Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4465: Invitation to play chess


Mu Qianxi didn’t know, she just drew a teleportation array and exposed her secret about Jingying in front of one person.

If the other party has malicious intentions, she will be hunted down endlessly, so don’t even think about practicing in Leiyu with peace of mind.

Fortunately, everything is uneventful.

Lei Ming thought that Qian Xi would return soon, but after waiting for several days, he didn’t see anyone.

He wanted to rush into the restricted area, but when he stepped in, the terrifying thunder made him flinch.

He wandered around the entrance for many days before seeing a familiar figure appear out of thin air.

He let out a long sigh of relief, “Qianxi! You are really perverted! You have been in the forbidden area for so many days and you are still intact!”

Then, he was dumbfounded and said: “Teleportation array? Why didn’t I hear that there are teleportation arrays entering the restricted area?”

“I didn’t have it before, but now I have it, but only I can use it, because I built it!” Mu Qianxi said.

“You…you built it? You know how to build a teleportation array! Have you become an array mage?” Lei Ming was stunned.

“Well! After I came to the God Realm, I learned the formations in the Bright Realm for a while! I found that the City of Ten Thousand Thunders is so huge and complicated, and there is no teleportation formation between the peaks, which is very inconvenient.” Mu Qianxi said lightly the way.

Lei Ming said: “Do you think we don’t want a teleportation array? It’s because no space array mage is willing to build it for us! Because we are poor in the minefield.”

This kind of poverty is just not intuitive as Lei Ming said.

It wasn’t until Lei Ming took Mu Qianxi to Qing Leifeng’s mountaintop city, and saw countless closed or deserted shops, that Mu Qianxi really experienced it.

Lei Ming said with a bitter face: “Physical cultivation is very poor, and the physical cultivation of Leiyu is even poorer, and the most is the physical cultivation of the City of Thunder!”

Everyone in Leiyu knows that Leidi not only has the qualifications of a great emperor, but also the qualifications of a poor god.

Investing in something, going bankrupt, and not good at management, only knowing to be addicted to cultivation, who is poor if he is not poor?

A good master of the minefield, who has controlled the minefield for thousands of years, should have countless resources in his hands.

However, the main city of Leiyu and even the disciples of the sect were allowed to live a poor life for the second generation.

The corners of Mu Qianxi’s mouth twitched slightly, realizing once again how unreliable the master of the domain is. “Lei Ming? Is this beauty your master? I thought it was a rumor! I didn’t expect that you, the young master of the Thunder Phoenix Clan and a disciple of the emperor, would recognize a woman as the master, and you wouldn’t be afraid to embarrass Lei Di as an old man.” It’s over.

” A bitter voice came.

The people who came here were surrounded by the front and the back, obviously they are very popular, compared to him, Lei Ming has always been a loner.

“Qian Xi is here, it’s too late for Master to be happy!” Lei Ming replied.

The other party stared at Mu Qianxi, “It’s fine if you’re a woman, but you’re still a human race!”

In fact, the entire minefield is only a small part of the human race.

Compared to other races, the human body is still much weaker, and it is difficult to withstand too rough body training methods.

Divine beasts of various clans also exist, but the Phoenix clan is rare, and Lei Ming is considered a special case among them.

In addition, he was directly accepted as a direct disciple by Lei Di, which attracted people’s envy, and naturally he was excluded.

“What about women? What about human races? It’s easy to take care of you!”

The contemptuous tone of the other party made Mu Qianxi’s eyes turn cold, and she immediately slapped her hands away.

“Boom—” The man was instantly sent flying.

Others couldn’t believe it, such a delicate human woman’s body actually contained incomparably outrageous power.

The man said angrily: “Damn human race, you actually attacked! Take her down for me!”

Lei Ming stood in front of Mu Qianxi, “If you dare to touch Qianxi, you still have to ask me if I agree?”

They sneered and said, “You really are loyal to the Lord!”

“Lei Ming, you shouldn’t be Lei Huang, but a thunder dog!”


“It’s time to wash your mouths with lightning!” Lei Ming was really angry, and the thunder and lightning stormed his body, which was reflected in him.

“Bang bang bang——”

All of them are no match for Lei Ming. This group of provocative guys screamed after being beaten, and then said: “Lei Ming, wait! I’ll go find my father.”

Lei Ming rolled his eyes at him, “I can’t beat finding my father, I won’t do this kind of thing when I’m three hundred years old!”

Lei Ming took Mu Qianxi to find a quiet cliffside to stay, and Mu Qianxi asked: “The old man Lei Di has not been responsible for all these years in Leiyu, have you been bullied?”

Lei Ming was born as the young master of the Thunder Phoenix Clan, with extremely high talent, he was admired by all the stars in the Phoenix Clan, and rarely encountered setbacks.

He originally thought that coming to Leiyu to be a disciple of the Thunder Emperor was not much different from being a young master, but the reality is cruel, and he needs to work **** his own.

“I haven’t been here for a long time, have I never been stronger than those people? Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, give me another thirty years, I will beat them all, I am so mad! Slut.”

The phoenix who just came out of the nest was beaten by the cruel reality and grew up a lot.

Being rebellious, he learned to endure and ignore those sluts.

Now that Qian Xi is here, he vents his anger presumptuously.

Mu Qianxi smiled and said: “Since they have misunderstood that I am your master now, and they can’t explain it, then I, the master, will support you in the future! If you have a grudge, you can take revenge.”

“But you are not my real master.” Lei Ming muttered.

However, he was backed by someone, so he was not alone anymore, and Lei Ming was also quite happy.

First of all, Mu Qianxi raised Lei Ming’s strength and specially refined the pill for him.

Thunder Emperor is indeed quite poor. The entire City of Thunders lacks everything except thunder? The pills are naturally in short supply.

Lei Ming hadn’t gnawed any decent elixir in the past few years, which made Xiao Momo, who gnawed the top elixir as jelly beans every day, feel pity.

All the dark wounds on his body that were struck by lightning were wiped away. Huge spiritual power spread in his body, and Lei Ming advanced to the third rank in a row.

From the first rank of God King to the third rank of God King!

If other people in the city knew about this promotion speed, they would probably cry with envy.

Lei Ming felt that the rapid advancement was like a dream, “Qian Xi, you… how good is your alchemy technique? This effect is a bit outrageous.”

Mu Qianxi replied: “I don’t know if there is a more powerful alchemist in the Lei domain than me, anyway, there probably are none in the other domains.”

“What… what?” Lei Ming couldn’t believe his ears.

If it was someone else, he would definitely think that the other party was bragging about something outrageous.

But he knows who Qian Xi is? What she said was true.

I feel that since he came to Leiyu, Qianxi has grown into a thigh that he can’t afford to hold!

Luckily, Qian Xi took the initiative to give him a thigh hug.

Mu Qianxi said to him: “You can advance so much at once, my elixir is effective, but your unremitting efforts to cultivate and accumulate is the most important thing.”

It can be seen that Lei Ming practiced very hard in Lei Yu.

“You are already at the third level of the God King. It is true that I, the master, have not broken through the God King. You should strengthen your cultivation. I will go to the forbidden area to practice again. Break through the God King level and come back.”

Mu Qianxi directly drew a teleportation array in Lei Ming’s blessed cave, went straight to the entrance, and then turned to the teleportation array inside the forbidden area.

“Boom—” Today’s thunder is stronger and more terrifying, not bad not bad!

After finding a few lightning strikes, Mu Qianxi saw a picturesque figure approaching the lightning.

This time, what he was holding was not a piano, but a chess set. Staring at Mu Qianxi with gray-purple eyes full of sorrow, “Little girl, play a game of chess with me. If you win, I will teach you how to practice! If you lose, answer me a question.”


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