Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4466: No chance of winning


The person in front of me is mysterious, beautiful like a fairy, and also like a beautiful melancholy prince.

The hobby is also very literary and artistic, not painting, playing the piano, and now playing chess.

Mu Qianxi raised her eyebrows and said, “Teach me to practice, how is your strength compared to Lei Di?”

He looked at the woman who inadvertently exuded arrogance, what he said meant that if she was not as strong as Lei Di, she was not qualified to teach her.

The corner of his mouth raised slightly, and he spit out three words, “Better than him!”

Now it’s Mu Qianxi’s turn to be surprised, stronger than the Lord of Thunder Domain, what kind of concept is this? Does Lei Di still lose face?

However, to be able to treat such a terrifying forbidden place as one’s own home, one’s strength is naturally unfathomable.

“Okay!” Mu Qianxi agreed.

Since Lei Di can’t be found, it would be nice if he could find someone who is stronger than Lei Di to teach him how to practice.

In the end, Mu Qianxi realized that she really thought too much.

Can’t win, can’t win at all!

Sitting in front of the ancient chessboard, Mu Qianxi knew that she had no hope of winning without making less than ten pieces.

She doesn’t say she is proficient in chess, but she is not bad!

It was the first time someone made her lose so badly.

“I lost.”

His indifferent and melancholy silver-gray eyes were slightly bent, “Then, I have a question. You can arrange a space teleportation array, and I want to know if your space power comes from the eternal guardian Ninefold Primordial Lotus?”

Mu Qianxi was slightly taken aback, he knew she had set up a teleportation array here!

That’s right, the one in front of him says that he is stronger than Lei Di, if she does something in the forbidden area, he can easily know.

“Don’t lie in front of me!” The voice, which was as beautiful as his piano sound, was not murderous, but Mu Qianxi was inexplicably oppressive.

I always feel that lying will be easily spotted by him, and he will pay a very heavy price.

Mu Qianxi replied: “Yes!”

In the next moment, she used teleportation to move away from this mysterious and beautiful first handsome man.

But not far away from him, a thunder net suddenly appeared under her feet, imprisoning her and making her unable to move.

“In addition to using the power of space to arrange the teleportation array, can it only be teleported? It’s too weak.” He said lightly.

“The power of space is so powerful, I, a god, can use it to this extent, is it the limit?”

“Just a general? Your physical body is more than that!”

Mu Qianxi looked at him with vigilance, he was not full of greed when hearing the eternal artifact like others, and wanted to get it at all costs.

His eyes were as calm as ever, always shrouded in sadness.

“Have you ever seen the eternal artifact ninefold Hongmeng lotus? Where is she?” He asked again.

Mu Qianxi replied: “This is the second question, I don’t think it is necessary to answer you!”

The chessboard flew in front of Mu Qianxi, and said: “Then play another game!”

“No!” She is not stupid, she has no chance of winning, and she will definitely lose.

“Must go!” His tone was a bit tough.

Obviously he could force her to give the answer, but he wanted to beat her up on the chessboard.

Mu Qianxi had no choice but to continue playing chess with him, maybe play a few more games to figure out his tricks, she has a chance to win!

But even if he wins, she doesn’t want her to teach him how to practice.

This person is too sensitive. Others have seen her arrange space teleportation arrays, but they never think about the space supreme eternal guardian.

But he guessed right!

Losing again, Mu Qianxi was not surprised.

There is no need for the other party to speak, she said directly: “Eternal protection is in the hands of the Supreme Being of the God Realm, the God Emperor. You are stronger than the Thunder Emperor, so is there a God Emperor? If you want it, just go and grab it!”

The eight petal fragments are with her, and the last petal is with the God Emperor.

She is not a liar, and she can still cause trouble.

The other party was obviously sure that she was telling the truth, her beautiful brows were slightly frowned, and frost was condensed in her melancholy eyes.

Crystal Crystal fell into the hands of the God Emperor, was it controlled by the God Emperor?

“How did you know?” he asked. “You also know that my talent is super heaven-defying. Not only the Thunder Emperor wants to accept me as a disciple, but the God Emperor also wants to! He once promised me that if I become his apprentice, he will give me stronger power of space. But then The guy is ruthless and inhuman, very

I hate it, although old Lei Di has no money and is unreliable, I still choose him! “Mu Qianxi smiled proudly.

This is clearly an exaggerated and unbelievable statement.

But he is sure that this is the truth.

He twitched the corner of his mouth, “Very well, you didn’t lie, good boy!”

He raised his hand and said, “Are you still playing chess?”

“If you don’t play chess, you can beat anyone easily. Isn’t it boring to find someone to play chess with?” Mu Qianxi raised her eyebrows.

“Boring, Lei Di’s skills are worse than yours, more boring!”

The corner of Mu Qianxi’s mouth twitched slightly, it turned out that there was a contrast.

She asked: “Are you interested in the Eternal Artifact? It’s just because my power of space is so determined. Don’t you have a lot of research on them? Then, do you know where the Thunder Domain Master Eternal Chain is now?” ?”

Come to Leiyu to find Anian besides training, Lei Di can ask him directly, let him use the power of Leiyu to find him.

It’s a pity that he can’t see anyone now. Now that he meets such a mysterious and powerful guy, she also asks.

The other party was as calm as ever, “I want to know the answer, if you beat me in chess, I will tell you!”

The corner of Mu Qianxi’s mouth twitched slightly, “Then you might as well just reject me and tell me that you will never tell me. Or, you said that on purpose, but you actually don’t know!”

“I know!” He said in a deep voice. “You’re smart, don’t you want to win!”

A gleam of light flashed in Mu Qianxi’s eyes, I know, this is too cliche!

“I want to win, I really want to win! But the difference in strength between you and me is too great, it is impossible, I know it.”

The answer she wants is right in front of her eyes, but the mountain is too high for her to climb!

Why is she playing chess? If there is a competition for soul power, she may be sure to win.

“If you play chess, you can draw with me!”

“Competing with the number one painter in the God Realm, forget it!” Mu Qianxi directly rejected this proposal.

“The number one painter in the God Realm? It turns out that’s how the world evaluates me.” He murmured in a low voice.

“Then can you compare me to playing the piano or other musical instruments, as well as calligraphy?” He suggested again.

How much you want to seek defeat! Mu Qianxi felt very powerless, she felt that she had no chance.

“You can just say that this deity is invincible in the world. You can challenge me anyway. You will win anyway.”

“You’re right? So you gave up looking for the Eternal Chain? It’s an eternal artifact with the power of the strongest lightning element.” He looked at Mu Qianxi quietly with his eyes.

He found that the woman in front of him was not lost, impatient, or delusional.

“This matter can only be left to chance!” Mu Qianxi said lightly.

It’s not necessary to find Ah Nian in such a hurry. When the other partners wake up and make a few high-profile calls in Leiyu, he may show up by himself!

Now that she has regained her freedom, Mu Qianxi flew towards the violent thunder and lightning.

“Sorry, I won’t compensate you for playing chess! I think Leiden is cuter than your chess.”

In the strong thunder and lightning, she can work hard to conquer. But the opponent’s chess skills are superb and outrageous, making her despair!


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