Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4710: Go to the Gods


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The God Emperor finally realized their real plan.

Mo Li pointed forward and said: “God Emperor, aren’t you going to kill your son? Please!”

The God Emperor looked at Jiuye who was swallowed by darkness. That kind of place was like a fish in water for Jiuye.

And when he goes in, even if he is the strongest in all realms, the situation will still not be good.

It is a place of darkness, unknown, chaos, and nothingness.

Mu Qianxi breathed a long sigh of relief. It was great. Jiuye was far away from the God Emperor who wanted to kill him.

Of course she could feel that the black hole was particularly dangerous. Even though her soul power was so strong, she still couldn’t penetrate even half of it.

But she believed in the decision of her senior brother and uncle. No matter how dangerous it was, the result would still be better than being killed by the God Emperor.

The God Emperor did not go there to chase Jiuye, but looked at Mu Qianxi.

“I really didn’t expect that you would choose to give Huang Jiuye a chance of survival. That also means that you have completely lost the chance to take Xi’er away. You obviously care about her more.”

A gentle and jade-like figure appeared, “I watched Xi’er grow up, protected her, found the person she loved, and married her, so I know Xi’er’s choice.”

His Majesty the Demon Ancestor sleeps every day and rarely moves his mind.

This decision was naturally made by Lord Ghost, because he knew his niece very well.

Mu Qianxi smiled at her uncle and said, “As expected of you, you are very clear about my decision. I am very satisfied with the result.”

The God Emperor frowned slightly. Compared with understanding Xi’er, he had indeed lost to many people around her.

No matter how powerful he is, it is difficult to understand some of Xi’er’s methods and ideas.

What I don’t understand the most is why she doesn’t want to go back to the God Realm with him early to practice?

“Have you ever thought about the consequences of banishing Huang Jiuye to such a place? He may not die, but he will…”

Mo Li said: “Why are you anxious? Do you think he has been swallowed by the darkness and you can’t kill him? You are the strongest in all worlds, have more confidence in yourself.

“Of course, I believe in junior sister’s vision. The person she likes will definitely come back from the darkness and come to her in the way she likes.”

Mu Fengyun smiled gently and said: “My Xi’er’s taste in choosing men is not bad. If Huang Jiuye is really so easy to be swallowed up by darkness, lose himself and let Xi’er down, then we can just let Xi’er down. I divorced him.”

Mu Qianxi frowned slightly. From the words of the God Emperor, his uncle and his senior brother, he knew that the place Jiuye entered was indeed very dangerous.

But as they said, she believed in Jiuye and Ating, and they would definitely return safe and sound.

The God Emperor nodded slightly, “I am the strongest. No matter what he becomes, as long as he dares to appear in front of me, I will definitely kill him! Xi’er, let’s go!”

The seriously injured Thunder Emperor was imprisoned by the power of the God Emperor, and the space was blocked again. He could not take Mu Qianxi away.

A cold light flashed through Mo Li’s devilish eyes, “What are we going to do? Finish the fight first, don’t be too confident. Next, it’s two against one!”

The surging demonic energy and the cold ghostly energy spread.

“If you want to take away my Xi’er, you have to get through me first.”

One more ghost king is actually of no consequence to the God Emperor.

Not many years after Ghost Lord returned, his strength was far inferior to that of Demon Ancestor.

Whether it’s two against one or twenty against one, the result is the same.

Mo Li and Mu Fengyun both knew the result.

And in this battle, we still have to fight with all our strength.

A terrifying power storm rolled up throughout the space, and Mu Qianxi also knew that their chances of winning were slim.

However, her only role now is probably to cheer up and happily serve as the atmosphere team.

“Uncle and senior brother, you have become super powerful now! So handsome!”

Xi’er (junior sister) is really cute and heart-warming.

Anyway, His Majesty the Demon Ancestor and Lord Ghost Lord were warmed up, and they became more energetic in fighting.

Even if you face an opponent that you cannot defeat for the time being, so what?

The emotions of the God Emperor and Tiandao, who are about to win, are complicated.

Although he clearly knew the outcome of failure, he was not discouraged at all, nor was he disappointed because of the lack of reinforcements. He was more relaxed than before.

They can’t understand this human being, they can’t see through it.

“Rumble–” From the beginning to the end of this terrifying battle, the surroundings were surrounded by tyrannical power, and even the passage of time could not be sensed.

The battle between the three of them is over!

Mo Li and Mu Fengyun were seriously injured and unable to fight anymore.

The God Emperor blasted the Thunder Emperor away and stood in front of Mu Qianxi, looking down at them with a victor’s attitude, his divine light dazzling. “Junior sister, don’t worry about my injury. Just take some of the elixir you made and it will be fine. After returning to the demon world, senior brother, continue to have a good sleep. When I wake up next time, I will join forces with you to defeat the God Emperor.” Mo Li said lazily, looking

Looking very sleepy.

Mu Fengyun also said: “Xi’er, little uncle has to improve his strength even more. When the time comes, together with eldest brother and you, we will settle the accounts with the God Emperor. You must do well.”

Not only today’s hatred, but also the various schemes the God Emperor had against Xi’er before.

It was because of what they did on the day Xi’er was born that their family had to be separated.

Xi’er is going to be brought back to the God Clan. They are not strong enough to change.

Now, I can only trust Xi’er and her partners to protect her.

Even if I comfort myself like this, I still find it hard to feel at ease!

Mo Li’s sleepy eyes flashed with a sharp and ruthless look, “The God Emperor, even if the Demon Emperor is a half-baked person, he has not fully grown up.

“But if you dare to let my junior sister die to the Gods, we dare to merge the three realms, self-destruct directly into the Gods’ base camp, and be finished!”

This proposal is indeed crazy, and Mu Fengyun also nodded slightly, “My ghost world agrees with this plan!”

Tiandao just found it incredible and didn’t believe it, “You are just saying harsh words on purpose! As the Lord of the Three Realms, it is very disappointing for them not to take all the living beings in the Three Realms seriously!”

The existence of the Three Realms is not simple at all.

Fusing together and going crazy, it would be difficult for the Gods to withstand it.

Mo Li said: “If you say harsh words, naturally you have to let it go first and let the God Emperor restrain himself. He knows that my Demon Ancestor’s junior sister is not that easy to kill.”

At this time, the God Emperor said indifferently: “I don’t care, even if you really make that decision and leave no one in the God Clan, you can’t kill me. As long as I am here, the God Clan will live forever.”

Mu Fengyun’s gentle eyes dimmed, “There is no one in the God Clan who you care about?”

This God Emperor is truly terrifying.

The God Emperor looked at Mu Qianxi and said, “Xi’er, come with me! Or do you still have some trump cards? Do you still have helpers? I’ll wait.”

Mu Qianxi really wanted to give him a blank stare!

“After you have done all kinds of tricks in Heaven, you come here to pick up the slack again. I have exhausted all my cards. Can you not know?

“It’s a big surprise for me that my senior brother and uncle can come to save Jiuye. I really have no cards, no helpers, nothing! If you want to take me to the God Clan, you should set off quickly.”

The God Emperor did not plan to kill her for the time being. When she arrived at the God Clan, where the spiritual energy was rich, she immediately practiced hard. I hope Wuya’s prophecy will be accurate this time, and when her cultivation strength improves, she can defeat the God Emperor.


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