Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4712: I’m waiting for you to die


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In the beginning, the Queen of Gods saved Jiuye’s life when she was a child.

This time, she saved her!

No wonder Tiandao shouted that the God Emperor would kill her.

It’s because it doesn’t know that this terrifying and ruthless Supreme Being of the Gods still has a touch of softness and attachment in his heart.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about anything, he still cares about his partner.

The tree of the Divine Phoenix Tribe was very quiet, without any response.

The God Emperor raised his cold purple eyes and said: “Xi’er…”

Mu Qianxi said: “Your Majesty the God Emperor, I admit that my medical skills are very high, but your God Clan has always had very high medical alchemists since ancient times. If they can’t do anything, then I can’t do anything either!”

To treat diseases and save people, you also need to see people!

The leader of the Divine Phoenix Clan, who is sleeping in the ancestral tree and has no nirvana, may be helpless even if it lasts his whole life.

“Xi’er, you are different. If everyone in the world can’t do it, and God can’t do it, you are the only one who can do it.

“If you do it, then the ninth fragment of the eternal protection of the Nine-fold Hongmeng Lotus can be used as a meeting gift for your daughter-in-law from the Queen of Gods. How about it?”

He has witnessed that she has done many impossible things, and he is certain that she is the only hope.

“You actually expect me to create a miracle. This meeting gift is really rare for me. If I can get it, no matter how difficult it is, I will try.” Mu Qianxi said in a deep voice.

There is really no reason to refuse. First, I want to get the crystal fragments.

The second is that if she refuses, she will be of no value to the God Emperor and will be killed immediately!

So, even if you know you can’t do it, you should try your best to do it.

Even if it’s a lie, let’s deceive the God Emperor first and delay it later.

The God Emperor also knew that it was impossible for Qian Xi to refuse.

“I’m looking forward to it, you can do it!”

Mu Qianxi said: “I don’t know much about the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree and the situation of the Divine Phoenix Clan Leader. Can I stay here temporarily to do research and prepare medicines?”

She feels that it is relatively safe here.

It is definitely much safer and more relaxed than being under the eyes of the God Emperor.

“You like it here, too. You have the power of the fire element. Because of the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree, the fire element is the strongest in the entire God Clan. It is suitable for you to practice. Then stay here!”

The God Emperor is very easy to talk to.

After all, for an alchemist, the stronger the spiritual power of the fire element, the better the elixir he can refine.

Moreover, he also hoped that Xi’er would spend more time with the Queen.

He felt that she would definitely like Xi’er, and maybe she would be willing to achieve nirvana because of this.

“Well! Then you…”

After the matter was settled, Mu Qianxi wished she would never meet him again.

The God Emperor looked at Qian Xi with a cold look, looking particularly dangerous.

He did not leave, but closed his eyes and concentrated under the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree.

Her soul power can be sensed. The majestic soul power of the God Emperor actually enveloped the entire Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree and dived deeper.

She just observed the situation, but didn’t dare to get close.

Even if her soul power is strong enough, she is not afraid of the soul power of the God Emperor.

I am afraid that when the time comes, he will wave a divine light and chop himself into pieces.

Mu Qianxi muttered, “The God Emperor has devoted almost all his attention to communicating with the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree!

“If I had Jiuye’s strength, I would have taken advantage of this great opportunity to kill him directly. Unfortunately, my current strength is far from enough.”

The God Emperor dared to do this in front of her because he was sure that even if Mu Qianxi attacked him secretly, he would not be able to hurt him at all.

“Practice, practice!”

Mu Qianxi jumped up and stayed away from the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree. She found a red maple tree that was pleasing to the eye and landed on it, selflessly absorbing the rich spiritual power around her.

This place is very dangerous and absolutely safe. The danger is because the God-Emperor wants to kill her, but she seems to be helpless.

Safe because he is the strongest God Emperor in all realms. He did not decide to kill her, and no one else could do anything to her in front of him.

Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to practice, day and night, and ignore the passage of time.

Mu Qianxi stopped concentrating on training because the God Emperor left.

Before he left, he left only one sentence.

“Xi’er, if you break through the emperor level and still fail to do what you promised, then I will kill you!”

He is very confident in the spiritual energy of the God Realm and Qian Xi’s talent.

Xi’er will definitely break through to the imperial level within ten years.

Ten years is really short. He hopes she can do it because he has been waiting for a long time.

Mu Qianxi opened her eyes, but her soul power could no longer sense the presence of the God Emperor.

“Probably, he’s gone.”

After being away from this dangerous guy, I can finally breathe a little easier.

“Killing me when I reach the emperor level, does that mean he thinks I can kill him when I reach the emperor level!”

Because the spiritual power here is really strong, her realm has almost reached the peak of the second level of the God Emperor, and it only took a very short time.

It’s really not too far away from the imperial level.

“Even if there is no threat from the God Emperor, I still want to do my best to save the leader of the Divine Phoenix Clan. She is Jiuye’s mother.”

In the absence of the God Emperor, Mu Qianxi boldly headed to the Soul Ancestral Tree.

Full of powerful fire elemental power, with the aura of ancient times.

She tried to release the power of life around it, but the power of life was instantly transformed into the fire of Nirvana without any change.

Mu Qianxi murmured in a low voice, “I am an alchemist, but I feel that you are not patients and do not need treatment. Then I really have no way to start!”

“Qian Xi, let me come out, maybe I can help you.”

Everyone fell asleep due to the sacrifice, and Anian was obviously the one who was the most severely affected.

Even if he was forced back into the contract space by the contractor, he did not fall asleep.

How can he feel at ease when Qian Xi falls into the hands of the God Emperor?

With the God-Emperor gone, A-Nian won’t have to fight with the God-Emperor.

Mu Qianxi was obedient and asked him to come out.

She immediately apologized, “A-Nian, I did something wrong before, and I will never do this again in the future.”

A-Nian’s silver-grey eyes fell lightly on her, “Next time, you will do it again!”

“Uh!” Mu Qianxi smiled sarcastically, forgetting that Ah Nian had the ability to read minds.

I told lies in front of him and was immediately seen through. It seemed that my apology was not sincere at all.

A Nian didn’t care about Qian Xi’s sincere apology, and looked at the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree in front of him intently.

The jade-like hand landed on the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree.

The blame for being able to hear all the negative emotions of sentient beings is left to the nightmare.

The keen perception of the emotions of living beings has not disappeared.

He can hear the voices of the Divine Phoenix Ancestral Tree and even the unnirvana Divine Phoenix within, as long as their souls have not been completely annihilated.

To treat illnesses and save lives, and to judge the condition, first listen to what the patient has to say? how to think?

Yes, there is a sound.

When Anian heard this, he was slightly startled.

Mu Qianxi noticed the change in A-Nian’s expression and asked, “A-Nian, how are you?”

A-Nian took Mu Qianxi’s hand and whispered, “Listen to yourself!”

There is a soul contract between them. Mu Qianxi heard what Anian heard and felt at the same time.

She heard a very nice, textured, and extremely determined voice.

“I’m waiting for you…” After these three words, there is a dead word, “Death!”


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