Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4709: Senior Brother Demon Ancestor


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The God Emperor nodded slightly, “Of course he cannot be stronger than me. Without the Thunder Emperor in the Thunder Territory, it will be controlled by our God Clan.

“However, the master of the Lord of Eternal Thunder has become my disciple, and the thunder domain also belongs to the gods.”

Qian Xi was so close to this dangerous God Emperor, so A Nian naturally followed.

“If my lord doesn’t want it, then I won’t let you have it.”

There were terrifying silver threads spreading out around him. A Niangang gathered his strength and wanted to make a desperate move to fight the God Emperor to the death.

But this tyrannical power came to an abrupt end, not because of the God Emperor, but because of Qian Xi.

Mu Qianxi said: “My contractor, the Eternal Chain, as the master, I order you to return to the contract space immediately.”

Although the master’s strength is weak, his soul power is too strong.

Without giving him any chance to refuse, A-Nian instantly entered the soul space.

Is this the master’s soul space? He came in for the first time.

But now is not the time to explore the soul space, Qian Xi is in danger!

Qian Xi won’t let him go out or take action! He couldn’t get out at all.

The God Emperor said approvingly: “Xi’er, you did a good job. The Eternal Chain is too far away from its peak state now. I don’t think there is a need to fight with him.” Mu Qianxi stood before the God Emperor. In front of him, his eyes were piercing, “God Emperor, you are really strong. With such strength, you should have had many chances to kill him in Jiuye in God’s Domain, but failed. I don’t think you can kill him now.” Come on

Him! The God Emperor chuckled and said, “Just because it didn’t work before, doesn’t mean it won’t work now.” Especially since he was injured by the eternal artifact, Xi’er doesn’t have to pretend to be calm in front of me. If you can’t bear to see it, just close your eyes and seal off all perception! I will kill him, yes

Quickly. ”

Mu Qianxi’s heart was shaking uncontrollably, worried and flustered.

She was afraid that what the God Emperor said was true!

Then she will face the most difficult reality to accept.

Tiandao said: “His existence was originally a mistake and the eternal artifact failed in its duty. God Emperor, you are indeed the strongest in the world. You finally helped me get rid of him.”

The God Emperor said indifferently: “I killed my son Jiuye, not for you or anything else. Just because I wanted to kill him.”

The suffocating power suddenly appeared, even if the power was not directed at her, it still frightened her.

Suddenly, a big crack appeared in the space under Mu Qianxi’s feet.

A gorgeous and spacious big bed appeared out of thin air. The person on the bed had three thousand black hair spread out lazily, and a pair of magical eyes opened lazily.

The surging demonic energy spread all around in an instant, with an astonishing momentum.

“Me! I don’t like fighting, I only like to sleep. But your God Emperor bullies my junior sister so much, I must fight her today!”

“Senior brother, you’re awake.” Mu Qianxi was slightly startled.

“The Heavenly Dao is noisy, and there are all kinds of monsters, and I can’t even wake up if I don’t want to. It’s a bit far from the demon world, and I have to break the space blockade of the God Emperor, so I’m late! Junior sister, you have been waiting for a long time.”

His bed disappeared and he stood in front of Mu Qianxi in the air.

He still looked sleepy and lazy, but the demonic energy emanating from him was particularly strong.

“Demon Ancestor!”

The God Emperor expected that the Thunder Emperor would come to help.

The arrival of Demon Ancestor was beyond his expectation.

The God Emperor exuded terrifying oppressive force, and the space trembled.

It won’t take long for the Soul Clan to completely disappear.

One of the three most powerful races in the God Realm, the Soul Race has disappeared and no one is left.

Now even the ancestral land will no longer exist and will become history completely.

“You are no match for me!” The God Emperor has absolute confidence in his own strength.

Mo Li said lazily: “Well! I know this, but I can’t let my junior sister be your apprentice! Then I am a generation younger than you. I, the Demon Ancestor, will not suffer this loss.”

Lord Demon Ancestor’s sleep for so long was not in vain. He has recovered a lot of strength.

The rich and powerful demonic energy rushed out, violently colliding with the divine light with unconcealed domineering power.

The battle between the Supreme Being of the Gods and the Ancestor of the Demon Clan caused strange phenomena to appear in the sky of the entire God Realm, and even Heaven had to avoid its edge.

“Why don’t you sleep well, why do you want to interfere? Being demoted is not a very important thing!” Tiandao was furious.

The Thunder Emperor finally took a breath and looked at the battle situation in the sky that could not be seen clearly with the naked eye, and was speechless.

“The ancestor of the demon clan is so terrifying in strength. He is actually your senior brother. It seems that I am a bit hesitant to accept you as my disciple. If I were beaten like this, I would be disabled even if I didn’t die.”

Mu Qianxi handed Jiuye to the Thunder Emperor, “Hurry up and recover. My senior brother is different from you. He has no intention of competing with the God Emperor. He is trying to break the space blockade and let us take the opportunity to get out. .

“Once the gap opens, you take Jiuye and leave immediately, and I will stop the God Emperor.”

The Thunder Emperor was stunned, “I think I should take you away. You are my master’s contractor. As for your Highness Jiuye… the God Emperor is really sick!”

This is my biological son! My dear son!

If he had a chance to escape the fate of an old bachelor and have a son with such high talent and a son who is better than others, he would laugh to death!

But the God Emperor wanted to kill his son to prove his truth. “The God-Emperor, Tiandao and Wuya are suspicious of each other and have no plans to kill me for the time being. I am safe in his hands. What is he really going to do? My contractor will not sit still and wait for death. As for Jiuye, the God-Emperor must kill him now Him, please keep him safe first.

“But if I listen to you, the master will definitely be very angry and kill me.” Lei Di felt that one was as big as the other!

“I am your master’s contractor. He can only listen to me. Think carefully about who you should listen to.” Mu Qianxi said.

The God Emperor is indeed stronger than the Demon Ancestor.

But if Mo Li takes the opportunity to use the strength of the two of them to create a gap under this solid space blockade, he can still do it.

The purpose of his coming here was not to defeat the God Emperor.

A black hole with chaotic power formed in the sky.

“Junior sister, I will send you back to the devil world first, hurry up!”

The Thunder Emperor instantly burst out with his remaining power, rushing towards the black hole with Mu Qianxi like lightning.

“Little girl, I’m sorry, I still can’t listen to you. You are the most important person to the master.”

The God Emperor’s eyes narrowed, “Demon Ancestor, is this your real purpose? It is impossible for me to let you take Xi’er away!”

The terrifying divine power rushed towards Mu Qianxi like a torrent, rapidly expanding to fill the entire space, causing the Thunder Emperor and Mu Qianxi to freeze in place instantly.

Even if it is very close to the exit, it cannot be rushed through.

“Boom——” The next moment, Mo Li attacked the opposite place.

At the same time, on the other side, the majestic ghost energy collided with it.

Indistinctly, a jade-like figure can be seen.

“Xi’er, I’m late!”

Another black hole formed, and extremely violent turbulence filled the black hole.

It is filled with endless darkness and chaotic destruction.

The demonic energy rolled up Huang Jiuye and threw him in. Tiandao screamed, “Demon Ancestor, Ghost Lord! What are you two doing behind my back? Are you crazy? What do you think of throwing him in such a place? Have you lived enough?”

Even if they think life is enough, it is not yet! Its series of plans have not yet been realized due to variables.


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