Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4878: Lin Yun is back!

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“Bitch! What are you doing?”

Seeing this scene, Yasuo and others were extremely angry.

It never occurred to them that Fairy Zixia would attack Lin Xia.

Nangong Yan and the others all ran over from the cave, especially Nangong Yan, who was crying like pear blossoms and rain.

“I beg you to be like this! Contact Lin Yun quickly, Xia’er can’t die!!!”

Xue Ruzhi at the side supported Nangong Yan and sighed.

For a while, she didn’t know what to do.

Making this decision is equivalent to sending everyone here to die, but it also includes Lin Yun’s own daughter.

Maybe in the future, Lin Yun will resent himself, but so what?

So far, this is the only way.

Xue Ru slapped Nangong Yan on the back of her neck with a palm, her eyes were extremely firm.

At this moment, there is no room for them to back down.

“Lin Yun’s biological daughter, I want to slowly peel off the skin on your back…” Fairy Zixia handed Lin Xia into the arms of the Extreme Demon King, with a cruel smile on her face.

“Xi Yao! You…why did you do this? Over the years, what has Wangu done to you?” Empress Sen Luo asked angrily.

“I’m sorry?” Fairy Zixia took a few steps back, shook her head and said, “He has never been sorry to Ben Gong, but Ben Gong has never loved him. There is only deep loathing in my heart, and I just want to kill him.” He!”

Empress Sen Luo was taken aback by these words.

Back then, she had seen Fairy Zixia look at Lin Yun with her own eyes, and the love in those eyes could not deceive anyone.

Empress Senluo didn’t understand why Fairy Zixia hated Lin Yun so much.

Is it really just because of the demon core crystal?

“Come on, Demon King, torment this child, these people will definitely speak up.” Fairy Zixia sneered.

Extreme Demon King was very dissatisfied, and said: “Go down, I know.”

Fairy Zixia snorted coldly, still not daring to make too much trouble in front of the Extreme Demon King, she used elementalization again, turned into a thunderbolt, and returned to the barren star.

Facing the curses coming from all directions, Fairy Zixia appeared extremely calm.

“Old man, come at us if you have the guts, and threaten a child, what is it?”

“Extreme Demon King! Let go of Lin Xia, don’t you even let the children go?”


The eight Martial Emperors were extremely angry. Even though Lin Xia was not Lin Yun’s daughter, using a child as a threat still made them extremely angry.

The Extreme Demon King could see that this group of people didn’t take their own lives seriously, but they cared about Lin Xia.

The Extreme Demon King sneered, and lightly landed his right hand on Lin Xia’s back.

What Fairy Zixia said just now was not just for the Extreme Demon King, but also deliberately transmitted sound so that everyone can hear it.

Everyone knows what the Extreme Demon King will do next.

Thinking of the living child in front of him, whose skin will be peeled off in the next second, turning into a blood man, tortured to death, Empress Sen Luo and the others immediately turned extremely pale.

“Are you still unwilling to contact Lin Yun? It seems that your hearts are really too cold, and you are not merciful at all. If this is the case, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

As soon as the Ultra Demon King said this, everyone was overjoyed. They used their spiritual sense to transmit voices, cursed at the Extreme Demon King, and even greeted the eighteenth generation of his ancestors.

Fairy Zixia laughed wildly above the barren star, and even started clapping her hands.

It was not long ago that I saw the scenes of purgatory on earth in God’s Domain, but when I saw a child about to be skinned, Holy Master Thunder also frowned.

However, he didn’t stop it, and he couldn’t stop it.

“Lin Yun… I’m sorry…” Xue Ruzhi closed her eyes, tears pouring out continuously.

Yang Zhaochan had passed out completely, while Lin Tianyang supported her tremblingly.

“Boss! We are incompetent!” Prince Nangong and others shouted loudly.

For a moment, despair filled the entire barren planet.

“Extreme Demon King! Even if we are ghosts, we will never let you go!” The eight Empress Senluo said through gritted teeth.

The Extreme Demon King didn’t care so much, the finger had already stuck out and landed on Lin Xia’s back.

At the critical moment!

A beam of brilliance flashed across the boundless void!

To be more precise, it flashed past the body of the Extreme Demon King!


Before the Extreme Demon King could react, his right arm had been severed from his shoulder.

That brilliance is a sword energy!

Lin Xia’s figure also disappeared in an instant.

Blood spewed out from the severed arm of the Extreme Demon King continuously.

At this moment, everyone was stunned, their hearts were filled with shock, and they didn’t realize what happened at all.

But everyone understands it in their hearts!

That man!

It’s back!

“Hallmaster is back!”

“It’s only been half a month!”

“Anyway, we are finally saved!”

Everyone’s attention was focused on the boundless void, looking around, trying to see exactly where Lin Yun was.

Without a doubt.

It was Lin Yun’s space sword that cut off the arm of the extremely demon king just now.

The Extreme Demon King was also extremely shocked. He looked down at his empty right arm with an unbelievable expression on his face, as if he had seen the most incredible thing in the world.

He possesses a powerful Dao law – “Time Magic Eye”!

But just now, he never sensed the arrival of the Space Excalibur.

This means that his “Magic Eye of Time” has actually failed!

At this moment, the Extreme Demon King suddenly raised his head and set his eyes on the barren star.

“You…you are back…”

Xue Ruzhi looked at the figure in front of her, her eyes flushed.

The bust of the demon **** shrouded the stalwart figure, as if it had existed here since ancient times, like a sun, sweeping away the darkness.

Xue Ruzhi’s words also attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone looked over there in unison.

I saw Lin Yun standing on the spot with a very indifferent expression.

His originally black hair has now turned into a head of white long hair, as if it has gone through countless years.

Although there is no change in his face, everyone can feel the traces of time from Lin Yun’s body.

Even if it is shrouded in a half-length demon statue.

But in those star-like eyes, everyone can still clearly see that there is an uncontrollable anger.

The high temperature on the bust of the demon statue was even hidden by Lin Yun, and he hugged Lin Xia in his arms.

Lin Xia was already sobbing and trembling all over.

Even if Lin Yun came one step later, Lin Xia’s end now would be the same as that of the baby on Longhu Mountain.


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