crack leading to the demon world was torn open by him, and he disappeared instantly.

Go back to the devil world and continue sleeping.

Mu Fengyun whispered: “That’s natural. Xi’er has been through so many dangers. Do you really think it’s all her fault? She will be fine.”

He turned into a black mist and disappeared.

He must improve his strength, reach the previous peak, and surpass the previous limit.

The God of Life turned into a wooden sculpture when he poked it. The motionless Qingying said: “The space blockade has been lifted, and we will return to our positions soon.

“What are you worried about! Behind her is our most powerful tree of life. Death can’t even get close to it!”

Qingying then reacted, “Yeah!”

If there is a fight next time, they must help with the strongest strength.

And the result can only be victory!

After the Tree of Life left, the Thunder Emperor turned to Gu Baiyi and said, “Little brother, why don’t you follow me to the Thunder Domain to train your body? Your sword is so powerful! If you can train your physical body to the extreme, it will definitely be even more powerful.”

Gu Baiyi held the sword in his arms, looked into the dark endless void and asked, “No! I want to continue on the path of sword refining, and refining the sword that can kill the strongest **** in all realms.”

Ruotian said that he would definitely not have the strength to surpass the God Emperor in this life.

He also wants to use his sword to cut through the sky.

Then, defeat the God Emperor and never let him hurt Qian Xi.

The soul clan was destroyed, leaving no one alive.

A sword **** emerged from the destroyed soul clan. He possessed a supreme sword soul and was destined to be extraordinary and aspire to the top.

“Xi’er, here we are!”

In just the blink of an eye, Mu Qianxi arrived at the Divine Realm, the boundless territory of the Gods.

The next moment, the pure, thick and majestic spiritual energy entered her body uninvited.

After finally breaking through to the God-Emperor level in the Soul Clan, she quickly advanced to the second level of the God-Emperor level.

“Look, the aura of God’s Realm welcomes you so much and likes you so much. You didn’t come here early, you really missed a lot.”

Mu Qianxi raised her eyebrows and said: “It’s only been more than twenty years, which is like a blink of an eye in the long life of the Gods, so it’s not that long!”

The God Emperor chuckled and said: “Yes, what Xi’er said makes sense.”

The reason why it didn’t feel very short was probably because he knew that Xi’er had experienced a lot in these short twenty years.

Of course, the Gods also experienced many failures with her.

Mu Qianxi looked directly at her and said, “Why don’t you kill me?”

This is the indifferent, ruthless, paranoid and deep-minded God supreme who would kill his own son without any hesitation.

After hearing such a prophecy, it was actually very abnormal that he didn’t kill her when she didn’t have God’s blessing.

After all, with his character, he should choose to kill a hundred million by mistake rather than let one go.

Suspicion, suspicion of Tiandao, Wuya, and not wanting to be used should be just one of the reasons.

“Xi’er’s medical skills are very high!” the God Emperor replied calmly.

“Ask me to save someone? Who to save?” Mu Qianxi was a little stunned.

Among the gods, there is still someone who can make him give up his persistence and not kill her as a threat, just to save people.

“Follow me!”

After an instant of space change, Mu Qianxi found herself standing in a valley full of red maple leaves.

The maple leaves are very red, like **** of eternal fire burning.

Surrounded by layers of red maple trees, there is a towering tree with a crystal clear appearance.

The feeling it gives it is similar to, but also different from, the Tree of Life and the Soul-Transforming Ancestral Tree.

The God Emperor’s ethereal voice sounded in Mu Qianxi’s ears, “This is the ancestral tree of the Divine Phoenix clan. The Divine Phoenix is ​​immortal. Even if it dies, it can be reborn in Nirvana in the ancestral tree.”

Mu Qianxi’s heart skipped a beat. In other words, it was great that Jiuye’s mother was still alive.

Mu Qianxi was happy when she heard the news, but the God Emperor said without joy or sorrow: “Thousands of years are enough for my God Queen to be reborn from nirvana. Only when the clan leader is reborn can other clan members be reborn together.

“But nothing has changed all this time. I brought you here because I thought if she wanted to see her daughter-in-law, she might be willing to wake up. After all, she cares so much about her son Huang Jiuye.”

The God Emperor disappeared beside Mu Qianxi and went under the Divine Phoenix Clan tree.

He whispered: “The gods don’t understand love, and I don’t understand it even less. Until I met you, I decided that you were the only one in this world who could become my divine queen.

“Huang Jiuye shouldn’t understand, and it is absolutely impossible, but he has married a wife and found you a daughter-in-law. She will become my proudest disciple. You really don’t want to wake up and see ?”

Mu Qianxi slowly walked towards the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree, not because he couldn’t walk fast, but because he didn’t want to disturb the God Emperor.

At the beginning, the God Emperor wanted to kill Jiuye at all costs. Even if the God Queen tried to stop him, he did not change his decision, which was why the God Queen died.

Is it because you know that the Queen of Gods can be reborn in Nirvana? If the God Emperor knew that she would never wake up for thousands of years, would he have hesitated when he killed her?


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