Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4877: Peak of Emperor Wu!

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Time passes rapidly inside a black hole.

The outside world is only half a month in the past, but the time inside this black hole has already passed for thousands of years.

After a thousand years of painstaking cultivation, Lin Yun’s cultivation has finally surpassed that of his previous life, reaching the pinnacle of Martial Emperor realm, only one step away from half-step Martial God!

Until a certain moment, Lin Yun’s star-like eyes opened.

That moment!

The light illuminates the entire black hole.

“They are in danger! I can’t stay here any longer!” Lin Yun suddenly had an ominous feeling in his heart.

Although he didn’t know what was going on outside, he told him directly that he had to go back as soon as possible.

The huge gravitational force in the black hole can no longer restrain Lin Yun’s body at all!

Lin Yun got up from the black hole, and behind him was a vast and unpredictable magic power, which gradually condensed.

The Great Desolate Demon God appears again!

Those seven eyes, as if running through the past and the present, witness the passage of time.

It’s not over yet!

The demon core crystal energy in Lin Yun’s body surged and spewed out, condensing into a bust of the demon **** on his body.

At this moment, Lin Yun’s aura has reached an unprecedented peak!


The second eye on the left side of the demon **** opened.

With the strange silver light flashing, Lin Yun’s figure disappeared into the black hole like this.

When Lin Yun reappeared, he was already outside the black hole.

Looking at the lonely boundless void.

It seems like a lifetime away!

Lin Yun has spent thousands of years in that boundless void, and he can feel the relentless passage of time.

This moment is like a dream.

Lin Yun closed his eyes.

Whether it is past life or this life!

He has fought all the way, looking for his own path, and there is an invincible belief in his heart.

In all directions, I am the only one!

Kill to the vastness of the day, no opponents!

Today he firmly believes that this so-called true **** is no longer an insurmountable mountain.

“Sura Demon Venerable… It’s time, it’s time to make a deal.”

Lin Yun opened his eyes, and his expression has never been so peaceful for a moment.

His heart is extremely calm, he has the belief of invincibility, and he has the spirit of swallowing all kinds of wastes.

No matter who he is facing now, he can calmly look at it.

Kill God!

No more empty talk!

“I don’t know how long it has been, I hope you will be able to witness this emperor killing God…”

Lin Yun said to himself, with a trace of regret, but also with a trace of worry.

He was worried that when he returned to that barren planet, what he would see would be corpses strewn all over the field, or white bones all over the ground.

In the black hole, although he could feel the passage of time, he was also very anxious and wanted to leave as soon as possible.


The black hole is really extraordinary. Even in his current state, he still needs to activate the eighth form of the Demon God’s Core Crystal, and then cooperate with the space movement of the Primordial Demon God to be able to get rid of the gravity of the black hole.

Looking back at the huge black hole, Lin Yun muttered to himself: “Tianzun, what you could not do a hundred thousand years ago, today, this emperor will do.”

“Dragon God, Tiger God… Please take a good look at the spirit in the sky, and see how this Emperor is…”

“God Killing!”

Lin Yun walked resolutely, and the Great Desolate Demon God used space movement again, and Lin Yun disappeared in place like a ghost.

In the boundless void, the emperor’s blood was continuously sprinkled.

“Okay, okay! Do you really think that this king dare not kill you?” The Extreme Demon King was very angry.

Looking at Empress Sen Luo, who only had one head left in front of her, but still watching him calmly, the Extreme Demon King felt furious.

He really couldn’t figure out what this group of ants did.

Why is it possible to persevere after suffering such torture?

Looking around, in the boundless void, all the eight Martial Emperors have only their heads and a broken skeleton without flesh and internal organs.

“Don’t…don’t waste your energy, just kill us.” Empress Sen Luo showed a smile, which was full of sarcasm.

“Old man! Don’t think about it… don’t let us bow our heads! Hehe… If Lin Yun doesn’t come…you…you can’t live either!” Jiuquan Mingdi laughed loudly, and poured in all of them through sound transmission through his spiritual consciousness. It reached the mind of the Extreme Demon King.

“Okay, okay… you two ants…” The Extreme Demon King looked indifferent and gritted his teeth.

Others are afraid of Demon Lord Shura, and he is even more afraid.

After following Demon Lord Shura for so many years, he knew it clearly.

In the eyes of Demon Lord Shura, he is a dispensable role.

Even if he died here, it would definitely not be something that would move Demon Lord Shura.

It is precisely because of this that the Extreme Demon King desperately wanted Lin Yun to appear.

If Lin Yun didn’t show up today, Demon Lord Shura would be punished even if he didn’t kill him directly in a fit of anger.

On the barren star body, there are all kinds of demon corpses lying on the ground.

Although many monsters have been killed, for everyone in God’s Domain, this time, they were the ones who suffered a disastrous defeat.

Fairy Zixia, the three Martial Emperors, are still aloof.

Now there are at least a dozen Wuzun monsters left on this barren planet.

As for the people in the God Realm, all of them were seriously injured, back to back, surrounded by many Wuzun monsters, almost all of them were exhausted.

“Wangu…Will the Lord of Wangu really not come back?” Jian Xiaoyao from the Sanctuary Alliance asked sadly.

This sentence is also what many people want to ask.

They thought about this moment more, just like before, Lin Yun descended like a **** to save them in dire straits.

“Stop wishful thinking! What if the Lord of the Eternal Palace comes?” The Raksha Ghost King responded indifferently.

“That’s right. In a month’s time, do you still expect the Lord of the Eternal Palace to be able to compete with a true god? Let him survive and find opportunities to avenge us in the future. This is the best choice.” Death Lord Said without hesitation.

They are not idiots at this age.

Maybe Lin Yun doesn’t care about them.


They are not the only people on this barren planet.

Ten thousand steps back, Lin Yun’s biological daughter is still here.

When Lin Yun left the barren planet, he must have left a sound transmission talisman and gave it to Empress Sen Luo.

At this time, before Empress Sen Luo contacted Lin Yun, everyone knew that these Martial Emperors were also ready to die here today.

“Hey, Extreme Demon King, since this group of people refuse to speak, I will give you a big gift!”

Fairy Zixia smiled, very cold, very cold.

Next second!

The figure of Fairy Zixia disappeared in place, turning into a thunderbolt.

Almost at the same moment, a roar came from the depths of the cave in the barren star.

“Give me back Xia’er!”


It was almost too late for everyone to react, and when they took a closer look, Fairy Zixia had already appeared in the boundless void, standing beside the Extreme Demon King.

And in her hands was Lin Yun’s only child—Lin Xia!

Fairy Zixia thoughtfully used fairy energy to make an enchantment shield, covering Lin Xia’s face, so that she would not die in the boundless void due to lack of oxygen.


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