Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 189: Beautiful son’s secret meaning of space


Tang San stopped behind a big tree, quietly took out his Godly Zhuge Crossbow, ready to strike at any time. Observing the battle between the beauty and the beast team this time, he felt a little touched in his heart, and he had to say how powerful the monster clan was. In particular, Song Junhou, who has a golden blood, was able to break out of so many winged tigers. If it wasn’t for his own plan to drive away tigers and wolves, and if it wasn’t for the Sky Fox’s Eye to deprive it of its luck, with its strength, it would really be able to walk sideways in the Kerry Mountains.

Young Master Mei is still indifferent, as if everything that happened before didn’t affect her in any way.

The four eight-level winged tigers approached slowly from four directions. The powerful wind gang was almost connected in the air, pressing towards the Beauty and the Beast team. .

Their eyes are all focused on Song Junhou, because the strength Song Junhou showed earlier was too strong. Especially in the last scene of inviting the ancestor to the upper body of the big monster, these eighth-level winged tigers are still a little timid.

At this time, Song Junhou really seemed to have no strength to fight. His face was as pale as paper, and if he wanted to mobilize his ancestors, he would need to consume a lot of gold origin. At this time, it can’t even use the golden flame.

Originally, it thought that by virtue of such intimidation and heavy damage to the Tiger King, it could be regarded as escaping from the living area of ​​the Winged Tiger, and the opponent would never catch up again. But who would have thought that the Winged Tiger would chase after him so relentlessly. Drive them to a corner.

With the speed of a winged tiger, they can’t run. There is only a last stand.

“Captain, what should we do?” Iron Back Ape Demon asked loudly.

Song Junhou smiled wryly, “I have to fight to the death. I severely injured the ninth-level Winged Tiger King, and my own strength was exhausted, so I can’t continue to fight. I can only rely on you to fight to the death. You can’t run. of.”

The Great Ape Demon, the Cat Demon, the Shadow Sparrow Demon, the Bear Demon, the Skunk Demon, plus Young Master Beauty, the Beauty and the Beast team has six combat power left. But in this case, the skunk demon is equivalent to non-existent, especially when facing the Winged Tiger who is good at the element of wind. Among the other five members, there are only two of the seventh rank. But the opponent is four eighth-order powerhouses.

I don’t know why, the cat demon suddenly felt that the scene at this time was very similar to the time when Mr. Mei was besieged by four eighth-level Peacock demon clan powerhouses. But it is they who are going to be attacked at this time, what an irony this is.

“Fight it!” The iron-backed ape demon roared, his figure swelled, and the blood in his body burned, arousing his strongest strength.

Xiong Yao also put Song Junhou down, and strode forward, releasing the power of his blood, and his body swelled.

“You guys, stay back.” At this moment, a cold voice sounded.

Master Mei slowly walked out from between their strong figures.

She is only thirteen years old, and her height is only about 1.6 meters. Compared with these giant monster teammates, she looks petite and exquisite. Her beautiful face was still expressionless with a bit of coldness. But when she walked out slowly, for some reason, both the iron-backed ape demon and the bear demon subconsciously took two steps back.

The slender peacock feathers shone with a spooky peacock blue color, and as he walked out step by step, the handsome man’s temperament also began to change.

The jet-black long hair and eyes have turned into peacock blue, and the aura has not increased much, but at this moment, everything around him seems to have started to darken. It was as if her body was devouring all the light.

The four eighth-level winged tigers stopped their steps almost at the same time. Eyes full of vigilance watching the beautiful young master.

At this moment, a pair of huge peacock wings spread out from the back of Young Master Mei, and the peacock feathers densely covered on them emitted a soft light, and golden lines appeared on her forehead, transforming For the golden crown pattern.

“Peacock Golden Crown, like a king in person?” The Great Ape Demon blurted out almost instantly.

Song Junhou, who was pale in the distance, opened his mouth even more, looking at the shocked and incredible expression on Young Master Mei’s face.

At this moment, he finally understood why Wang Yan and the peacock demon clan retreated before. Give them 10,000 guts, and they wouldn’t dare to attack the Golden Crown Prince! What’s more, the peacock monster clan that has already awakened the golden crown can’t even match it with the golden blood.

Song Junhou has always had high expectations for Mr. Mei. According to rumors, she is one of the peacock clansmen who were exceptionally granted the right to inherit. But even so, he never expected that, as a hybrid of the peacock demon clan and humans, she would be able to awaken the peacock golden crown and become the crown prince of the golden crown.

In its impression, the entire peacock demon clan seems to have not seen the Golden Crown Prince for a long time.

That is the Crown Prince of the Golden Crown who has the potential of a demon emperor!

For a while, while relaxing about the crisis, the members of the Beauty and the Beast team were all shocked beyond measure.

In the next instant, Young Master Mei moved, and a mass of blue-gold color suddenly bloomed, and that pleasing blue-gold color outlined a mass of light patterns in the shape of peacock feathers and tail feathers.

All the cyan storms around were completely rendered into blue-gold at this moment. The figure of Mr. Mei seemed to have disappeared at this moment, but it seemed to suddenly appear in every part of the space in the field of vision. As if in an instant, countless beauties brought up those dazzling peacock tail feathers.

The peacock spreads its tail and shines brilliantly.

The wings of the huge peacock on the back slowly closed, and the gorgeous blue and gold in the air gathered towards her body like a sea of ​​rivers, and finally merged into the pieces of peacock feathers behind her.

The four-headed and eight-level winged tiger froze in place, like a sculpture, standing there motionless. But there was no breath anymore.

Squad from Beauty and the Beast is silent.

“Let’s go.” Young Master Mei said lightly. Withdraw the peacock feathers and head for the distance.

Song Junhou barely stood up with support, and followed with some staggering steps.

The other members of the Beauty and the Beast team followed up stiffly. The skunk demon who fell at the back, looked at their leaving figures, and then looked at the four-headed eighth-level winged tiger frozen in place like a sculpture.

It quietly walked up to a winged tiger, intending to put it into the storage bag and take it away. But the moment it touched the eighth-level winged tiger, with a “bang”, the winged tiger exploded in an instant, turning into flesh and blood, spraying it all over its body and face.

The skunk demon exclaimed, and fled in an instant with that **** smell, chasing after the teammate who had just left in front.

Tang San stood behind the tree for a long time without moving. But at this moment, the shock in his heart was no less than those of Young Master Mei’s teammates.

To be precise, he is probably the only one who really sees clearly what Young Master Mei has done.

Because he could see clearly, the shock in Tang San’s heart was even stronger. Only then did he truly know how powerful Young Master Mei was, and why he was not afraid when faced with the siege of five powerful peacock demon clan powerhouses.

That is the power of space, yes, the power of space. The moment she shot, she seemed to have broken through the barriers of space and controlled the profound meaning of space. The figure that shuttles through the void tears the entire space apart. Every time Peacock Ling flickers and moves with the figure, it will cut a series of broken traces in the space, and the torn space will turn into the sharpest It exists, cutting everything within the attack range.

The four-headed eighth-level winged tiger was completely split in this split space, and its body was cut into pieces from the inside out by the space. It looked intact, but in fact it was fragmented.

Such terrifying spatial power was simply unheard of, even in the previous world, Tang San had never seen anyone who could control such spatial ability.


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