Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4469: Looking for A Nian


Is Ah Nian sleeping here? Mu Qianxi said in her heart.

Before, whether it was Ah Ting, Jing Ying, or Shui Long An, they were all in a deep sleep state at the beginning.

Even now, she needs to sleep to recover her strength, and it’s normal for Ah Nian to be in a deep sleep.

One by one, why didn’t they tell me what A Lian’s body is like?

I don’t even know his real body, even if he is really sleeping under the sea of ​​thunder, she can’t find it after searching the sea of ​​thunder.

The crystal clear body is the Ninefold Hongmeng Lotus, and Ah Ting’s body is a small pavilion.

The body of the water dragon is a ring, and the body of the soul killer is a sword.

The body of darkness is the Dark Beast Control Tower, and the body of Life is the Soul Cauldron of Eternal Life.

Ayu’s body is a feather coat, and Ah Huan’s body has no fixed shape, and can transform everything.

What is a chain? Is it a sea of ​​thunder, or thunder? chain? chain?

If you can do anything like Ah Huan, with tens of thousands of variations, it will be even more difficult to find.

Even though Lei Ming was very careful when he uttered such outrageous words, those who cared about him still heard them. “A mere Thunder Phoenix really doesn’t know the heights of the heavens and the earth, and even wants to obtain the eternal artifact! Could it be that your Phoenix family is unwilling to be silent, and wants to restore the former glory with the help of the eternal artifact! What a dream.” A tall man

Zi Leng snorted.

Mu Qianxi said lightly: “It has nothing to do with the Phoenix Clan, it’s just my own idea! I’m still quite liked by the artifact, so I will work hard to get a powerful artifact, and it’s not your turn to make jokes.”

The woman in front of her was born with a good face, and she carried a noble temperament in her bones. She came from an extraordinary background and had the capital of arrogance.

But the artifact recognizes its master without looking at the face!

Lei Ming said: “Vice-Peak Master Wang, I was just talking casually to my master! I don’t know if that sentence irritated you, so casually disturb others’ chat! Qianxi, let’s go!”

Mu Qianxi stepped into the sea of ​​thunder, wanting to go with Lei Ming to the place with the strongest aura and the most suitable place for cultivation.

Vice Peak Master Wang stopped the two of them, and he asked, “Your master, are you a thunder elemental healer?”

Mu Qianxi said lightly: “No!”

“No, then you are not qualified to practice here!” He smiled maliciously.

Lei Ming frowned, “Why haven’t I heard of such a rule?”

“Because you haven’t been here for long, and Lei Hai hasn’t entered a few times, so naturally you don’t know. It wasn’t the thunder and lightning elemental healer who came here. It was a waste of the gift of Master Eternal Chain, and I wanted to use a better place. Dream!”

“You… what if I don’t?” Lei Ming was angry.

He didn’t know if the other party was deliberately targeting him and Qian Xi, or if they were crowding out all the people who were not thunder and lightning elemental healers.

“What’s the matter? Lei Ming, do you want to compete with me here?” He said provocatively.

Mu Qianxi said: “Lei Ming, forget it! You go to practice! I can just find a place to practice.”

“Qianxi!” Lei Ming was very annoyed.

Why are there always so many annoying flies! Qian Xi was wronged.

Although Qian Xi is not a thunder elemental healer, she is multi-line! The talent is extremely high, practicing here is definitely not a waste of the gift of Master Eternal Chain.

The Deputy Pavilion Master Wang twitched his lips, this Lei Ming really cared about his master! Even a little bit of grievance can’t bear his master to suffer.

“It’s okay!” Mu Qianxi said lightly.

She randomly found a place where there was not enough aura and there were not many people.

It’s not because she has a good temper that she doesn’t care about so much.

But after she entered this sea of ​​thunder, she felt that the spiritual power here automatically penetrated into her body.

Even if she is in a place where the spiritual energy is not strong, the spiritual power of the place with rich spiritual energy will come by itself, so it doesn’t matter where she is practicing, and she is too lazy to cause a dispute.

If all the people who cultivated in Lei Hai knew that Lei Hai’s spiritual power had become so sensible, they would all find it incredible.

Mu Qianxi doesn’t know why, maybe it’s because she is a multi-elemental healer, maybe it’s because of her body training technique?

She has just broken through to the first level of God King, and she has been cultivating here for half a day to stabilize her realm very well.

“Since the aura is so sensible, I don’t need to settle down to absorb it, then…then I will go to this sea to have a look! Look for it.”

Mu Qianxi’s soul power spread out, she wanted to cover the entire sea of ​​thunder to find the trace of A Nian.

But she couldn’t find the end of this sea of ​​thunder, layers of thunder nets blocked her perception, Mu Qianxi smiled helplessly.

Even if one’s soul power is strong enough, one cannot act recklessly. After all, there are many people who are stronger than her, and there are many places that cannot be fully explored purely with a strong soul power.

Mu Qianxi’s actions opened a pair of silver gray eyes.

He said calmly: “A person with powerful soul power is looking for in Leihai. Is it a **** race? Or a soul race? Still not giving up?”

As far as he knows, only the masters of the **** race and the soul race have such tyrannical soul power.

“I can’t find it!” Mu Qianxi whispered.

She was just trying. If it were so easy to find, countless battles for eternal artifacts would have erupted in Leiyu.

And she has never heard of such a thing happening, so it means that Ah Nian must be sleeping in a place that no one knows?

Mu Qianxi enjoyed training in Lei Hai, and Lei Ming also benefited a lot.

“The City of Ten Thousand Thunders really has many things and structures that amaze me!” Mu Qianxi laughed. “That’s natural. The entire Thunderfield, the entire City of Thunders was created by the Supreme Lord of Thunder, Master Eternal Chain! Master said, Master Eternal Chain is the most cultivated and thoughtful among the eternal artifacts. “Lei Ming from

Hao’s way.

“Yeah! He’s really amazing!” Mu Qianxi laughed.

All the laws of the Bright Realm, because of Ah Huan’s innocence and willfulness.

The situation in Yuyu is because Ayu loves to play and make trouble.

The dark domain is a paradise arranged by the dark for raising animals.

Sword Field, that is the killing ground where Soul Slayer used to hunt prey.

The Divine Cauldron Domain, because of its unrivaled strength in refining medicine throughout its life, has attracted countless pharmacists and has become a paradise for pharmacists.

Actually, the main reason is that he wants to attract beauties, to hunt for beauty!

As for Lei Yu, the city of ten thousand peaks, the sky full of thunder and lightning, and the rich spiritual power have only one purpose, and that is to help Lei Yu in spiritual cultivation and improve his strength!

Leiyu has not been eroded by the gods for so many years, not only because of the appearance of a peerless and powerful Thunder Emperor to fight against the God Emperor.

It is also because there are countless powerful races growing up in this land, and they are not so soft-boned and easily succumbed to the gods, even if they are quite scattered now.

All of this is because the foundation was laid well when Ah Nian created this domain!

The day of practice here is over, and they still have the piece they won from the brothers of the Jin family. Mu Qianxi took the Hai Leijing and left.

There are also many thunder peaks in the forbidden area, and there should be a sea of ​​thunder in the heart of the peak. Entering the sea of ​​thunder from that mysterious forbidden area, you may be able to directly reach a more hidden place, and there may be clues from Anian.

“Boom——” As soon as Mu Qianxi entered the restricted area, he was shrouded in a particularly terrifying thunder.

It all stems from the fact that there is a giant screen-like white paper in the air, with the word ‘雷’ written in various fonts on it. The thunder that struck her came out of each word.


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