Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4468: Heart of Thunder


Mu Qianxi sneered, she looked like she was stupid and weak, did she pay much?

If you want to give her something good, she will not be polite.

She rushed to the competition stage and said: “I don’t want to waste too much time, let’s change the rules! As long as you can catch my punch, I will lose!”

Lei Ming is already very arrogant, good guy, his master is even more arrogant.

They looked at her physique and her exquisite jade hands.

Punch! What are you kidding?

“Little girl, I’m afraid you don’t know that Young Master Jin is from the Jin clan, your little fist will shatter on him!”

“Change your mind before you start!”


Young Master Jin immediately rushed to the competition stage, sneered and said: “One punch, okay! Come on!”

In the next moment, Mu Qianxi approached Young Master Jin like a shadow.

The movement of her punch was not fast, but it carried a majestic air pressure, which made Young Master Jin gasp.

He was covered in golden light, fully prepared for defense.

“Kacha——” This layer of golden defense is as fragile as glass, and it will shatter when knocked.

Young Master Jin’s palms turned golden. This is a characteristic of the Jin clan, which can make one’s flesh and blood as strong as gold and stone.

On the contrary, Mu Qianxi still has a hand as soft as jade.


The moment her fist touched the golden palm, the face of Young Master Jin, who was already holding the chance of winning, changed instantly.

This… what kind of strange power is this?

“Crack!” There was a sound of bones breaking.

Young Master Jin gasped in pain, then it was already obvious who this broken bone was.

“Boom—” Soon, Young Master Jin’s body flew upside down.

“Ah! Brother, my hand…my hand hurts so much!” Young Master Jin folded his hands and said in pain.

If you say yes to a punch, just punch it!

Young Master Jin couldn’t handle it, so he lost!

Everyone stared dumbfounded at the woman with fluttering black hair and unparalleled purple clothes.

Is she really human? The human body can be refined to this point, how did she do it?

“Hahaha! Qian Xi, you won beautifully.” Lei Ming smiled cheerfully and arrogantly.

O ignorant people! You will never know how perverted Qian Xi’s talent is?

He walked up to the brothers of the Jin family and said, “I think you two brothers shouldn’t be so shameless. If you lose, don’t admit it! Hai Leijing, hand it over!”

With a gloomy face, Deputy Peak Master Jin took out a silver-blue spar and threw it to Lei Ming.

“The elder has already told me that in half a month’s time there will be a battle for Qing Lei Feng’s peak master, and I will definitely want you to look good at that time! Of course, if you don’t even have the courage to compete for the peak master, you can escape for a while. Rob!”

Lei Ming took over Hai Leijing, the battle for the peak master?

If Qian Xi hadn’t come, he felt that he was not hot enough, and he didn’t want to rush to fight for the position of peak master.

Now Qian Xi is here, helping him to improve his strength a lot.

In addition, Qian Xi was really wronged to practice with him, she is worthy of the best training thunder on this peak!

Lei Ming said arrogantly: “I will definitely participate in the battle of the peak master. You are a defeated opponent, and you will be defeated in half a month. If you want to defeat me, daydream!”

Vice Peak Master Jin was almost furious with his arrogance, just wait! This kid won’t be arrogant for long.

Although Lei Ming said he was very confident, he actually had no idea in his heart.

After all, he has never participated in the battle for the peak master, and the deputy peak master Jin has participated many times.

The battle for the peak master is not just a simple physical collision on the competition stage to determine the superiority.

Mu Qianxi walked over, looked at the silver-blue spar and asked, “What is this?”

Lei Ming explained: “The City of Ten Thousand Thunders can be used as the main city of the Thunder Domain because there are terrifying thunder and lightning all year round on the Ten Thousand Peaks, which descends exceptionally rich lightning element spiritual power, but this is only one of the reasons. That’s all.” Second, there is a sea of ​​thunder in the center of Wanfeng. Lei Hai’s spiritual power is a hundred times stronger than that outside, and you can only go in to practice with a sea thunder crystal.

Mu Qianxi asked: “How long can one be used?”

“One day!”

“Then why does Vice Peak Master Jin have younger brothers who can use them as bets, but you don’t?”

Lei Ming said: “Who says I don’t have it? Today is the time for the deputy peak master to receive the resources. I will go to the peak to get the resources first, and you will wait for me in my paradise!”

Then, Lei Ming returned with two pieces of Sea Thunder Crystal.

“Two yuan can only be practiced for two days. After all, it’s the deputy peak master of Yifeng, so picky?” Mu Qianxi raised her eyebrows. “When Thunder Emperor was rich, Hai Leijing was actually very rich, and the deputy peak master could get thousands of yuan, but now the city of ten thousand thunders is poor! Hai Leijing was maliciously hoarded by those big forces and big clans, which caused us to lose money. Fewer and fewer! And those big forces

The big races have a lot of stockpiles, they have no shortage! If you want, unless you submit to them. “Lei Ming said.

In Leiyu, Leidi is strong enough to have an absolute right to speak.

However, there are many big races gathered here, each with their own thoughts, and they are in a state of scattered sand. Even if they all practice in the peaks of the City of Ten Thousand Thunders, they use the unique cultivation resources of the City of Ten Thousand Thunders.

However, only those who belong to Lei Di’s direct line are wholeheartedly loyal to Lei Di.

Others are more for the consideration of one’s own racial power, competing for more benefits.

Lei Di not only doesn’t know how to make money, but also doesn’t know how to control the rights in his hands, they are all scattered.

As one of his direct disciples, I’m afraid life is very tiring!

“Let’s go! I got the sea thunder crystal, Qian Xi! I’ll take you to practice at Qinglei Peak’s heart!” Usually, he would use it up once he got it.

As a result, Lei Ming couldn’t let her understand Hai Leijing before, and let her use it.

Mu Qianxi said: “Okay!”

To enter the heart of this peak, you need to climb to the top of the peak, and then an elder will start the teleportation.

Then, a thunderbolt knocked them down.

The corner of Mu Qianxi’s mouth twitched slightly, this transmission method is really special.

She looked in front of her, and it was an endless silver-blue ocean.

This area has surpassed Qinglei Peak.

So, this space is definitely not within a peak.

Lei Ming gave Mu Qianxi one sea thunder crystal, one for each person, and Lei Ming’s share for this month will be used up.

Lei Ming said: “The city of ten thousand thunders, the sea of ​​thunder in the heart of Wanfeng, gather here to form an endless sea of ​​thunder!”

Lei Ming approached Qian Xi again, and said quietly: “In addition to improving strength, in fact, so many people want to soak in Leihai every day, that’s because it is rumored that Master Eternal Chain is sleeping in Leihai!

“I know, Qianxi, although you won’t say it, I’m sure you really want to find Master Eternal Chain.”

After all, Qian Xi refused to become Lei Di’s apprentice before, and she was depressed for a long time after Lei Di returned to Lei Domain.

Now that Qian Xi came here by herself, besides improving her strength, she must have a more important purpose! Otherwise, why did you choose Leiyu instead of Godyu, which is more suitable for cultivation and richer?


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