Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4467: Go to the God-King Stage


Looking at the flamboyant figure, the man didn’t bother her and disappeared in place.

He already got the answer he wanted to know!


Mu Qianxi felt that the thunder that fell on her was stronger than each wave, and the power of thunder and lightning around her became stronger.

Even if she is not a thunder and lightning elemental healer, at this moment, she has broken through from the peak of the ninth rank of the **** general to the rank of the king of the gods.

This training has come to an end, Mu Qianxi said: “Senior, I’m going back to consolidate my strength! Goodbye.”

Mu Qianxi went back, but found that Lei Ming was not in his paradise.

So, I asked someone to ask.

When asked by such a peerless beauty, the other party was flattered, “You…you are…you are Lei Ming’s master.”

He will never admit his mistake, after all, no such beautiful girl can be found in Qinglei Peak or in the entire City of Ten Thousand Thunders.

Therefore, even if this person is always in the dark, many people in the entire peak know her.

Mu Qianxi nodded slightly and said, “Yes! Where did Lei Ming go?”

“Today is Lei Ming’s appointment with another deputy peak master, and I’m going to watch the battle! Don’t you know?” he replied.

“Want to watch the battle? Then I will go too, can I trouble you to lead the way?”


“Boom—” There was a loud noise.

Humanity leading the way: “It has already started, it seems to be late!”

He wanted to speed up, but found that the woman beside him had already disappeared, what a fast speed!

Severe storms of fists erupted on the stone stage of the competition, and the sound of fists and fists came out, which made people feel pain all over their bodies.

But the people who are fighting are not ordinary people, they are all flesh-body cultivators, their flesh is like steel, what can’t be hurt by this level of attack?

The person who led the way for Mu Qianxi also arrived, she stood too abruptly and dazzlingly in the crowd, so he quickly found her.

Mu Qianxi asked: “They are just fighting physically, not using spiritual power?”

He explained to Mu Qianxi: “This is stipulated by our peak master. Qing Leifeng has more physical training, so improving physical strength is naturally our top priority!

“Actually, Lei Ming has an advantage in the physical battle. After all, he is the body of a beast. However, there are also restrictions on him, that is, he cannot transform into his body during the competition!”

Lei Huang turned into a real body, and his physical body is even stronger, that’s really unfair.

Mu Qianxi paid attention to the battle, Lei Ming was very good in terms of sensitivity and explosive power.

His opponent was an older, middle-aged man with solid muscles and explosive power.

“Girl, do you think Lei Ming can win? Last time Lei Ming lost to Vice Peak Master Jin.” The person beside him asked.

Both of them are vice-peak masters, but the vice-peak master Jin has been practicing steadily for a hundred years in Qing Leifeng.

Because Lei Ming was accepted as an apprentice by Lei Di, he became a disciple directly, so he was very dissatisfied with Lei Ming, and came to challenge him every day.

Mu Qianxi said firmly: “Lei Ming will definitely win!”

Lei Ming’s realm has improved, he is Lei Huang, unlike her spiritual power level and physical level, he can improve at the same time.

Even if the opponent’s strength is one level higher than his, he can definitely win!

The man is silent? Is this the master’s confidence in his contracted beast?

“Bang bang bang——” Lei Ming attacked continuously, and Vice Peak Master Jin was forced to retreat.

Everyone was also very surprised, “Why do I feel that Lei Ming’s strength has become much stronger?”

“Indeed, Vice Peak Master Jin is at a disadvantage this time!”

“Lei Ming is very talented, and he has made rapid progress not long after he came to Leiyu. It is not unreasonable for Leidi to take him as his disciple!”

Jin Fufeng, who was at a disadvantage, felt pale and very angry.

He unleashed a more violent attack, his punches roaring towards Lei Ming like thunder and lightning, his moves were extremely fierce.

But Lei Ming took all of them steadily, and quickly raised his hand to fight back, the pupils of Vice Peak Master Jin shrank suddenly.

“Boom—” Lei Ming’s attack instantly landed on every vital point on his body.

In the end, he couldn’t defend himself, and flew out backwards.

“Poof—” Vice Peak Master Jin fell to the ground and vomited blood.

“Impossible, we fought a few days ago, and you are not that good at all! Did you use some shady means to improve your strength?” Vice-Peak Master Jin roared unwillingly.

“No, I’m just…” Lei Ming paused as he spoke! I feel that Qianxi should not be exposed.

At this moment, Mu Qianxi looked at him and told him, it’s okay!

Lei Ming continued: “It’s just that my master brought me a powerful elixir to improve my strength! Those of you who don’t have a master and don’t use your thighs to hug you won’t understand?”

They looked at the radiant Lei Ming, and the corners of their mouths twitched slightly. When did eating soft rice become something to be so proud of?

Someone asked: “Lei Ming, what state are you in now?”

Lei Ming released his spiritual power and said, “God King third rank! Does anyone want to let go of my spiritual power and fight?”

Everyone was stunned, when did Lei Ming advance to the rank of God King? Everyone is very clear, but only half a year.

In such a short time after dismissal, it is unbelievable that he has rushed to two steps in a row.

“What kind of elixir is this? Only then can Lei Ming advance to two levels in a row.”

“Furthermore, those who have been promoted are not superficial, castles in the air, Lei Ming’s current level of God King is very stable!”


Countless pairs of eyes stared at the unparalleled, dignified and mysterious woman. Is this a golden thigh?

Although I look down on eating soft rice, but… this elixir is too powerful, who can refuse? At this moment, a man next to Vice Peak Master Jin stood up and said, “It turns out that you bought Lei Ming by relying on pills to make him recognize you as master! Lei Ming, you have such a backbone, you are really Lei Ming!” Your Majesty is ashamed, Lei Di is now deceived

Come on, I will teach you instead of Lei Di. “

Mu Qianxi recognized him, isn’t this the one who provoked Lei Ming that day?

“Teach me? The last time you were beaten, you didn’t enjoy it, did you?” Mu Qianxi said with a half-smile.

“You were the one who sneaked up last time, today I want to avenge my shame! Do you dare to fight? It is also a physical battle that does not use spiritual power!”

“Why should I fight you? I’m not interested!” Mu Qianxi said lightly.

The other party raised his head and said: “If you win, I will give you a sea thunder crystal! Lei Ming is alone in a phoenix, and the sea thunder crystal is not enough. Our Jin family is different, we have a lot of stock!

“Of course, if you lose, I’ll take a bottle of the elixir you gave to Lei Ming. When my brother eats it, his strength will increase by two ranks, and Lei Ming will definitely not be his opponent in the fight for the peak master. My brother Must win!”

“Sea Thunder Crystal?” Mu Qianxi looked at Lei Ming.

“Good things, since the other party has delivered them to you, Qian Xi, you’re welcome to accept them!” Lei Ming laughed.

The faces of the Jin family brothers immediately darkened. Lei Ming said this, as if this woman must win.

Others also think that Lei Ming is too confident in his master? How could she be an opponent of the Jin clan with her delicate body like a little human girl?


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