Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4879: Suppress the breath!

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At this time, the Extreme Demon King looked at Lin Yun blankly as if he had been petrified.

The current Lin Yun looks like a fairy, especially with that long white hair, and he can vaguely see the shadow of the Immemorial God.

In a trance, the thoughts of the Extreme Demon King seemed to return to a hundred thousand years ago!

Lin Yun’s prehistoric demon **** also appeared behind him.

The second eye on the right side of the Primordial Demon God has opened.

It’s just that Lin Yun didn’t use the “Arrow of Time”, but only used the power of time to interfere with the “Magic Eye of Time” of the Extreme Demon King.

The entire barren planet became dead silent!

No one could believe that Lin Yun returned to the barren planet at this time.

“It’s late.” Lin Yun said calmly, his voice strangely indifferent.

Everyone who is familiar with Lin Yun is very clear about it.

Once Lin Yun’s voice became so calm, it meant that he was really angry!

Looking at the boundless void, the eight Martial Emperors with only their heads and skeletons left, and then look at the devastation on the barren star.

Lin Yun touched Lin Xia’s head, then turned around and handed Lin Xia to Lin Tianyang.

“Father, I surprised you.” Lin Yun said.

“Come back… just come back.” Lin Tianyang smiled.

Lin Tianyang had previously felt the divine power of Demon Lord Shura.

But for some reason, when Lin Yun appeared, all his previous worries were wiped away.

He firmly believes that his son can still perform miracles and write legends as before!

“Lin Yun, Nangong Yan…” Xue Ruzhi was about to explain something, but Lin Yun waved his hand.

Lin Yun knew that this war might have broken out for a while, and he left a sound transmission talisman for Xue Ruzhi earlier.

But Xue Ruzhi didn’t inform him, and Lin Yun also knew what Xue Ruzhi was thinking.

“It’s okay, you did the right thing, go back to the cave, everything will be over today.” Lin Yun said in a light tone.

As soon as this remark comes out!

There was an uproar in the audience.

The Rakshasa Ghost King and the others all stared wide-eyed and looked at each other in blank dismay.

“I… Did I hear you right?” Rakshasa Ghost King asked tremblingly.

He doubted his ears a little.

What Lin Yun said is that everything will end today.

You must know that Lin Yun’s greatest opponent is not the Extreme Demon King, but Demon Lord Shura!

Facing the god, Lin Yun could say so with certainty.

Could Lin Yun really have the ability to kill gods?

Everyone present opened their mouths wide as if they had heard the most incredible thing.

“His breath seems to be much stronger than half a month ago!”

The Demon Extinguisher asked in a low voice in mid-air.

The strength gap between them and Lin Yun is really too big.

I can only feel the majestic aura on Lin Yun’s body, but I can’t tell which realm Lin Yun’s current aura is equivalent to.

It’s just that they can be sure of one thing.

Lin Yun has activated the breath of the eighth form of the Demon God’s Core Crystal, which is much stronger than when he fought against the Extreme Demon King.

At least you have reached the high-level Valkyrie!

Fairy Zixia’s face turned livid.

She knows what that means.

It means that in the past half a month, Lin Yun’s realm has been further improved, and the improvement may not be small!

The extremely demon king in the boundless void is not too worried.

He can sense Lin Yun’s current aura, although it is much stronger than half a month ago, but it has at least reached the level of a high-level warrior, and there is still a big gap between him and a true god.

The appearance of Lin Yun made him even more excited.

At least he doesn’t need to be held accountable by Demon Lord Shura.

“Hehe, it seems that you haven’t improved much in the past half a month. Now that you appear, you are just here to die.”

“Forget it, I will send your old lover on the road first!”

The voice of the Extreme Demon King echoed over the entire barren planet.

The Extreme Demon King dismissed this.

Miracles happen, but they don’t happen all the time!

For more than half a month, Lin Yun wanted to grow to the point where he could kill a god, it was like talking in his sleep.

Under the influence of the blood of the demon god, the right arm of the extreme demon king, which was crushed before, has grown back.

At the moment, the demonic energy was gathered on the right fist, and he punched the head of Empress Sen Luo in front of him.

The distance between the two is very close!

Everyone exclaimed.

And almost at the same moment!

Lin Yun’s figure disappeared from the spot.

When it appeared, it had already appeared in front of the Extreme Demon King.

The scene in front of them made everyone unbelievable!


I saw that the half-body demon statue raised its right arm and directly grabbed the right fist of the extreme demon king.

The punch of the Extreme Demon King was stopped lightly by Lin Yun!

This moment!

The Extreme Demon King felt something was wrong!

The breath on Lin Yun’s body is constantly improving.

At an extremely terrifying speed, it is crazily improving!

“You…you have been suppressing your breath just now?”

The Extreme Demon King was terrified, and finally realized this.

Although Lin Yun appeared in the eighth form of the demon core crystal, he has been suppressing his aura all the time.

In other words, the aura released from Lin Yun’s body just now is not at all the limit after he opened the eighth form of the Demon God’s Core Crystal!

“I have endured you for a long time!”

In an instant!

Lin Yun’s aura soared!

The terrifying breath gushed out from Lin Yun’s body continuously.

With Lin Yun as the center, the space within a radius of thousands of miles is all distorted.

The breath alone almost tears the void.

Even the barren star that is not too close is now affected and has a vision.

The strong wind is rising, and the wind is like a mountain!

The powerful and incomparable aura, like overwhelming mountains and seas, rolled in, sweeping the entire barren star body.

The light on the bust of the demon **** statue has never been so dazzling for a moment, it is a real divine light!

Brilliant as the morning sun, blazing like fairy fire.

Blue and white flames and lightning rumbled.

Now Lin Yun is like a real god!

Shenwei is unrivaled in the world!

“No… Impossible! This… This is less than a month, your breath…”

The extremely demon king’s voice trembled.

Just now he was still sneering, thinking that it is absolutely impossible for Lin Yun’s strength to improve so much in the past half a month.

But now!

Lin Yun slapped him **** the face.

The breath on Lin Yun’s body now is something he never imagined!

Next second!

With a firm grip on the right palm of the bust of the demon god, the blood mist exploded in the boundless void.

The right arm of the extremely demon king under the protection of the demonic armor was directly crushed by Lin Yun!


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