Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4708: How strong is it?


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“Qian Xi!” Gu Baiyi’s eyes dimmed. He tried his best, but he was still no match for the God Emperor and could not protect her!

“It’s time for you to come back.” A Nian looked at Gu Baiyi and said.

The next moment, the sword soul disappeared in front of the God Emperor and was pulled back into his own body by a chain.

The God Emperor smiled lightly, “Are you so worried about me? Be good and spare his life, I can agree to it.”

He walked towards Mu Qianxi, “Since you agreed, I will kill Jiuye and keep him! We can return to the divine realm.”

While the God Emperor was speaking, a fatal attack had quietly struck. It was a deadly force that accurately attacked Jiuye.

Fortunately, Qian Xi’s soul power is stronger and she is more sensitive to everything around her.

She immediately hugged Jiuye tightly, and in the next moment, aqua-blue light bloomed.

Absolute defense, turn on!

The power that bounced back had no effect on the God Emperor at all.

“Head of the Soul Clan, you haven’t even used up your absolute defense times? That really disappoints me.” He said softly.

“Give up killing Jiuye, and I will cooperate with you to return to the divine realm. How about it?” Mu Qianxi looked at him and said.

“No!” Without hesitation, he refused immediately.

“Killing him and taking you away is the same thing.” The God Emperor said indifferently.

“Aren’t you afraid that no one can take you away?”

“Does Xi’er want to die with him? You can’t do it, others won’t let you do this.”

Sure enough, both Qingying and Anian’s expressions became serious.

Gu Baiyi, who returned to his own body, opened his eyes and looked at Qian Xi.

“Staying alive and avenging him is the right choice! Xi’er. So, let me kill him now!”

“I don’t allow it!”

Absolute defense is activated again. She will not give up until the end, no matter what.

Jiuye, Ah Ting, wake up quickly!


Mu Qianxi used absolute defense several times. Although he didn’t arrive before and didn’t know it clearly, God was counting on him!

Tiandao smiled, “Qian Xi, this is the eighth time! This is the last time. You will soon understand that without my care and my help to prevent many catastrophes for you. No matter you or you Anyone who cares will be doomed.”

At this time, a loud voice came.

“You are so shameless! You take all the credit for everything. I really can’t stand listening to it anymore, bah!”

A flash of lightning flashed, and a tall figure stood in front of Mu Qianxi.

“God Emperor, what about accepting disciples? It must be on a first-come, first-served basis, and it must also be based on your own will. If you want to steal a disciple from me, you must first pass my test.”

The God Emperor said calmly: “Thunder Emperor, you are here. Do you think you can stop me?”

“You won’t know until you fight whether you can stop him or not,” the Thunder Emperor said angrily.

The next moment, spiritual skills containing terrifying thunder and lightning bombarded the God Emperor.

After all, the Thunder Emperor is a top master with a great reputation in the God Realm, and is much stronger than Gu Baiyi when he relied on the power of the ancient sword.

He can last a long time against the God Emperor.

If the God Emperor hadn’t already prepared to seal off the space, they could have actually taken the opportunity to escape.

“A-Nian, how long can the Thunder Emperor last under the hands of the God Emperor?” Mu Qianxi asked.

“The strength of the God Emperor is getting stronger and stronger, and I can’t estimate it accurately.” A Nian’s eyes darkened.

Mu Qianxi looked at Jiuye. Everyone who needed to be treated had been treated, but he still didn’t wake up.

The God Emperor’s attacks became stronger and more severe every time, because Heavenly Dao was fanning the flames.

“God Emperor, stop restraining yourself. Even if my favor for Mu Qianxi is sacrificed, she is still loved by this world, and she still has some luck. If you are not decisive, be careful when traveling. And everything becomes empty.”

The God Emperor replied: “It won’t work if I don’t restrain myself. Xi’er no longer has absolute defense. My power has become stronger. I’m afraid she will die accidentally. You really want me to kill her, but I don’t want to now. .”

This was not even the full power of the God Emperor, and the Thunder Emperor’s face became ugly.

He gritted his teeth and said: “That girl is my master’s contractor. I, the Thunder Emperor, will definitely bring you back to Leiyu safely. Even if I use all the strength of Leiyu, I will stop you.”


Before, many treasures were found in Leiyu.

Mu Qianxi can use them to fight across levels, even the emperor level can be killed.

At this time, the Thunder Emperor, the strongest thunder element spiritual master in the God Realm, also used the power of Thunder Stone and the others to launch a wild bombardment against the God Emperor.

But still, it doesn’t have much effect.

Once, he naively thought that the God Emperor was only slightly stronger than him.

Today, after fighting with all my strength, I realized how abnormal the strength of the God Emperor is.

He gritted his teeth, burned his natal thunder source and charged forward again.

The God Emperor raised his eyebrows slightly, and he did not expect that the Thunder Emperor would fight to the death, regardless of the cost.

Mu Qianxi said: “Thunder Emperor has paid a heavy price. Ah Nian, why don’t you officially accept this disciple!”

A Nian is still very indifferent, “I don’t accept disciples!”

“You said you didn’t recognize the Lord before! Don’t you recognize it now? If you make an exception once, there will be a second time.”

“Even if you are the master, you can’t force me to accept a disciple.” A Nian still refused.

Fortunately, the Thunder Emperor couldn’t hear their conversation, otherwise he would probably cry to death while he was fighting to the death.

“Qingying, tree of life, save people!” Mu Qianxi said.

The battle between the Thunder Emperor and the God Emperor was too terrifying. She couldn’t do anything to help, she could only do logistics.

The power of life enveloped him, even if it burned his own source of thunder, it still made the Emperor less uncomfortable.

The divine power swept in crazily, and the God Emperor’s methods were extremely ruthless and terrifying, with the power to destroy the world.

The Thunder Emperor was seriously injured and in a very embarrassed state. Thanks to him being a strong physical practitioner, otherwise he would have been torn into countless pieces of flesh by the God Emperor.

The God Emperor is naturally not as clean as he was when he first arrived. His white clothes were torn in many places and were scorched black, and his hair was slightly messy.

As for injuries, no matter how good Mu Qianxi’s medical skills are, she still can’t tell whether he is injured?

Anyway, it’s not visible on the surface.

How strong is this guy?

I don’t know how long it took, but the Thunder Emperor finally ran out of power and was imprisoned by the power of the Holy Land.

Determination flashed in Lei Di’s eyes, “If I blow myself up, what are the chances that I will die with you?”

“Zero!” God Emperor Feng Qingyun replied calmly, which really made Thunder Emperor furious.

“But you have wasted too much of my time. I will let you die before you have time to self-destruct! You have no chance…” the God Emperor said coldly. Mu Qianxi used teleportation to rush towards the Thunder Emperor, looked directly at the God Emperor calmly and said: “The Thunder Emperor has been defeated, there is no need to kill them all. His current strength is not as good as yours, and there should be no chance of being stronger than you in the future. ”


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